What Is Broadloom and Buying Guides

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What Is Broadloom and Buying Guides

What is Broadloom? If you have been buzzing around carpeting, it must not ne strange to hear the term broadloom. However, if you are just new, then you must stay with us for about 15 minutes and you will deeply understand all about broadloom.

Basically, broadloom is defines as a kind of carpet that is woven on a wide loom. It usually deals with the tufted carpet installed wall-to-wall.

Broadloom is available to sell on rolls along with the standard width. In this case, they usually comes in 12 feet wide yet you can purchase 15 feet or 13 feet with 6 inches wide.

Since carpets were hand woven on looms, the name “Broad loom” means a loom that is wider than the average loom size and used in order to create a large carpet.

To understand more about broadloom, let’s check out the following review sections including the definition, how it is sold, how it is installed and the reasons why you need to use a carpet made of broadloom.

Definition of Loom

Dealing with the carpeting, a loom is defined as a device used to weave fabric. A loom is hold in place where the fibers running in a line, making the fibers go to the opposite direction that may be interwoven. This is especially for the hand weaving.

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The Way Broadloom Is Sold

What is Broadloom?

As we have mentioned above, broadloom is available in rolls of a standard width. These rolls are typically about 150 feet in length.

If you are interested in purchasing broadloom, it is available for sale in square yard or square foot in North America.

It is also possibly available in square meter in nations where the metric system is used. Though Canada usually uses the metric system, it mostly uses imperial measurements in the carpeting industry.

If you need a yard of broadloom, it is same with three feet. Thus, a square year consists of nine square feet due to 3 x 3 feet measurements.

Based on the history, many people purchase carpet in square yard, while some other purchase the hard surface flooring like hardwood and tile in square foot.

Hence, the carpet industry decides to convert the carpet to square foot pricing to streamline the choices.

Broadloom Installation

Once you purchase a broadloom, that means that you must be ready for the installation. In this case, broadloom is typically available with wall-to-wall installation.

In residential applications, broadloom is generally installed over an underpad, while in commercial applications, it uses glued-down installation technique at which the carpet is directly glued to the floor.

Since the broadloom has its specific width, there must be a trick use for the installation service especially if the room is narrower or wider than the carpet.

If your rooms are wider than the roll width, you need to seamed two or more pieces of broadloom together.

On the contrary, if your rooms are narrower than the roll width, you need to cut down the carpet to the proper width. These may be easy to do but you need to purchase the extra amount of the cut rolls.

For example, if the room is 10 x 10 feet, you need to purchase 10feet by the roll width. This is aimed to fit the broadloom. Thus, if you buy 12 foot roll broadloom, you need to buy a piece of carpet in 12 x 10 feet measurement.

Creating Area Rugs

Basically, everyone doesn’t need to install broadloom as wall-to-wall carpeting. The broadloom is actually allowing you to cut to a specific size and finishing along the edges to avoid frying. Thus, it can be used as area rugs or carpet runner.

Reasons Why You Should Use Area Rug Made Of Broadloom

Now that you have known enough to answer the question; What is Broadloom?

It is the time now to check out the reasons why you need to use area rug made of broadloom.

In the other words, we need to know why people use this kind of carpet so that you need to use it, too.

What makes broadloom special?

In this regards, there are some reasons why an area rug made of broadloom is very recommendable.


Cost is often being a number one thing to consider when it comes to shop something. Therefore, we place the cost in the first list.

Truly, broadloom can be less expensive to purchase for creating area rugs than a ready-made rug.

For example, 9 x 12 pre-made rug can cost more than $1,000 while the average 12 inch width carpet can cost $2.50 per square foot. The cost for the rug made of broadloom will be $270 excluding the finishing cost.

In this case, the average finishing cost ranges from $50 to $100 depending on whatever type of finishing you select.

Overall, you can purchase a rug and bring it home by $370 totally. It is much more expensive than the pre-made rug you can create yourself.

Perhaps, you get a big luck to find a carpet remnant with your desire style and size.

So grab it fast since you will only need to pay less expensively than the regular price of the carpet. This can be a bigger savings than purchasing a standard area rug.

Size and Shape

The second reason why you need to use carpet made of broadloom is the size and shape.

In this case, pre-made area rugs are usually available in standard sizes. The most typical rug sizes are 3×5 inch, 4×6 inch, 5×8 inch, 7×10 inch and 8×11 inch.

Unfortunately, if you want to buy a pre-made area rug, the sizes and styles offered are limited. It is due to the fact that not all of the sizes above are available for every rug.

