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Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas: What You Should Know before Having One

by Dylan Johnson

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas – You probably have decided that you are going to have a kitchen vinyl flooring for the house. Well, congrats! You have managed to create a better visual without hurting your wallet.

Forget the idea that vinyl floor will make your kitchen look lousy or cheesy just like in the 70s. On the contrary to most homeowners believe, modern vinyl flooring is chic.

You can transform your kitchen (or any other rooms in the house) into amazing spots with elegant look and comfy vibe.

And since you are going to spend a lot of times in the kitchen (considering that kitchen is the heart of the house), it is only logical if you spend a lot of times trying to figure out the best design and materials for your needs.

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Modern vinyl flooring comes in various types and attractive designs ideas on kitchen. They are pretty great and versatile known as the chameleon of the industry because they can imitate the look of other materials.

You want the floor to look like constructed from solid oak or ashwood?

There are vinyl types for it.

You want the floor to look like natural stone, even with the rather coarse and harsh texture?

You can find the higher-end vinyl types for it too.

No more old-school or vintage designs that will make your kitchen look like it has gone through a time travel from the 60s.

Rest assured that there are a lot of options to make your kitchen look classy, elegant, gorgeous, and flawless without you having to spend a fortune.

And it is a good thing that there are several ideas for this modern kitchen vinyl flooring project to do at home.

Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas
Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring (generally known as LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile) is constructed from limestone base that is mixed with composites. The composites alone have the so-called digital graphic film which can create different kinds of look.

The film would be sealed right under the outer part of the wear layer. Modern LVTs have been created in abundance within the past decades, where you can enjoy a wide range of products.

They have different kinds of shapes and sizes, including planks and hexagons. The floor itself look premium, looking exactly like the items they imitate, such as rich wood or luxurious marble stone.

This type of floor is the most expensive, but it is actually inexpensive on the longer term related to the maintenance cost and everything. Because of its super durability, you won’t have to worry about the fussy or complicated maintenance.

Everything would be easy in the long run. You should be able to find this kind of flooring with various effects and look, including the stone, marble, and other things.

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Grey Vinyl Plank Kitchen

In the past, grey is often associated with being dull and boring. But this color can be an ideal hue for the kitchen, bringing out the elegance and luxury at once.

There are many options for this floor. And the planks construction makes it easy for the installation. The planks have the snap-and-go mechanism so you won’t even have to glue the floor.

Do you want light grey or dark grey?

Do you want the plain texture (it has smooth finish like the porcelain tiles) or do you want the ones with textures (so it feels a bit coarse when you are bare foot, imitating natural stone)?

Do you want patterns or not?

The options are limitless!

Commercial Kitchen

This type of flooring is durable, suitable for high-traffic areas. This one is made from the combination of synthetic polymer and natural materials. This flooring type is inexpensive, especially when compared to the LVT.

However, it actually costs more in the long run, especially from the continuous care and maintenance. It is sturdy and tough, alright, but you may have to make the extra spending on longer period of time.

Offices or hotels or other construction buildings have used this type of flooring and it comes in various attractive designs and look.


Have you always dreamed of having a white kitchen?

Well, you can pair it up with the white vinyl floor. You can pick the marble-look-alike pattern so the floor would look like marble.

Or you probably like the idea that it has a brushed effect or even a wear-out effect?

Feel free to choose the ones with textures or seams imitating the tiles, complete with the grout. Your white kitchen will be perfect with the right floor.


On the contrary to the previous kitchen theme, you can actually choose darker hue. Whether you decide to have a dark oak look or black and white monochrome pattern, dark color will remain timeless.

You can also choose the dark look-alike tiles or deep blue carpet-effect. There are so many options for you!


There are so many different options of the floor, including the size and types. If you are willing to spend more time, the tiles and the planks can be the most ideal pick.

Yes, you will have to attach each one, but the result will be smashing and good looking. Your grey kitchen would look stylish and updated your kitchen will look gorgeous!

If you want to save more money, you can choose the vinyl sheet. It comes in a roll. However, the installation can be easy if you are used to it. If not, you will actually spend more time.

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Kitchen

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Kitchen
Vinyl Plank Flooring for Kitchen

These days, a lot of homeowners decide to have vinyl plank flooring in their kitchen. Of course, having the kitchen vinyl flooring has its own benefits, but the decision to pick the plank type has its own perks too.

