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Vinyl Flooring Place Major Installation Projects And Tips

by Dylan Johnson

When you choose vinyl flooring for your home, you should also know the appropriate vinyl flooring place. It is meant so that the flooring can actually affect the atmosphere and visual of the room, resulting in the desired ambiance and atmosphere.

It also means that you can’t buy one roll of vinyl sheet and install it everywhere in the house. Each room has its own requirements and characteristics. Whether you need a waterproof vinyl flooring or the luxury type, it all depends on the room that you want to improve.

Living Room

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring for Living Room
Best Vinyl Plank Flooring for Living Room

A lot of homeowners are doubtful about using vinyl for their living room, but it can be a great option, really.

You can either choose the tiles or sheet living room vinyl flooring. They are able to deliver stylish look with greater durability and also low maintenance.

You can also choose whatever texture, patterns, or designs that you want so you can create the desired result. Whether you want a personalized and unique appearance or the gorgeous reproduction of natural elements, you can achieve it with vinyl flooring.

When it comes to designs, there are different options that you can choose, including:

  • Printed. The vinyl comes with a print and wear layer as well as the backing material. Feel free to stimulate the visual of natural stone or wood without digging further to your pockets. You can turn the living room floor into an artistic mural or creative design.
  • Composite and solid. Printed vinyl has distinct and separate layers. This one, on the other hand, comes with a congruous and single material. In terms of designs, this one offers quite a limited feature.

You should also consider the color (as well as the patterns) when you want to install the vinyl flooring.

For instance, if you want to create an elegant and classic atmosphere, grey vinyl flooring living room seems like a good theme. You can either choose the natural wood look or the natural stone for this theme.

Basically, there are actually hundreds of colors, patterns, and designs of the vinyl flooring that you can choose for your home living projects.

If you choose vinyl sheet, it is going to cost you between $0.50 and $2 a square foot. However, such a sheet is more difficult to install properly. If you have never installed such a flooring before, you will have to hire a professional to do it.

If you choose the tiles, it is going to cost you between $1 and $8 a square foot.  They generally are available in rectangles, but you can cut it into triangles.

The tiles are much easier to install. Most DIY-ers would choose the tiles when they want to do it on their own.

Vinyl is actually perfect for living room, considering their durability and waterproof nature. If you have pets and kids, then vinyl can be an ideal pick.

Consider choosing the luxury vinyl type if the living room is one of the busiest and most active rooms in the house.

Moreover, if you choose the luxury type, you can enjoy both easy maintenance and long-lasting usage. You only need to sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor regularly.

If you choose the luxury type, you won’t have to worry about discoloring from sunlight exposure.

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Best Vinyl Flooring for Bedrooms
Best Vinyl Flooring for Bedrooms

Another important vinyl flooring place in the house is in the bedroom. Vinyl is low maintenance, moisture resistant, and durable that’s why it is often installed in high foot traffic.

Bedrooms may not be the most common areas for vinyl installation but bedroom vinyl flooring can give you various options for styles and colors.

Feel free to imitate the natural look of timber, stone, or hardwood with the vinyl and you won’t have to spend a fortune either.

And if you have allergies, vinyl is a good option because of its natural anti-microbial trait. Whereas most homeowners may choose carpet for their bedroom, not everyone is a perfect match to carpet usage.

There are several things to consider when you want to install vinyl flooring:

  • You will spend quite a lot of time in the bedroom

So it is crucial to plan the things you install and put in the bedroom. If you have allergies, then vinyl would be the best option.

  • If you have kids or pets, choosing vinyl would be the best option

In fact, vinyl plank flooring for bedroom would be the most ideal pick because the planks are durable and tough. They are resistant to dent and scratch. They are also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about spill.

  • Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and clean

The combination of smooth surface and plush texture makes it super convenient. Today’s vinyl flooring is tough and sturdy and yet it is also comfortable and soft.

If have to stand long, the flooring won’t hurt you. If you like to sit on the floor for a long time, you will remain comfortable too.

You can sweep and mop the floor regularly. You can even vacuum it. But don’t use the steam vacuum or steam mop as it can damage the floor.

  • Use protective cover for the feet of your furniture to prevent dent and scratch

When you sweep, you can use the broom or a microfiber pad. Use warm soapy water to mop the floor and avoid using chemicals for the cleaning.

You can consider vinyl sheet or luxury vinyl tile for the bedroom, imitating the stone or wood. You can also deliver rustic atmosphere with engineered tile or rigid core.

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Boats

Vinyl Plank Flooring for Boats
Vinyl Plank Flooring for Boats

If you have boats, you should have a rigid plan for vinyl boat flooring installation.

This can be a bit tricky because boats generally have high level of moisture. You need to choose the so-called marine vinyl flooring which is especially designed for boat environment.

This is one important vinyl flooring place if you have boats and you want to make sure that the boat would be comfortable and somewhat homey.

Marine grade vinyl flooring can create beautiful, comfortable, and clean result, so your boat won’t have to look cold and dingy anymore.

Besides marine carpet, marine vinyl flooring is durable and also slip resistant. It would block water, prolonging the flooring life to a longer time. The surface is textured, not smooth. But such a texture would prevent slipping. And it is also easy to clean and maintain.

Such flooring can be installed on fiberglass, aluminum, and wood surfaces. It is also great for pets and kids, and even rough water activities like fish hunting.

In general, the vinyl flooring has 34 mil in thickness. This is good enough to cover the floor, but it won’t be able to hide any imperfections on the surface.

If you want to cover floor imperfections, you need to use the 80 mil type. This one would be perfect for covering up low spots or divots.

For boats, vinyl rolls would be the best option. The rolls may not be popular for home setting as they are more popular for garages. But it turns out that the vinyl rolls are also great for boat flooring.