For example, most of the styles of rug are available in three or four sizes only.

So, if you rooms have an uncommon size or shape, it would be difficult for you to find a pre-made rug that fits your needs.

Clearly, if you choose a customized area rugs made of broadloom, you can request any size and shape. Possessing a large room will typically need a 15 widths broadloom so that you can create up to 15 inch of seamless rug.

However, if you need a rug which is larger than the carpet width in both directions, you can request the size made by seaming two pieces of materials together.

In this case, the seam will be invisible if you properly choose the carpet regarding the length, the thickness and the linear pattern.

Sometimes, there is a room or hallway designed with the uncommon angles and a rug is needed to follow the floor plan.

Again, using broadloom can be much of advantage because broadloom can be customized to the accurate size and shape needed.

Thanks to the retailers along with the other worker that are able to cut the carpet as you require, both from the template you show them and their own measurements taken there.

Keep in mind that the details and sharp angles can be harder to run through the binding machine, so the best way you can do is to consult it with your retailer before you finally purchase.


Its answer has led us to know more than just a definition, including the broadloom options that becomes one of the reasons why using broadloom carpet is much recommendable.

Actually, there is an unlimited number of area rug options including the color and pattern availability. However, the most standardized area rugs have come with the pattern.

This way, using broadloom will make your area rugs rich in colors and styles selection along with either patterned or non-patterned looks.

Broadloom, in this case, typically comes with the more subtle pattern than the area rugs.

For example, Berber looks very busy because it is available in solid colors with the geometric or abstract patterns. On the other hand, the patterns will actually make a visual interest.

Broadloom’s options are generally varying compared to the pre-made area rugs. If you are searching for the broadloom with a very specific color, you can just walk into the carpet retailers and get some samples.

Matching Ability

Matching ability is just another reason why electing broadloom is much considerable.

If you have installed a wall-to-wall carpet in one of your home areas while you have also a hard surface flooring in the area nearby, broadloom will match well for more than just complimenting your carpet.

Yup, you cab absolutely create a rug from the same carpet you have laid. This will nicely create a harmony for the spaces between your home areas.

This can also match the carpeted stairs. This is when you have a hardwood stairs with the broadloom laid in line to the stairs, so a pre-made runner can be a good complimentary.

Thus, create your own same broadloom and install it on the stairs to offer a beautiful look.

Broadloom Uniqueness

Is broadloom unique?

The answer is yes, it is definitely true.

Though there have been a large number of pre-made area rugs available on the market, you can optionally encounter the same rug in other people’s home someday, especially when the rug was bought at the big box store where the chance of having the same rug occur.

Thus, selecting the broadloom and make it to your specifications will not let you to experience it due to the broadloom uniqueness.

Broadloom Buying Guide

Keep in mind that you will feel lot confused when you just come to the store. There will be an unlimited number of options available in front of your eyes.

Therefore, you need such a buying guide to lead you to choose the right option of broadloom without taking too much time.

In these recent years, broadloom carpet is produced in a large rolls along with the standard size.

Basically, broadloom is a type of wall-to-wall carpet which is traditionally designed.

As we have already mentioned, broadloom comes in a wide range of styles such as texture, pattern, loop and frieze.

So purchasing it requires you to know the tips to buy the broadloom.

In this regards, there are several things to consider before you finally make a decision to purchase the item.


Loop is also called as berber carpet. It is designed with the fibers which are short loops woven into the back part of the carpet.

In this case, the fibers are there not to be cut. Loop carpet is a great options suiting commercial applications where the high traffic occurs. Loop also proves to be durable and easy to clean.


Buying the broadloom carpet needs also to consider the pattern which typically comes in cut and loop style.

This means that some fibers are uncut and some other are tufted, creating a different pattern on the roll of the broadloom carpet.

This finally leads to the carpet design. Remember to match up the carpet pattern while you are installing the carpet.

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Choosing broadloom carpet rolls by texture is also very much important. In most texture, berber carpet often appears in short and less soft.

In comparison, Saxony styles has a smooth texture along with the lots of softness.

To make you clearly recognize the carpet texture, a cut style carpet is usually the softest and the smoothest one. However, this makes the carper a bit difficult to clean.


One thing to remember is that frieze carpets is featuring twisted fibers. Thus, it will be incredibly soft.

Please take a note that if the TPI (Twist Per Inch) number of a caret is higher, the carpet will be more durable.

In this case, Frieze comes with the twisted style which means it has a higher TPI. In short, Frieze is considered durable.

So, what is Broadloom?

Read again our best review and enable yourself to find the most favorable carpet for your home.

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