Everyone knows that vinyl flooring is durable and water resistant. In some cases, they are even waterproof, which is super ideal for the kitchen and its often messy condition.

Vinyl is also durable, which makes it perfect for high traffic rooms and condition. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or care either. Another perk of choosing the plank is the easy installation.

Well, when compared to other types of high-end floors, the vinyl is definitely easy.

Another perk of the vinyl flooring is the affordable cost. Whereas other high-end floors require high cost (for the materials and installation), vinyl flooring is pretty affordable and inexpensive.

You can achieve exclusive and super luxurious effect without actually spending a fortune. It’s like an ideal home decor solution for homeowners on the budget.

Plank, Sheet, Tile Comparison for Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Plank Sheet Tile Comparison for Kitchen
Plank Sheet Tile Comparison for Kitchen

In case you are wondering, the vinyl flooring comes in 3 basic types: the sheet, the plank, and the tile.

In terms of size and shape, the tile is like a square while the plank is rectangular. The sheet is the biggest, generally comes in a roll.

The tile is usually pre-cut piece that is ready to install. The popular size includes 12 x 12 inches, 12 x 18 inches, or 12 x 24 inches.

The plank is popular as the wood-imitation because of the construction and design. You see, traditional wooden floor usually comes in linear and long planks, thus, earning the vinyl planks the name.

The popular size is usually set in 6 x 36 inches. Depending on the style, the size can be a few inches more or less, but it will be coming in the rectangular form.

The sheet is sold in rolls. If you want seamless installation (which is claimed to offer better protection, especially from moisture), then this one would be the perfect pick. The rolls are generally coming in 12 inches of width.

When it comes to installation, vinyl plank and tile are easy to install. The sheet is more difficult as you will have to cut it and you need to make a precise (and accurate) measurement to cover the entire floor perfectly. The final look depends on each floor.

If you want to have the best stone or tile look, then vinyl tile would be the perfect pick.

For the best wood look, then it is the plank.

The sheet isn’t able to create any special look on its own, but it offers the best waterproof quality when compared to the other two.

Think about the seams too. Do you want floors with seams or not?

Vinyl sheet has the least seam, while more seams are delivered by the tiles. The planks have the most seams, unfortunately. But there are also some finish options for the sheet.

Some vinyl sheet flooring for kitchen have seam or grout seams just for the sake of aesthetics. This one, naturally, is higher in price when compared to the regular sheet.

If you want easy and fuss-free installation, you can choose the planks. They have small overlapping design on the top and also bottom of the plank so you can snap and click them together. You won’t need any glue for the installation.

And the overlapping design is claimed to deliver better moisture leak prevention, so water or moisture won’t be able to seep into the underlayment and create damage.

Best Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

Best Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen
Best Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen

What would be the best vinyl flooring for the kitchen?

Well, there is no right or wrong about such a thing, really. It all comes down to the type of kitchen you have, the size of the room, and the condition.

Let’s say that you live in cold area with high humidity. You want to install vinyl flooring with good temperature control so your feet won’t be cold. The flooring should be waterproof too.

If you live in warm area and you want to enjoy a bit texture on your feet, then you choose the textured vinyl floor. Whether it is the sheet, tiles, or planks, it is up to your personal preferences.

If you have big kitchen, you may want to choose the sheet because it will save you money and efforts.

But then again, who says that you can’t have planks or tiles?

If you are doubtful about figuring out the best layout for your kitchen vinyl flooring, it doesn’t hurt to consult the pro and ask for their help. It may cost you extra but it also saves you from wasting money on terrible things that you may regret one day.

Don’t forget to consider the installation mechanism too. The vinyl flooring comes with 3 different methods.

  • The click-tight. Also known as the snap mechanism, you simply click the overlapping planks (or tiles) so they will click together. This is the easiest method because you won’t need any glue or whatsoever
  • Floating. You basically attach the underlayment to the plank or tile and then you can lay it over the already existing floor directly, provided that the floor is in good condition  and it is flat and solid.
  • Peel and stick. It’s like the stickers. You only need to peel it and then stick it. This is also the easiest method that you will enjoy.

