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Wolf Decking Review

Wolf Decking Review

by Ryan Matthews

Based on Wolf decking review, the company has done quite good job when it comes to creating affordable and good-looking decking.

When compared to traditional (wood) decking, it’s true that PVC and composite decks are quite new.

However, Wolf Home Products are able to deliver such a good job in creating quality decking without compromising the look.

Wolf Home Products is one among some flooring manufacturers that have made admirable and impressive adaptation to the new materials.

About Wolf Home Products

This is a brand that has existed in the industry for quite a long time, starting from the early 1900s.

They didn’t start out exclusively on flooring, but they produce home goods, such as siding and cabinets to outdoor lighting.

And then they also produce floors, and their flooring products have existed (and survived) up to these days.

Based on Wolf decking review, here’s a brief description of their decking products with some profiles and styles.

  • Wolf Serenity decking style comes with standard and grooved 1 x 5 ½ inches profile with capped PVC style. It has dual-sided type with 10 colors available.
  • Wolf Serenity porch style comes with standard and grooved 1 x 3 1/8 inches profile with capped PVC style. It has dual-sided type with 7 colors available.
  • Wolf Perspective decking style comes with standard and grooved 7/8 x 5 ½ inches profile with composite style. It has dual-sided type with 5 colors available.

Wolf Serenity Decking

Wolf Serenity decking product is basically the flagship result of Wolf Home Products, constructed from PVC instead of the composite mixture.

It speaks volumes of the quality and performance of the floor because it resists mildew and mold way better when compared to other materials. Wolf products won’t split, delaminate, or rot.

The products are made with the so-called ColorWatch100 capstock ASA which will protect the color (from UV rays exposure), so it won’t fade.

The boards are made from high-quality and premium core to add stability and strength of the construction.

The boards come in standard length, and they can be screwed down (like the old-fashioned manner) or held down with hidden fasteners.

The boards also deliver versatile option in installation. You can make it a DIY project although it is highly advised to hire a professional installer if you have never installed any floor before, especially the PVC decking.

The Wolf decking review says that quality of the deck is simply impressive. Serenity decking has 2 major collections of Seaside and Tropical Hardwoods.

The Seaside only has 2 available options: Sand Castle and Harbor Grey. For the Tropical Hardwoods, there are 8 tropical colors available: Black Walnut, Teakwood, Amberwood, Weathered IPE, Driftwood Grey, Silver Teak, Golden Cypress, and Rosewood.

All of the boards (from the two collections) are compliant with ICC ESR-2824 code and they are double sided.

If you want your back deck to have matching look with the front porch, Wolf has the so-called Wolf Serenity porch, which is the spin-off type. Expect the porch to deliver the same benefits as the deck.

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Wolf Serenity Porch

Basically, the Serenity porch and decking have many similarities. Aside from being dual-sided, they are also made from similar materials.

However, despite the fact that you also get ColorWatch100 ASA protection, the boards for the porch would install in a completely different manner.

Wolf Serenity Porch offers groove and tongue profile which is great for easy installation. The boards’ length is similar to the decking, but the width is narrower.

There is Americana Collection with Pewter planks with only ¾ inches x 3 1/8 inches of size. The Porch also comes with Tropical Hardwoods and Seaside collections.

The Seaside collection has similar hues (to the decking type), but the Tropical Hardwood collections only have 4 colors of Amberwood, Golden Cyprus, Silver Teak, and Weathered IPE.

Both the Decking and Porch types have 25-year warranty for fading and staining, as well as lifetime limited warranty. The latter warranty includes residential tear and wear for 50-years of time.

Wolf Perspective Decking

Not every homeowner is happy with composite and PVC options, especially if you are rather low on the budget. That’s why you want to have Wolf Perspective.

This is ideal for homeowners who want to have eco-friendly decking while wanting to have wood-look alike effect.

The Perspective decking is made from recycled materials 94% of them, according to Wolf decking review.

