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Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews – Just because decorative ceiling tiles are considerably affordable doesn’t mean that it cannot look attractive. As the name suggest, the ceiling tiles are decorative, meaning that they serve the appealing look along with the reasonable prices which starts only at $1.00. For the highest quality product, they can be $7.00 per square foot.

While the hand-painted tiles and those which are made of copper have the price as much as $20 per square foot, some nice decorative tiles for ceiling are available no matter how small or big your budget is.

Out of consideration, ceiling are not the main home element to concern when it comes to decorating home. However, the proper ceiling will juts improve room, create a beauty and atmosphere instead.

This way, using decorative tiles for ceiling will lead you to the unlimited options. Once you come to the idea, you’ll just endlessly do some online searching.

So here we come with the decorative ceiling tiles reviews along with the content which includes how to use decorative ceiling tiles, decorative ceiling tiles options, styles and costs, ceiling tile installation and where to buy those tiles.

How To Use Decorative Ceiling Tiles

This is the time when you must consider suing decorative tiles for your ceiling to finish and beautify your interior.

There are some big benefits that you directly get from this idea. First, the materials and designs styles are available in many varieties. Second, the materials are relatively cheap and third, there is an option of DIY installation project.

Dealing with the decorative tiles for ceiling by reviews, you can choose from the PVC made, the one looking like wood or metal to the lightweight Styrofoam. Meanwhile, if you want a real metal, there are tin plated steel, aluminum and copper materials available to choose from.

Decorative tiles for ceiling has also an option with acoustic properties that are able to reduce echo and noise by insulating the room. Another option is the glue-down and nailed tiles as well as the tiles for the drop or suspended ceilings.

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Decorative Ceiling Tiles Options, Styles and Costs

Below are the table presenting you an information about the types of decorative ceiling tiles, where to find them, cost and method of installation.

MaterialSizesInstallationCost (sq.ft.)
Styrofoam20” x 20”Glue Down$ 1.10 – $2.25
PVC2’ x 2’ / 2 x 4’Glue Down/ Drop ceiling$2 – $5
– Tin plated steel
– Aluminum
– Copper
2’ x 2’ 2” x 4’Staple / Nail to Ceiling Substrate/ Drop Ceiling– $2.50 – $12 $4 – $15 $14 – $ 22
Wood2’ x 2’ x 2” x 4’Drop ceiling$ 14 – $22

Styrofoam (Styrene) Ceiling Tiles

As the name suggest, Styrofoam tiles are made from foam pressed or molded to make an endless styles and patterns.

This way, the pattern can be very ornate and look like the pattern you may see on antique tin ceilings, tiles with paneled appearance or deeply covered or the ones that look like beadboard.

This kind of tiles are available in white colors but you can paint them yourself using the water-based paint. Besides, they are also available in solid colors along with the finish to resemble the varied hues of wood, stone or metal.

Further, the Styrofoam crown moldings are also available to complete the design which is usually presenting a compelling finishing touch.

Styrofoam tiles have 20” x 20” or 19.5” x 19.5” size. These tiles are lightweight enough and installed by using adhesive. These tiles can be installed right over a popcorn ceiling or you would prefer removing the popcorn ceiling first with the cost of $1.75 to $3.00 per square foot if it is in a poor condition.

Styrofoam tiles are moisture proof so you can install it anywhere else in your house including in the bathroom.

There are some thermal and acoustic insulation to the room added to the tiles so that you don’t have to worry about the impact of moisture and temperature. Moreover, these tiles have Class A file rating.

For the cost, the Styrofoam tiles are available for sale at price ranging from $3 to $6.50 each. The tiles are sized 20” x 20” so they will cover 2.77 square feet, making the cost becomes $1.10 and $2.25 per square foot.

PVC Plastic or Vinyl Ceiling Tiles

PVC plastic or vinyl ceiling tiles are the types of decorative ceiling tiles you can consider selecting. They are produced through the process of melting the plastic material and forming it into the tiles. They are lightweight, durable and waterproof.

These kind of tiles are available for sale in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ sizes. They can be installed by mounting them directly to the ceiling using an adhesive or into the drop ceiling grids. These tiles are recyclable and Class A fire rated.

There are definitely various designs, colors and finishes. You can search the styles that may look like tin ceilings, the ones that are deeply covered and the ones that mimic ornate plaster. You can even find the tiles with the modern styles.

The tiles mimicking metals are including tin, copper and bronze while the other tiles are mimicking the wood look are leather and stone.

There are also tiles option with single color, multi-color and hand painted tiles in distressed and ornate color. Ceilume is one of the manufacturers that produces high acoustic PVC tiles along with the coffered profile in faux wood and metal finishes in solid colors.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles is a brand that sell PVC tiles in more than 300 profiles and finishes including the hand painted tiles. Some suppliers produce the printed tiles to create mural effects.

In short, these tiles are fun to install and enjoy. You can watch the full picture coming to your home interior.

As we have mentioned, PVC ceiling tiles are not only fun but also easy to install and trim. You’ll need only shears or tin snips. These tiles are also easy to clean and maintain.

