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Vitromex Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

Vitromex Wood Look Tile Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

The hardwood flooring may not be for every house, but then again, you may want to include Vitromex wood look tile into your home improvement project.

What makes the floor special, anyway?

Well, the tile may have the appearance of hardwood but it isn’t made of real wood. In terms of durability, such flooring is reliable.

And when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it is such a breeze!

So, what should you know about the floor and the brand?

The Complication Vitromex Wood Look Tile

As it was mentioned before, hardwood isn’t for everyone or every house. The hard floor may be tough and sturdy.

There is no doubt that it is also beautiful and gorgeous and it affects the atmosphere and the vibe of a property right away.

Unfortunately, there is a cost for having the floor. Not to mention that the maintenance and care is pretty complicated if not difficult for most homeowners.

You will have to be super careful about the cleaning. And you can’t install the material in areas where humidity and moisture level is high.

Water is the main nemesis of hardwood floor. You can’t install the floor in areas where the foot traffic is high either. This can create confusion to homeowners.

After all, is there any proper and correct place to install the floor?

With Vitromex wood look tile, you won’t have to worry about such a thing.

Since the floor isn’t made from wood, you won’t have to worry about water, moisture, or high traffic areas. Wood-look floor is generally made from materials, like vinyl, porcelain, or laminate.

The wood-look tiles are made from porcelain with high-quality visual graphics installed on the surface the floor imitates the look of real wood; complete with the beautiful finish and natural effect.

And the cool thing about the floor is that water damage isn’t your biggest concern. Feel free to install the floor in bathrooms, basements, and outdoor.

You can also install it in areas where foot traffic is high. Not to mention that you won’t have to worry about any fussy or complicated cleaning or maintenance anymore.

In the end, you will love the combination of classic elegance of hardwood floor with the solid toughness of tile floor.

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Durability and Strength Vitromex Wood Look Tile

One of the biggest perks of wood-look tiles is the durability and sturdiness. Unlike real hardwood, the floor won’t easily scratch, dent, or damage.

The floor isn’t prone to water damage either, which makes it very ideal for all kinds of properties commercial and residential ones.

With proper care, but within minimal efforts, you can expect the floor to last for a long time even longer than hardwood.

Regular hardwood lasts for around 25 years or even 3 decades, while wood-look floor can even last up to 5 decades.

The common issues with hardwood floor is buckling, staining, fading, and warping. Not to mention that it is also sensitive to dent and scratch. You won’t deal with such issues when you install the wood-look flooring.

Thanks to its solid construction, the wood-look floor is able to take the daily beat and abuse. And the Vitromex wood look tile can positively affect the ambiance and atmosphere of the house.

You should also remember that different brands of wood-look floor would come in different features, qualities, and built.

So, expect the wood-look tiles from Vitromex to have its own unique features and specialties different from the others.

Price Range Vitromex Wood Look Tile

Flooring is one crucial element in interior décor and home improvement so the expenses are quite big. Because of the nature of the flooring, Vitromex wood look tile is basically the same as the porcelain floor.

In general, the standard price for porcelain flooring is set between $6 and $12 a square foot.

When compared to ceramic tiles that are set around $3 a square foot, porcelain flooring is obviously higher.

Want to have custom floor?

Be ready to spend at least $20 a square foot and even more!

So, how much is Vitromex wood look tile?

The price range is set from $6 to around $10 for a square foot. Of course, it depends on the retailer, the construction, the quality of construction, and more.

You also need to remember that this price range is only applied to the material. Extra spending isn’t included, such as material, supplies, and also professional installation service.

The price range listed here is only the material, so you will have to spend extra for other things.

DIY Project vs Professional Installation

You have two main options when it comes to installing the floor: You can manage a DIY project or you can hire a professional service to help you.

Each option has its own benefits and downsides, so you need to weigh in your options before making any decision. The same thing also applies to Vitromex wood look tile installation.

A lot of homeowners may consider a DIY project when they want to save up money. You can basically save hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing this method.

Vitromex does provide instructions and guidelines for eager and creative homeowners to manage their own installation projects.

The instructions include how to create a layout plan, prep the subfloors, deal with the overall installation, and buy the right equipments, supplies, and tools.

Naturally, installing the floor isn’t an easy task. In fact, it is pretty difficult and complex. Not to mention that the project will be hugely time-consuming.

However, the complication and the difficult process don’t mean that the project would be impossible to do.

If you are willing to dedicate your time for it, and you will thoroughly learn about the guidelines, then go ahead.

And remember, you will also have to deal with having the right tools, supplies, and equipment.

Another solution in installing floor is to hire a professional installer. By doing this, you can make sure that the end result would be flawless and perfect.

You won’t even have to worry about how the tiles would look like it would be just perfect.

For the installation cost, you should spend between $4 and $14 a square foot. Of course, the price range depends on the installer, their expertise, and so much more.

It only takes hours to finish a small room. But bigger rooms can take days, even up to a week or even two.

Variants and Options

In terms of wood-look flooring, there are so many different options and collections.

It’s a good thing that Vitromex wood look tile is available in 36 different collections, covering wall porcelain and Amazonian floor tiles.

You can also find variants, such as Captiva glazed tile or Bossa Nova porcelain flooring.

There are also variations of colors, such as Chestnut Brown, Natural, Twilight Black, and so much more.

Although the floor is available in different sizes, the most popular one is the 7 x 24 inches. It is designed to imitate the look of real wood planks which would be perfect for all kinds of settings and themes.

Maintenance, Cleaning, and Care

If you are the type of person who don’t really like being bothered with fussy cleaning or complicated care, then wood-like floor would be the perfect one for your needs.

In fact, you can expect low maintenance and easy care. You only need to do regular broom, a tile vacuum, and a tile mop to perform thorough cleaning. Use the broom and vacuum to remove the dust, debris, and dirt.

You can do it daily or twice a day the schedule is up to you!

For deep cleaning, simply use a damp cloth or damp mop combined with mild cleanser to maintain the shine.

Do you have steam mop?

Feel free to use it! never use hard brushes, acid-based cleaners, abrasive cleaners, or cleaning products containing harsh chemicals to clean the floor.

What about cleaning the grout and tile?

Use special cleaning product for them apply it with a small brush.

Be advised, though, that the floor would be positively stained. It only takes time for the floor to suffer from minor damages.

Feel free to use the grout paint it is functional to restore the original condition and the beauty. If you want to prevent staining, you need to thoroughly remove any spill right away.

You should also seal the grout it also helps.

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Final Words

When it comes to wood-look flooring, everyone has different opinions.

But then again, you need to consider the positive aspects as well as the possible downsides. The floor is super sturdy and durable. It can hold up continuous beat for many years to come.

You won’t have to worry about the common weaknesses of hardwood they don’t apply for this floor. Besides the durability, the floor is also unique and stylish. It has tons of collections and options.

Not to mention that cleaning and maintenance is easy and no drama. Price range is also favorable. It isn’t costly and yet you won’t have to worry about the performance or quality.

Just be sure whether Vitromex wood look tile is suitable for you and your house, so you won’t regret it in the future.