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white laminate flooring ideas

White Laminate Flooring Ideas To Consider Purchasing

by Dylan Johnson

Add some aesthetic values to your home sweet home by picking up one of our flooring remodel ideas, one of which is by installing the white laminate flooring. Basically, having white laminate is aimed to add not only the aesthetic values but also the modern and elegant look of interior home design.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you are installing a new floors or just replacing the old one with this white laminate, refer to our ideas for considerations.

Since people may have different likeness toward the laminate flooring types, the manufacturers also produce many different types of laminate flooring in order to fulfil the customers’ need and expectations.

Without taking too much time, let’s just check all the white laminate floors types below and hopefully you can find some ideas to take into the list.

White Oak Laminate Flooring
White Oak Laminate Flooring

White Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak wood is one of the most popular woods that comes beautifully for elements of home construction that is flooring. This time, we are not talking about the flooring that is made of the real oak.

Instead, we are going to say that one of the laminate flooring type resembles the oak look. In the other words, there is a white laminate flooring that looks like oak. As simple as that.

In this regards, white oak laminate floor is basically designed to present an elegant and modern look over a specific space you desire. Since white is a neutral color, white oak laminate floor will always work on any room layouts.

In fact, the lighter wall and contrasting decorations will be much more suitable with the white oak laminate floor.

For example, you have white wall with some room decorations in dark color. Installing the white laminate floor will just add another elegance and modern accent to your interior design.

True to its style, white oak laminate floors will just turn your homes into a wonderful white winter wonderland.

So if you have already a home with European style, white oak laminate floor will be a great addition to feel the atmosphere of the winter and the coziness of the modern space.

White Wood Laminate Flooring

White Wood Laminate Flooring
White Wood Laminate Flooring

The second white laminate flooring options you may consider picking up is the white wood laminate flooring.

This laminate floor type really resembles the natural wood look over a white laminate floor. Now we may wonder if there is any white wood or not.

In relation to white laminate flooring, white wood laminate flooring means you have a white laminate flooring in a wood look. Simply to understand, this is just a common option among the varieties of white laminate floor available on the market.

So feel the nature inside your home along with the modern accent by this kind of laminate flooring to install in most of your home areas such as living room, family room, dining room, basement and event kitchens as well as bathroom.

White wood laminate floors proves great to make your spaces look larger, lighter, airy, cozy and modern.

One of the most important benefits here is the fact that white wood laminate floor can transform your tiny space into the spacious look area.

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White Plank Laminate Flooring

White Plank Laminate Flooring
White Plank Laminate Flooring

Basically, there is always a wide range of selections out of the white laminate flooring including the white plank laminate floor.

Plank laminate flooring is one of the most popular and most-wanted type of laminate due to its easy and quick installation.

It is totally true that plank laminate offers an easy and quick installation, making people able to install the plank by themselves even without hiring an expert.

Some plank laminate flooring types has glue-less installation type, meaning that you don’t need to use glue to attach the plank on the subfloor. It is because the plank already its own glue on its layer so that you just need to snap it away on the subfloor.

Well, this is just an example why plank laminate flooring becomes one of the most favorable option.

In this regards, if you want a plank laminate flooring in white color, many manufacturers have already produced it to meet your needs.

So never worry too much to find the white plank laminate floor. Just come to the home flooring stores or search online.

White Tile Laminate Flooring

White Tile Laminate Flooring Ideas
White Tile Laminate Flooring Ideas

If you do not prefer plank laminate floor, you can go for another option that is white tile laminate floor.

This is the laminate flooring type that looks like the real tile. It comes with the original tile-look and the glossy tile-look laminate flooring.

White tile laminate flooring is much more suitable for people who likes having the real tile floor while they don’t have enough money to afford.

Thus, picking up the tile laminate flooring is a kind of solution due to the affordable price offered.

White tile laminate flooring comes not only with the real tile-look of the floors but also with the high quality and durability of the laminate product.

Though it only resembles the real tile-look, it is best described that it has almost the high quality and durability like the real one.

One thing to remember is that if you want to have a long lasting laminate flooring, you are recommended to choose the one with the maximum thickness. In this case, the typical thickness of laminate flooring coming with the high quality is 8mm to 12mm.

Believe it or not, the thicker the laminate, the more durable the flooring would be.

12mm White Grey Pine Laminate Flooring

12mm White Grey Pine Laminate Flooring Ideas
12mm White Grey Pine Laminate Flooring Ideas

One of the great white laminate floors option to consider is the 12mm white grey pine laminate floor.

This type of flooring is very much popular for its quality and durability due to its 12mm thickness. The white grey pine color accents add more uniqueness over the flooring, making it so amazing to look.

It brings you the 100% look of wood, meaning that installing this laminate flooring is like having the real wooden floor.

12mm white grey pine laminate floor is typically suitable for homes with traditional design, farmhouse design as well as rustic design.

So grab this laminate flooring type soon and make your home more rustic in look and style.

White Waterproof Laminate Flooring

White Waterproof Laminate Flooring Ideas
White Waterproof Laminate Flooring Ideas

Not all types of laminate flooring are waterproof. That’s why the white waterproof laminate floor comes as a solution when you need a waterproof laminate floor over your homes.

This is a one of the white laminate floor that is featuring waterproof so that it is good for bathrooms and kitchens where water are potentially attack the floor.

Basically, kitchens are the homes areas which is very much busy with footstep, water and other liquid spills while the bathrooms are very potential space for the water to flow.

Thus, the white waterproof laminate floor is designed especially to meet the need of waterproof laminate.

This way, you will not only have the white laminate like you have had for other home areas but also the waterproof type to suit the watery areas in your home.

White Birch

white birch
white birch

Other laminate floors type you may have to check out is the white birch laminate flooring.

Is there any difference between this laminate flooring and the other types?

What makes it look different?

Much more suitable for farmhouse, this white birch laminate floor looks very rustic and natural resembling the look of old wood.

Similar to other white laminate floor, white birch laminate floor appears with the great quality and durability, easy installation and low maintenance as well as children and pet friendly.

Along with the proper installation, this white birch laminate floor can even last more than 15 years old.

Don’t take times to bring this laminate flooring types into your cart and transform your home into the most amazing one to look at.

White Pine

white pine
white pine

So you are looking for a white laminate floors with pine look, here we also suggested you so.

White pine laminate floor is a type of white laminate floor that looks like pine. It uniquely presents the look of pine in a home, making it suitable for your home with the classic look, rustic design and farmhouse style.

Can you pick up this white pine laminate for your modern home? Probably you can.

But make sure to match with the room layout and decoration so this laminate flooring type will just look good finally.

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Solid White

solid white
solid white

As its name, solid white laminate floors is a type of laminate floor that is much solid in its construction.

This is one of the greatest choice especially if you want to install the solid flooring for your spaces. This is how you put the quality and durability first before the physical appearance.

In short, solid white laminate floor is not only beautiful like many other laminate floor but also highly durable.

Overall, out of the best 9 white laminate floor we have just reviewed here, which one of laminate floor that may inspire you to pick up one?

Just remember to always look at your home overall design before finally purchasing the laminate flooring.