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Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood

What You Need To Know About Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood

by Dylan Johnson

Whenever a real hardwood is installed, it is not uncommon to know that vinyl can resemble all the wood look of a real hardwood. That’s because vinyl flooring that looks like wood is basically designed to mimic well the hardwood in order to meet the customer’s need and expectation.

Prior to the vinyl flooring with the wood-look, it is crucial to know that most of the hardwood floorings are finished with a clear plastic as the coating.

It is a special factory finish which is usually a site-applied polyurethane. This means that you are walking on the hardwood with the plastic coating.

In this case, vinyl flooring is actually plastic which can be surely made from the photographic images of real wood.

In this regards, the vinyl flooring that looks like wood is mostly luxury vinyl plank or it is popularly called as LVP. It is one of the high quality flooring types offering an excellent visual effects.

More importantly, the luxury vinyl planks with the rectangular shapes are able to enhance the look of wood.

This is because most of the real hardwood floorings are designed in planks or strips.

So you impatiently to find what kinds of vinyl flooring with the wood-look, here are the review to take a quick read.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Hickory Wood Look

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Hickory Wood Look
Luxury Vinyl Plank with Hickory Wood Look

If you want to find a vinyl flooring with the wood look, you can find it in a selection of luxury vinyl planks with the hickory-wood look.

This means that you will get the vinyl flooring that mimics the real hardwood that is hickory wood.

So what is the vinyl flooring brand you can consider choosing?

Select Mannington Mills which offers the luxury vinyl flooring planks with the darker colors. In this case, hickory is one of the wood species offering a great look along with the darker stains.

Mannington’s Adura line also offers a Hickory Luxury Vinyl Planks in 5 x 8 inch planks width and 4mm thick. It is best described as the thinner luxury vinyl planks yet it comes with the low price.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank with Light Oak Wood Look

Light Oak Wood Look Vinyl Plank
Light Oak Wood Look Vinyl Plank

So you are admiring the appearance of light old wood? No worry!

Luxury vinyl flooring also mimics this kind of hardwood look especially in Shaw Floors collection.

Chatham is one of Shaw flooring products that resemble the look of light old oak. Chatham is available in premium versions at which the full plank size is 48 x 5.9 inches.

This luxury vinyl flooring type is a floating floor which comes with a 12-mil wear layer and medium gloss finish.

You can get this flooring product with the price $6.50 to $7.50. Accordingly, this kind of luxury vinyl plank is durable enough to come in 5/23 inch of thickness.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with The Look of Medium-Dark Oak Wood

Medium-Dark Oak Wood Vinyl Plank
Medium-Dark Oak Wood Vinyl Plank

If you are looking for vinyl flooring that looks like wood, you can surely consider the luxury vinyl plank that mimics the look of medium-dark oak wood.

Most of this vinyl flooring types are available in Shaw Floors company, ranging from the affordable price to the premium version. In this case, the affordanlle prices range from $3.50 to $4.00

This flooring type mimics the medium-dark oak wood appearance. The planks are available in 7.09 x 36 inches, meaning that the planks are short and wide.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Teak Wood Look

Other appearance of the realistic vinyl is the teak wood look. Luxury vinyl planks with this teak wood look are usually available in Mannington collection.

Mannington is one of the vinyl flooring companies that bring the tropic atmosphere to your home through its collections.

Even when the teak wood look is not available in hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring comes into play.

In this case, the vinyl floorings come with the pronounced black striations compared to the soft brown with red tones.

In addition to the luxury vinyl flooring with the teak wood look, Mannington Adura planks come with the thickness of 4mm and 4 x 36 measurements.

Further, this vinyl flooring types are sold along with the traditional glue-down installation.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Chestnut Wood Look

Luxury vinyl planks are also available along with the look of chestnut wood. Perhaps, it is much difficult to find this luxury vinyl planks except for those in Armstrong collection.

Armstrong is one of the luxury vinyl flooring brands that offers the realistic vinyl flooring in a chestnut wood look. This flooring is characterized by 48 x 4.5 dimensions.

As a floating floor, the luxury vinyl plank requires no glue for the installation due to the fact that it comes with the medium-gloss sealed in. However, these planks cannot be refinished.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Walnut Wood Look

If you admire a walnut look, consider these luxury vinyl flooring types that come with the walnut wood look that is mostly produced by Armstrong.

This way, the luxury vinyl planks are designed with a honey-warm glow and requiring no resealed.

Luxury vinyl tile presented by Armstrong does resemble the appearance of finely grained American walnut wood.

Luxury vinyl planks or boards with the walnut wood look are usually available in 48 x 6 inch dimensions along with the low gloss to make them perfect for spaces with great light.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Dark Oak Wood Look

One type of vinyl flooring that looks like wood is that with the dark oak wood manufactured by Karndean.

Karndean is the higher-end company for luxury vinyl, offering a wide selection of dark wood looks.

There are nine variations of LVP with dark oak wood look including Summer Oak, Spring Oak and Fall Oak that usually get darker throughout the year.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Maple Wood Look

There is also a luxury vinyl plank that looks like wood especially the maple wood look. This flooring type is also presented by Karndean to suit your wet locations such as bathroom.

In this case, Karndean comes to offer the huge selling point, allowing you to have a flooring with the good resale value.

Due to the moisture, you are not recommended to use solid wood, engineered wood and even laminate in the wet locations including the bathroom.

Instead, you can consider installing luxury vinyl plank with the maple wood look.

Luxury Vinyl Plank with Ebony Wood Look

The last but not least vinyl flooring that looks like wood is that with ebony wood look. Manufactured by Karndean, this flooring type help you create a contemporary urban vibe.

This way, the LVP will look great in darker tones. Further, this flooring is available in muted color with 48 x 7 inch size. And, the planks are called Van Gogh dark Wood.

Reasons Why You Must Consider Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood

Now that you have already known some kinds of vinyl flooring with the wood look, you may also want to know what reasons underlying the people’s decision to use the flooring.

In this case, there are some reasons you can check them out below:

Challenging Installation Locations

While hardwood is not recommended for wet locations and people love the hardwood look very much, vinyl flooring mimicking the wood look cam be the best solution to consider.

Vinyl flooring is noticeably suitable for wet locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and laundry room. Further, vinyl flooring is design to resemble the wood look.

This is how you can achieve the hardwood look and able to have the flooring in your desired locations.

High Traffic Areas

Either luxury vinyl or the sheet vinyl is suitable for high traffic areas. In this case, the flooring is also standing up to scratches, spills and stains as well as every day wear.

Thus, if you need a beautiful flooring in a wood look while you need the types suiting your high traffic areas such as commercial places, vinyl floorings really do come into play.

Practical Budget

Thanks to the cost-effective feature presented by the vinyl flooring to solve you minimum budget while you want a flooring with the great wood look.

This is especially true because vinyl flooring comes to offer the most affordable prices while the real hardwood comes with the expensive prices that you may not be able to afford.

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Easy Maintenance

Other reason why people consider choosing vinyl flooring that looks like wood is the easy maintenance. Both of luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl are amazingly easy to care for.

All you need to do is just wiping up the spills, sweep and mop the floors so that they can keep the look like it is always new.

Easy Installation

Don’t forget that people lay their final decision in vinyl flooring that resembles the wood look is due to its easy installation.

Greatly, the luxury vinyl flooring is available in DIY options, meaning that you can easily install the flooring by yourself without hiring any professional installer.

As long as you apply the installation guidance well into practices, it is quite convincing that you are going to have a wood look vinyl flooring in your home.