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Wincore Windows vs Andersen - Which Brand Triumphs?

Wincore Windows vs Andersen – Which Brand Triumphs?

by Steven Wilson

In the debate of Wincore Windows vs Andersen, each brand brings a unique legacy to the table.

Wincore, established in 2007 by former Simonton executives, quickly earned a reputation for innovative vinyl windows. Andersen, with over a century of history, is a testament to enduring quality and adaptability. As Wincore carves its niche in the Eastern U.S., Andersen’s reach spans all 50 states.

Their profound impact on the window industry is marked by distinctive designs, diverse offerings, and a commitment to evolving with homeowner needs.

Wincore vs Andersen: Quick Comparison

Founded2007 in WVOver 100 years ago in WI
ProductsVinyl windows, doorsWood, Fibrex windows, doors
DesignsModernVersatile, traditional to contemporary
FeaturesInsulated core, securityEnergy-saving glass, customizable
MarketingEastern U.S. dealersNationwide stores, contractors
StylesVarious window typesWide range of window types
MaterialsVinyl, wood, fiberglassWood, fiberglass, Fibrex
DurabilityClear coat protectionDurable, reliable
Glass OptionsVarious privacy glassesLow-E, triple-pane, etc.
CertificationsEnergy StarEnergy Star, multiple others
EfficiencyArgon gas, Low E glassHeat transfer reduction
PricingMid-levelVaried, higher tiers
Sound InsulationLaminated glassDual panes, Argon gas
WarrantyLifetime limitedOwner to owner, limited lifetime

Overview of Wincore Windows

Wincore Windows, a relatively newer player in the window industry, has rapidly made a name for its high-quality products and innovative designs.

A Look at Wincore’s Product Lineup

Wincore offers a diverse range of products, catering to various needs and preferences. Their lineup includes:

  • Windows: Specializing in all-vinyl windows, their popular series include the 7700 and 8800.
  • Doors: They offer sliding patio doors, impact products, and fiberglass entry systems.
  • Special Products: Wincore also provides impact windows and models for new construction projects.

This variety ensures that whether you’re renovating an old home or building a new one, Wincore has something to suit your needs.

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Key Features That Define Wincore Windows

What sets Wincore apart are their distinct features:

  • Insulated Core: Enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Door Frames: For durability and longevity.
  • Rot-Free Brickmould: Prevents decay and damage.
  • Security Protection: Ensures homeowner safety.
  • Innovative Sill Design: Combines functionality with aesthetics.

These features reflect Wincore’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Wincore’s Pricing

Wincore’s pricing strategy is focused on providing value:

  • Windows: Ranging from $450 to $700.
  • Doors: Between $2000 to $5000.

This pricing positions Wincore as a mid-level brand, offering quality products at reasonable prices.

Energy Efficiency and Green Credentials

Energy efficiency is a key aspect of Wincore’s offerings:

  • Energy Star Certification: Reflects their commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Argon Gas and Low E Glass: Used in windows for better temperature regulation.

Note: Wincore’s focus on energy efficiency not only helps in reducing utility bills but also minimizes the environmental footprint.

By combining a diverse product range with innovative features, competitive pricing, and a strong focus on energy efficiency, Wincore Windows has carved out a significant niche in the window market. Their approach caters to modern homeowners who value both aesthetics and functionality.

Overview of Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows, with a century of experience, offers a blend of tradition and innovation in their product range.

The Wide World of Andersen’s Products

Andersen’s product portfolio is extensive and includes:

  • Windows & Doors: A variety of styles including awning, casement, double-hung, and specialty shapes.
  • Replacement Windows: Tailored solutions for existing homes.
  • Luxury Windows & Doors: Custom design options for a premium feel.

Their offerings are designed to meet diverse architectural styles and personal preferences, ensuring there’s an Andersen product for every home.

What Makes Andersen Windows Stand Out

Several factors contribute to Andersen’s distinct reputation:

  • Design Versatility: Options ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.
  • Material Quality: Use of wood, fiberglass, and Fibrex® composite material.
  • Innovative Features: Such as Yale Assure Lock for enhanced security.
  • Customizable Options: Catering to unique customer needs.

This combination of quality, innovation, and customization makes Andersen a leader in the industry.

Breaking Down Andersen’s Pricing

Andersen’s pricing reflects its premium quality and brand reputation:

  • Standard Windows: Prices range from $650 to $3000.
  • Doors: Range from $1800 to $7000.
  • Renewal by Andersen: Top-end composite windows priced between $1600 to $2600, including installation.