How to Install Vinyl Flooring In Kitchen

Another perk of vinyl flooring is that you can actually have a DIY installation project. Yes, you can install the floor without hiring a professional service or such thing alike. Here are some basic steps and general ways of installing the floor on the kitchen.

  • Choose the best type

based on your preference. You can either choose the fiberglass backing or the felt. The latter one has been quite popular over the few years, but the fiberglass is now increasing in popularity.

It now comes with a better and advanced technology that promotes better underfoot cushion, greater comfort, and improved durability.

  • Remove the obstacles

It means that you need to remove the old flooring and any obstruction. It depends on the rooms, really.

If you do it in the kitchen, it means that you need to remove refrigerators, moldings, or ovens and stoves. Clearing them out will make the installation process go easier. This stage can be tedious but it is worth it.

  • Prepare the sub-floor

In order to function well, the vinyl flooring should be on a smooth and flat surface. You want to make sure that there isn’t any bump or even particle on the sub-floor because it can lead to flooring issue in the future.

Basically, if the sub-floor is still in a good condition, you need to clean and prepare it thoroughly before the installation.

  • Prepare accurate measurement

You can place an underlayer to help you save money and also time for the installation. The underlayer can provide smooth and even surface for the easy installation.

Make sure that the underlayer has rested first on your house, at least for 3 days, to adjust itself to the house’s humidity and temperature. But make sure that you install the underlayer properly and correctly. It means that you shouldn’t make any bump either.

  • Put down the flooring

Depending on the types of kitchen vinyl flooringyou want, you can choose the tiles, planks, or sheet. If you choose the tiles, they are ready for direct application but they need to be applied in patterns. If you use the sheets, you will have to cut them first.

To make it easier, you can work in sections. Finish one section before moving to another one. And then leave it to dry for several hours before replacing the trim, moldings, or others. It’s better to leave it overnight.

What about the cost to install vinyl flooring kitchen?

In general, the cost may vary, depending on the flooring types, the labor amount of work, and the area where you live. The size of the room and the quality of the floor itself will affect the total cost.

In general, here are the lists of the (possible) installation costs:

  • For a 1000 square feet of vinyl plank installation, the total cost may vary from $2,000 to $6,500, already include the planks and 15 hours of installation
  • For a 1000 square feet of vinyl tile installation, the total cost may vary from $1,550 to $7,500, already include the tiles and 15 hours of installation
  • For a 1000 square feet of vinyl sheet installation, the total cost may vary from $1,200 to $3,300, already include the sheet and 7 hours of installation

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How to Clean Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

You probably think that it would be super difficult to clean the kitchen vinyl flooring ideas. In reality, it isn’t difficult at all. You can even perform the deep clean vinyl kitchen flooring.

It does take an extra effort, but you only do it once in a while and the process isn’t complicated at all. Just make sure that you have everything ready and you are good to go in no time!

In general, you only need to sweep and mop the floor regularly. But make sure that the mop isn’t drenching super wet that may create a pool on the floor.

If you want to perform a deep cleaning method, simply sweep the floor entirely or vacuum it, if you prefer.

If you vacuum the floor, use the one for bare floors or remove the beater bar. Beater bar will scratch the floor. Use a microfiber cloth and dampen it. Use just water to remove the scuff away.

If you have paint or gum stain, a putty knife can be helpful to remove it. Just make sure that you do it gently to avoid damaging the floor.

What if you have stains like grape juice, tomato sauce, ink, ketchup, or others?

Use a baking soda and add a little water to form a paste. Apply the paste by using a soft cloth and gently rub it on the stain until it clears out.

Afterwards, you need to mop the floor. Use a microfiber mop with your own homemade cleaner.

You can mix a gallon of (hot) water with a cup of vinegar. Feel free to add a dish soap, if you want to. Two drops or three would be enough.

If your mop causes wet surface, it is advisable that you use a dry and soft cloth to remove the water.

So, after you mop the floor, dry it with clean and soft cloth or towel. It will make your floor spotless and shine. You don’t need to do the deep clean procedure regularly just once in a while.

In the end, you need to make time in making a decision about your kitchen. Make sure that you don’t rush things.

Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and affordable, but you still have to spend quite a lot of money for the work.

Make careful plans for the kitchen vinyl flooring ideas so you can enjoy the most fruitful outcome and turn your kitchen into a gorgeous spot!