There are rolls that have industrial feel to it and they are built to last forever. Not only it can improve the visual appearance of the boat, but it has its own good slip resistance feature.

With such a humid and slippery setting like the boats, you definitely need such a reliable flooring for your activity.

There are some good things about these boat vinyl rolls:

  • Easy installation

You simply need to cut the rolls, following your boat’s shape. If you want permanent result, use a pressure sensitive adhesive for the glue.

  • Instant transformation

The vinyl rolls can transform your not-so-attractive boat interior into something that is visually pleasing.

After all, these rolls are available in many patterns and colors, creating nice vibe and transforming the atmosphere.

Feel free to try options like woven vinyl flooring for boats which are claimed to be sturdier and stronger than the regular vinyl flooring. In the end, you can enjoy modern and sleek finish with these rolls.

  • The only downside is that most of these marine vinyl rolls isn’t UV stable

You can try to seal it but it may not be the best permanent solution. You will have to figure it out on your own. The newest variant come with better UV resistant, but it is going to cost you extra.

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring for Basement

Flooring for Basement
Flooring for Basement

The concrete basement floor isn’t visually pleasing, so you decide to give it a touch up. Well, basement is one of the best applications for vinyl flooring place, mostly because of its natural characteristics.

Sure, you can always choose the tiles which are great for the damp and humid basement. But the tiles are expensive and you will definitely have to hurt your wallet.

Well, you can always choose vinyl basement flooring if you have limited budgets. And the results can be amazing too!

Here are the reasons why vinyl flooring is actually the better options than tiles (or other types of flooring):

  • It is easy to install at least easier than tiles

You will have to prepare everything super carefully with tiles. And not to mention that you will have to dedicate your time, efforts, and also tools. If you don’t have the right tools, you will be making a huge mess only.

  • Vinyl flooring isn’t only water resistant but also waterproof

Basement in the areas where dampness will likely to form and build over time. If you choose linoleum or laminate, they won’t hold up.

Vinyl is made from plastic so moisture won’t be able to penetrate or seep through. If you have vinyl plank flooring basement, you can rest assured that your basement will remain dry.

  • Modern vinyl flooring has this sophisticated look which can imitate the natural wood or stone

Forget the 70s and 80s vintage look with vinyl. You can actually make your basement look chic, elegant, and modern with its own simplicity with vinyl. You can even choose whatever texture that you want.

Want to choose the one like real stone texture?

There are some products out there.

  • Easy installation is one of the most likable features about this flooring

There are actually different attachment mechanisms with vinyl flooring.

Want to use the glue?

There are some products for it.

Feel more comfortable with the nails?

There are some variants for your needs.

But if you don’t want to use all of them, there is no need to worry because the floor has its unique attachment system. It uses interlocking mechanism like the puzzle. You only need to make sure that they fit one another so it will snap just perfectly.

  • If you choose tiles, they are sturdy and solid

But they are also cold. Well, vinyl is actually warmer than tiles which make it ideal if you want to have a warmer basement.

After all, vinyl has a good cushion system that makes it comfortable for your feet. Even when you use the vinyl over the cold concrete floor, the result is still warmer than the cold tiles.

Best Vinyl Plank Flooring in Garage

Flooring in Garage
Flooring in Garage

Not many homeowners care about their garage, leaving the area dingy and unattractive. But if you value your garage so much or you may set up your work station or your workshop there, it doesn’t hurt to try improving its look and atmosphere.

Vinyl flooring place for garage would be the best option if you want to improve the look without spending a fortune.

Most homeowners would choose sheet vinyl which is more affordable than vinyl planks or vinyl tiles. However, the choice is yours as long as it is vinyl, you are good to go!

Vinyl sheet for the garage is usually tough and super thick. The surface is textured, designed for better traction. It is also resistant to gas, oils, and cleaning fluids making caring and cleaning super convenient and easy.

Some homeowners don’t mind with the extra work of peel and stick vinyl garage floor tiles. It is going to be an extra work, but you are free to create your own look and pattern. Your garage will have this stunning effect, just like the inside of your house.

When compared to the rolls, the tiles will take longer time to install not to mention more labor too. But it is going to worth your extra work, for sure!

Although you can always paint your garage, such an effect won’t be long lasting. In a year or two, you will have to paint the garage again.

With vinyl, you can expect it to last at least 10 years (20 years max) with proper and correct installation. Not to mention that they are designed to withstand the abuse, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when you install the rolls in the garage.

Caring for the vinyl flooring place for garage is pretty easy. You can sweep and mop it like usual. Use warm soapy water for the mop and avoid pouring the water over the floor. Drenching the floor and letting the water sit for a long time isn’t advisable either.

Just do the regular cleaning routine (sweeping and mopping) and you will be just fine.

There are several ways to deal with garage cleaning, along with the common problems:

  • Tar staining. The street tar is likely responsible for this issue. You can find a special cleaner for this problem. Try to find one that is mild for the floor. Don’t choose too harsh or too strong type.
  • Yellow stain. If you have the high-end and expensive sports tires, it may be good for your car’s performance and look. But it isn’t so good for the vinyl floor. You see, these tires will cause chemical reaction which results in yellow stain. Unfortunately, there is no solution for this. If you such tires, you may want to get darker or black vinyl flooring or mat.

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Final Words

In the end, there are many ideal vinyl flooring place in your property, but each location has its own challenges. If you understand each room’s characteristics, you should be able to choose the right vinyl flooring as well as finding the solutions to your issues.

Vinyl flooring is an affordable and great alternative to other more expensive flooring types.

As long as you know what to expect from each vinyl flooring place and its installation, you can always improve the look of your property without spending a fortune or deal with complicated process.