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Integrating Pressure Washing For A Sparkling Home

Annual Maintenance Routine: Integrating Pressure Washing For A Sparkling Home

by Homes Pure

Home maintenance is an indispensable part of homeownership. It includes daily cleaning of living spaces, carrying out repairs whenever necessary, doing inspections, and many more. A homeowner is expected to do all of these to ensure their homes stay in top condition. 

One big part of home maintenance is the annual maintenance routine. An annual maintenance routine is like a general checkup for your house. It’s a comprehensive check to look for any damage, debris build-up, and so on so that you can deal with them accordingly. 

Because it’s a big undertaking, many homeowners in the United States may feel anxious whenever their scheduled yearly home maintenance routine draws near. Nonetheless, there’s no need for this.

Homeowners like you can take advantage of many tools and equipment to ensure the smooth carrying out of the annual home maintenance routine. Tools such as pressure washing Nashville can help make annual home maintenance a no-nonsense undertaking. 

Getting To Know Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a handy power tool homeowners like you can take advantage of to make home maintenance much easier. 

Although they’re generally associated with commercial use, pressure washers are available for residential use as well. Most residential pressure washers consist of the following components: water inlet, pump, pressurized hose, nozzle, and so on. 

To use a pressure washer, you need to connect it to your main water line because it needs large amounts of water that run on high pressure, which you can’t achieve with your regular taps. Then, you can adjust the pressure and switch nozzles to fit your cleaning needs. 

Different manufacturers offer various nozzle types to help you with your cleaning. Check out with them before proceeding. 

Generally, there are three types of pressures present on power washers: low, medium, and high pressures. 

Low pressure setting is generally at 400-800 pounds per square inch (PSI). It’s generally recommended for use on delicate surfaces like vinyl siding, windows, and painted decks, as well as gentle cleaning tasks. Meanwhile, medium pressure is generally at 800-1500 PSI. It’s ideal for general cleaning of fences, walls, patios, brick walls, and the like. Finally, high pressure (1500 PSI and above) is intended for heavy-duty tasks like removing paint or graffiti. Because of its sheer power, high-pressure setting is only advised for professional use.

How To Incorporate Pressure Washing Into Your Annual Home Maintenance Schedule

How To Incorporate Pressure Washing Into Your Annual Home Maintenance Schedule

Pressure washers are multipurpose cleaning devices that homeowners like you can consider their trusty partners in performing annual maintenance. Their power is useful in cleaning up almost all types of dirt and grime – from dirt build-up on your concrete walkway to even the most stubborn graffiti on your fence walls. In fact, some pressure washers can utilize cleaning agents besides water to boost their cleaning capabilities.

Now that you know the basics about your trusty pressure washer, you’re ready to use it and include it in your annual home maintenance activities. Continue reading below to learn more.

  • Lay Down A Plan

Before proceeding, it’s best that you have a plan in mind – especially if it’ll be your first time using a pressure washer and including it in your annual home maintenance activities.

Make preparations weeks beforehand. Take note of your maintenance plans in a handy journal.

List down the different ways how you can use your pressure washer to lighten up the burden of doing annual maintenance. This may include using your pressure washer to wash off the grime on your patio, clearing your roofing’s downspouts of dead leaves and branches, washing your exterior siding, and so on. 

Make sure that you include crucial information, such as specific pressure washer settings for each task. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out for your pressure washer’s instructional guide and read through the document thoroughly. Carefully pay attention to the operational recommendations stipulated there. 

In addition, include the approximate amount of time you plan on spending on doing each activity. This will help you plan your schedule for the day of the annual maintenance and keep you on track to finish all of your tasks on time.

  • Prepare All Your Equipment Before Beginning

Finally, the day for the annual maintenance routine has arrived. Yet before proceeding with everything, make sure that you prepare all the tools and cleaning equipment that you’ll need. This includes your pressure washer, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaning solution, and the like. Make sure that you place them in an easy-to-access area in your home to avoid any delays later.  

  • Tackle Home Maintenance In Sections

Indeed, doing home maintenance in your whole house is a gargantuan task – especially if you’re doing it all alone. Worry not. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed. To make things easier for you, it’s best that you break your annual home maintenance into sections. 

For instance, you can begin with your exterior and immediate outdoors. This includes your roofing, siding, yard, patio, and the like. Say you’ll begin maintenance on your roofing. You can use your pressure washer at its appropriate setting to clean the shingles, free up your downspouts, and so on. Then, you can proceed with cleaning your sidings to make them look new and fresh. Next, you can tackle the dirt on your patio or walkway, the fallen leaves in your yard, and so on. 

After successfully taking on the outdoors, you can then proceed indoors. Perform maintenance on each room by following the vertical method – this is focusing your attention beginning from your ceiling downwards to your floors. Pay attention to each of your room’s ventilation, electrical wirings and fixtures, furniture pieces, walls, and so on.

Ever notice why it’s recommended that you follow the vertical method? It’s because it’ll allow you to systematically carry out your annual maintenance routine without missing a spot. 

  • Take Breaks Whenever Necessary

Feeling tired? Don’t feel guilty about taking a short break. 

Taking a quick break will help you recharge after taking on a sweat-inducing task, say pressure washing your sidings, and perform tasks to be best of your abilities. In addition, forcing yourself to work while tired can be counterproductive because fatigue can lead to loss of focus and the like. 

Going on regular breaks is ever so important, especially if you’re doing your annual home maintenance routine on a hot day. This is to avoid heat fatigue, which can lead to heat stroke if left ignored. 

  • Ensure Safety At All Times

Ensure safety at all times. Begin by equipping yourself with the proper know-how, such as how to properly operate your cleaning tools, including your pressure washer. Carefully read instruction manuals and product recommendation labels to ensure that you’re utilizing equipment safely and appropriately. 

To add, make sure that you wear appropriate gear when doing your annual home maintenance. Wear loose-fitting and comfortable working clothes that promote mobility and airflow to avoid overheating. In addition, use a pair of reliable work gloves to avoid getting cuts on your hands when doing tasks. 

Protect yourself. Tie up your hair to avoid it from obstructing your line of sight while working. Wear a pair of reliable eye protection to prevent any debris from getting in your eye. 

On the other hand, turn off the electric supply in a specific area of your house before proceeding to avoid getting electrocuted. 

Lastly, stay vigilant. Keep all your bodily senses on alert to ensure safety at all times. If you happen to notice anything off, like smoke, an unusual smell, and so on, stop what you’re doing and call for help if needed. 

To Conclude

Make annual home maintenance a breeze with the help of a trusty pressure washer today.

With its features and capabilities, a pressure washer will make your maintenance woes go away. Keep in mind the points above to ensure that your annual maintenance routine will go smoothly. All the best.