Note: The pricing tiers of Andersen allow customers to choose according to their budget and requirements.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency and the Environment

Andersen’s dedication to sustainability is evident through:

  • Energy Star Certification: Showcasing their energy-efficient products.
  • Multiple Environmental Certifications: Including US Green Building Council and Forest Stewardship.
  • Innovative Glass Options: Such as Low-E4 glass, SmartSun glass, and triple-pane options for superior energy efficiency.

Andersen’s commitment extends beyond just creating beautiful windows and doors; it encompasses a responsibility towards the environment and energy conservation.

Their range of products, combined with their focus on quality and sustainability, positions Andersen as a top choice for customers who value both aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

Comparing Wincore and Andersen Head-to-Head

When it comes to Wincore Windows vs Andersen, each brand offers unique strengths in various aspects of window and door solutions.

Styles and Designs: A Side-by-Side Look


  • Focuses on modern design with a variety of color and pattern options.
  • Offers styles like single-hung, double-hung, casement, and more.


  • Provides a wider range of styles, including traditional, historical, and contemporary.
  • Includes awning, casement, gliding, and specialty shape windows.

This comparison shows Andersen’s broader range in styles and designs, catering to a more diverse set of architectural needs.

Materials and Lifespan: Who Wins?

In terms of materials and durability:

  • Wincore: Utilizes vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Known for its clear coat protection enhancing durability.
  • Andersen: Employs wood, fiberglass, and its unique Fibrex material. Fibrex is noted for its longevity and resilience, especially in extreme climates.

Andersen’s use of Fibrex gives it an edge in durability and lifespan over Wincore’s traditional materials.

Glass and Energy: A Close Comparison

Both brands prioritize energy efficiency:

  • Wincore: Offers low E glass and Argon gas for temperature regulation.
  • Andersen: Provides a range of energy-efficient glass options like Low-E/Low E4, SmartSun, and Sun glass.

While both brands are committed to energy efficiency, Andersen’s wider range of glass options offers more customization for energy conservation.

Service and Support: Measuring Up

When it comes to customer service and support:

  • Wincore: Markets primarily through dealers in the eastern U.S.
  • Andersen: Has a broader network, selling through stores and contractors nationwide, along with a franchised dealer network for Renewal by Andersen.

Andersen’s extensive network implies a more accessible customer service experience, especially for customers located outside the Eastern U.S.

In this head-to-head comparison, while Wincore presents strong offerings, Andersen’s diverse range, innovative materials, and extensive customer support network give it a distinct advantage in several key areas.

Which is Better? Analyzing Suitability for Different Needs

Determining whether Wincore Windows vs Andersen is better depends on various factors, including design, cost, energy efficiency, and maintenance.

Who Wins in Modern Design Appeal?

  • Wincore: Known for its modern design aesthetics, offering a range of colors and patterns. Ideal for those seeking a contemporary look.
  • Andersen: Offers more diverse design options, from traditional to contemporary. Perfect for those looking for a wider selection to match specific architectural styles.

Andersen takes the lead for those who want more style options, while Wincore shines for modern design enthusiasts.

Evaluating Cost and Long-Term Value

  • Wincore: Priced mid-level, offering a balance of quality and affordability. Windows range from $450 to $700, and doors from $2000 to $5000.
  • Andersen: Offers a broader pricing range. Windows from $650 to $3000, doors from $1800 to $7000, with higher-tier products offering advanced features.

While Wincore is more budget-friendly, Andersen provides a wider range of options for those willing to invest more for premium features.

Energy Efficiency: A Crucial Factor

  • Wincore: Uses Argon gas and Low E glass for enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Andersen: Offers a variety of energy-efficient glass options, including Low-E/Low E4 and SmartSun.

Both brands are committed to energy efficiency, but Andersen offers more glass options for those seeking specific energy-saving needs.

Installation and Maintenance: What to Expect

  • Wincore: Generally, easier installation due to the nature of vinyl windows. Maintenance is relatively straightforward.
  • Andersen: Installation and maintenance might vary based on the complexity of the product chosen. The use of Fibrex material may require specific maintenance.

For ease of installation and maintenance, Wincore is a more convenient choice, especially for those who prefer simplicity and ease of upkeep.

In summary, the choice between Wincore and Andersen depends on individual preferences and needs. Wincore is ideal for those seeking modern designs and cost-effectiveness, while Andersen caters to those looking for a wider range of styles, long-term value, and customized energy-efficient options.

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Choosing between Wincore Windows vs Andersen hinges on specific needs and preferences.

Wincore stands out for its modern design and cost-effectiveness, ideal for budget-conscious homeowners. Andersen, on the other hand, excels in offering a wider variety of styles and advanced features, suited for those seeking customization and long-term value.

Tailoring your choice to your specific requirements is key, and further research and expert consultation can greatly assist in making an informed decision that aligns with your home’s architectural style and functional needs.