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3 Ways Water Problems can Occur at Your Home and Their Solutions

3 Ways Water Problems can Occur at Your Home and Their Solutions

by Homes Pure

Water problems can lead to water damage in your home. Water problems only contribute to your stress and frustration. It can be especially difficult for homeowners that have recently shifted to a new home. Most of the water problems that you might face in your house stem from faulty plumbing.

It is also a concern for homeowners that have been owning a house for several years. Clogged drains and dripping faucets are some common problems that you might encounter as your house ages.

While you can manage some of these problems, you might need the help of a professional in other cases. Extensive water damage can cost you several thousand dollars to fix.

Some of the water problems that you might experience at your home are:

  • Leaky pipes or faucets

Leaking pipes and faucets are common water problems that you will face at some point in your life, being a homeowner. Leaking pipes and faucets is both a waste of money and a waste of water.

Dripping water from these parts could rack up your water bills. Fixing your faulty faucets and pipes would help you to save almost 15% on your water bill. It will also help to prevent any type of water damage in your home.

Leaky faucets can occur when the seal of your tap gets damaged. Pipes leak mostly from the joints that might occur due to increased water pressure or simply deterioration of the pipes.

The best solution for fixing leaky faucets is to completely replace the washer. This requires professional assistance and could not be done with basic tools.

Similarly to prevent a mess while fixing a leaky pipe, you should call your plumber to prevent intense water damage.

  • Water damage to your roof

Cold weather might feel lovely. However, cold weather can cause several water problems at your house. To prevent your home from having severe water problems, it is essential to weatherproof your home.

You can face more problems if your house is located in a place that faces regular snowstorms. Frequent snow storms could cause damage to your walls and your rooftop. Using styrofoam tiles for your ceiling, however, could reduce the extent of water damage.

You also must ensure that your rain gutters are clean. You must also clear any stacked snow layers on your roof. Room heating of your house could melt the snow that accumulates in the middle of your roof.

In such cases, they refreeze near the edges and prevent the melting snow from draining off your roof. This water enters the leaks of your roof and damages your entire ceiling.

You must ensure that the roof is inspected every year. A roofing contractor could determine any signs of water damage on your roof and the current status of the same. An early inspection will give you an ample amount of time to repair your roof at the right time with minimal costs.

  • Inadequate water pressure

You can encounter this problem in both new and old homes. This water problem arises from poor plumbing. You can either face this problem over a course of time or it might occur suddenly. Low water pressure can be frustrating as it makes showering and washing difficult. Resolving this issue at the earliest helps you to normal water usage.

Low water pressure could be the result of build-up, leaks, or other things. If you can determine that the low pressure has resulted from build-up, you can remove the faucet taps or showerheads for cleaning.

Note: Soaking the clogged faucet taps and showerheads in vinegar for a prolonged time might just do the trick.

However, if you cannot determine the cause of the decreased water pressure, you should call your plumber to fix the problem.

Benefits of insurance

No matter what water problem you face in your house, it is more than likely that it would end up causing extensive water damage. Repairing water damages could be very expensive. If your roof, floor, or walls suffer from water damage, the repairing cost might rack up to a couple of thousand dollars.

Generally, you would want to have home insurance that covers water damage costs as well. A company, however, looks into the reasons for the flooding before covering the repairing costs.

The amount of coverage that you can get depends on the type of home insurance that you own. While having home insurance is a wise decision and will save you from enormous repair costs, it is essential to check out your plumbing works on an annual basis.

In Conclusion

If you own a house, sooner or later you will encounter water problems. These problems could be minor or could be a major event that might lead to severe water damage in your home. Save yourself from future worries by conducting yearly inspections and purchasing the right insurance policy.