The deck boards are made from sturdy and tough composite boards with Fiber Sequencing technology for durable and tough core. The colors are also various, with Potomac Grey, Acacia, Cedar Ridge, Redwood, and Dune.

The boards aren’t dual sided, however, and they don’t have outer shell unlike other PVC style decking. But you can be sure that this floor is easily installed, so it is perfect for DIY project.

Wolf Perspective Decking will refresh your house without hurting your wallet. It has similar warranty against stains and fading, and it also has limited 25-year warranty.

Buying the Products

Although Wolf Perspective and Serenity are available all over America, you may want to contact Wolf Home Products if you can’t find local dealer.

There are several specialty shops and handful contractors, but they are mostly located in the northeastern side of the USA.

The Decking Cost

Based on Wolf decking review, there are several breakdowns of the boards.

  • Wolf Serenity Decking is sold between $36 and $45 for 12 foot boards, between $48 and $59 for 16 foot boards, and $60 and $73 for 20 foot boards.
  • Wolf Serenity Porch is sold between $36 and $45 for 12 foot boards, between $48 and $59 for 16 foot boards, and $60 and $73 for 20 foot boards.
  • Wolf Perspective Decking is sold between $30 and $37 for 12 foot boards, between $42 and $49 for 16 foot boards, and $54 and $61 for 20 foot boards.

Wolf Decking Pros and Cons

Those who are into American products will always appreciate items with good warranty. Wolf offers bigger color ranges when compared to other PVC (decking) manufacturers.

Not to mention that the company has been running for around 150 years, so the reputation itself has spoken volumes of the quality and performance.

Based on Wolf decking review, there are several positive things about the products:

  • The company offers 50-years of warranty for premium lines. With Wolf Pro, you can even enjoy the extended warranty
  • The company offers technical data on their official website
  • The ColorWatch100 technology is an impressive bonus

Despite all of those good traits, there are several flaws of the products:

  • The products aren’t easy to find, except for those living around Maryland. It would be great if you can find a dealer or contractor to order the deck for you.

For the overall rating, based on Wolf decking review, the floor is 4.5 from 5

  • For green factor: 4
  • For scratch resistance: 4
  • For UV resistance: 4
  • For stain resistance: 5
  • For overall quality: 4
  • For style options or color range: 5

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Common FAQs Wolf Decking Review

If there is snow on the Wolf deck or porch, what should I do?

Use a plastic shovel to remove it. Don’t use any metal tools that can damage or gouge the deck.

What is the proper way to remove rust stain from the deck?

The company recommends toilet bowl cleaner which is a safe method for removing the rust, especially for the Serenity decking line.

Should I make special preparation before I install Wolf decking?

Make sure to store the boards on an even and flat surface in a covered manner or in a shady area.

With Wolf decking collections, what kind of warranty can I expect?

The Serenity porch and decking have lifetime limited warranty. The Perspective has 25-year of warranty. There are also warranties for fading and staining, which are different from the lifetime warranty.

Are the decking boards from Wolf ICC compliant?

Yes, but it depends on the collection. Perspective line is designed to exceed the ICC standards, while the Serenity deck is ESR-2824 and the Serenity porch is also ESR-2824, but it only applies to Seaside and Tropical porch collections.

Is it okay to power wash the porch or deck boards?

Yes, but if you can maintain a regular cleaning routine with water hose (and spot clean), the power wash won’t be needed.

Which type of Wolf deck collection would be the most resilient?

Basically, all boards are designed to last for good, but Serenity collection comes as capped PVC, which means that it has longer lifespan and with better warranty.

Is it okay if I use hidden fastener with the decking?

Yes. Wolf offers two systems: Phantom Universal and Phantom GT. The Phantom Universal is constructed from polypropylene along with stain resistant screw. The Phantom GT is from stainless steel, having more teeth.

These are some of the basic facts and general truth about Wolf decking products.

If you are thinking about improving the style of your outdoor appearance, make sure to read as many Wolf decking review as possible, so you can make a solid and educated decision.