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5 Decor Ideas For Small Homes

5 Decor Ideas For Small Homes

by Homes Pure

Decor Ideas for Small Homes – We all want our homes to look beautiful and feel comfortable, and giving a personalized touch here and there makes them look warm and inviting. That’s easy to manage in a relatively bigger space.

The challenge really arises when you have a small space to work with. You have to be really selective with the kind of decor you’re trying to fit into space, else you’ll end up making it look even smaller and claustrophobic.

But this challenge is exactly what makes it more fun because it gives you more room (pun intended) to get inspired, creative and productive, and feel more rewarded in the end.

From small houses to studio apartments, there are clever ways to incorporate styling home decor into space without making it look cluttered and messy. 

And if you’re someone with a small space, here we have compiled some modern and stylish home decor ideas for you by interior experts:

1. Colorful Accents Small Homes

Colorful Accents
Colorful Accents Small Home Decor

If you love neutral furnishings as much as we do, try pairing them up with colorful accents in the furniture!

For example, you can use a vintage coffee table that can be easily found at a flea market or use a room-size rug that has dark accents which will create a beautiful and chic aura in the space.

You can also use salvaged finds with newer pieces to give the space a welcoming and comforting character. 

2. Collector’s Cabinet

Collector Cabinet Decor Ideas for Small Homes
Collector Cabinet Small Home Decor

Small rooms don’t have space for display shelves at different spots in the room, which is why a collector’s cabinet is an excellent idea to use both as a storage space and a display shelf!

You can use it to keep some books close by, family photographs, or even a house plant. You can paint the borders of the cabinet with bright colors or match it with the rest of your interior. This will give the space a bulky yet bright look and make it look more comfortable!

3. Instant Art

Instant Art for Small Homes
Instant Art Small Home Decor

Making a statement with instant art pieces is easy and modern. You can try pairing a minimalistic look with dramatic art.

For example, bright and bold color paints go beautifully with simple neutral-colored furniture. You can also divide your house into zones according to the art places in each room, textured paintings for dining rooms, bold and dramatic art pieces for the living room, and so on. This will add variety to the place and let your inner artist get their fill!  

4. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose Furniture Decor Ideas for Small Homes
Multi-Purpose Furniture Small Home Decor

Furniture is one of the most noticeable decors of any living space, and when you have a small space to decorate, it’s wise to go for multi-purpose furniture like a drop leaf table or an expandable dining table that folds down the sides to save space and can also be used as a desk, or a console.

You can adorn your living room with a futon that is perfect for a small space and can be used for lounging, sitting, or even sleeping!

When you have a small space to decorate, make use of functional furniture to save your space and avoid making it look cramped. 

5. Fake Windows

Fake Windows Decor Ideas
Fake Windows Small Home Decor

Having windows is often not an option for small apartments, living rooms or maybe bathroom, so the next best option is to create your own windows!

You can achieve that by framing a shot of a beautiful forest, beach, or anything that appeals to you and mount it on the wall above a washstand or edge table using a thin transparent frame. This will add a really refreshing look to space and make the room feel bigger! 

Decorating a small space is a challenging task because if you go over the top, it might end up looking cramped and suffocating, which is never a look we are hoping for!

Make use of your creative self and incorporate both functionality and style into your decor pieces like replacing a coffee table with a lift-top table that can be used for storage and as a work desk both and so on.

There are many options available according to your taste and style to help you make the best decisions for your home. We hope our ideas help you get your creative juices flowing and achieve your dream to look for your home!