For the cost, most of PVC ceiling tiles are priced between $2 and $5 per square foot. However, it depends on the tiles’ finish and style. The tiles with the custom color, hand painted and specialties will have higher prices which are up to $20 per square of foot.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

Metal ceiling tiles are the other types of decorative ceiling tiles. These tiles are made from aluminum, copper and tin plated steel. Producing metal ceiling tiles is started by stamping or embossing the metal with patterns and designs.

These tiles are sized in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ and installed in standard drop ceilings or through nailing it into the plywood furring.

Due to the fact that aluminum is lightweight, the tiles can also be directly glued to the ceiling using the specialty adhesive.

There are some patterns replicating the historic tin ceilings, paneled and coffered styles as well as ornate, contemporary and ornate styles. You will easily find your choice fitting your home décor and even your personal tastes.

Metal ceiling tiles are also waterproof and highly durable. You can install it anywhere else inside and outside your house such as on your porch ceiling. Note, these tiles will never rust in high-humidity areas.

One of the leading suppliers of tin plated tiles is American Tin Ceilings. It comes with 40 different patterns and over 30 finishes for a hug number of combinations.

Decorative ceiling tiles offer tiles on tin, aluminum and copper. There are a large number of patterns and colors in aluminum and tin tiles.

In this case, you can finish the tiles to create the look like metals such as copper, bronze, chrome and stainless steel as well as bras.

There are also some options of tiles that are unfinished, lacquered, solid and multi-colored finishes as well as distressed looks. This way, solid copper tiles are available as clear coated, aged or unfinished.

Armstrong offers a line of steel ceiling tiles under the Metallaire brand name in lacquered steel, chrome, brass, copper and white.

The historic tin and contemporary designs are available in 12 patterns. However, you can still find lots of designs in Armstrong Ceiling Tiles.

Mostly, the metal tiles suppliers offer border tiles, cornices, crown moldings, trims to complement and the ceiling finishes. Metal, in fact, reflects noise. Thus, the suppliers add a small amount of holes or perforation to the tiles for acoustic properties addition.

For the cost, metal ceiling tiles is the least expensive and costing about $2.50 per square for unfinished and $4 per square foot for the lacquered of single color tiles. The cost can up to $12 per square of foot for the custom ordered tiles along with the hand painted or specialty finishes.

Aluminum is sometimes preferable due to its lightweight which is half as much allowing these tiles to apply on the ceiling using adhesive. This way, you don’t need any plywood substrate.

However, aluminum can be more expensive. It can cost $4 per square foot for the unfinished tiles and more than $15 per square foot for the custom ordered and specialty finished tiles.

Solid copper is more expensive. It costs around $14 per square foot for the unfinished tiles and around $22 per square foot for the clear coated tiles.

Wood Ceiling Tiles

The last type of decorative tiles for ceiling to consider are the wood ceiling tiles. In this case, real wood ceiling tiles are not common because there have been many PVC tiles that are unfinished with the look like wood. However, wood ceiling tiles are still available for sale.

Wood tiles are flat and available in 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ sizes. You can easily install them in a drop or grid ceiling while the Pro Ceiling offers Cherry, Birch, Read Oak and Mapple veneered tiles along with the options of natural stains.

Wood ceiling tiles will generally cost between $5 and $7 per square foot.

Ceiling Tile Installation

There are various ways of installing the decorative tiles for ceiling depending on the tiles’ material and sizes.

Styrofoam tiles are installed through the direct application to the ceiling using an adhesive while PV tiles are installed into a drop ceiling or glued to the ceiling.

Metal ceiling tiles have similar installation methods with the other type of decorative ceiling tiles. They are installed in a drop ceiling or nailed to the ceiling over substrate or plywood furring.

One thing to remember before you finally make decision on selecting the ceiling tiles, make sure you check that the installation method of the tiles will work with your situation.

Where To Buy Decorative Ceiling Tiles

There is a selection of decorative ceiling tiles provided by the Bix Bog home improvement stores. In this regards, there will be the widest selection from on-line retailers that you will always find.

Here is the list of several retailers and brands presented in a chart.

Retailers or BrandsWhat They Offer
American Tin CeilingsTin plated steel
Antique ceilingsStyrofoam PVC
Armstrong residentialPVC metal
Decorative ceilingsPVC, Styrofoam, Metals
Euro décorPVC, Styrofoam
Pro ceilingPVC Tin Wood Specialty
U décorPVC Tin Wood Specialty

So, if you are interested in one of these brands of decorative ceiling tiles based on our reviews, you can check with the big box home improvement stores near your area.

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FAQ Decorative Ceiling Tiles Reviews

To enrich you with the additional knowledge, there are some frequently asked questions about decorative ceiling tiles reviews below. It is quite possible that you have the same questions.

What feature makes the decorative ceiling tiles good to install everywhere else in the house?

Decorative ceiling tiles is waterproof, making it best to install in any areas including the bathroom.

Can I finish the decorative ceiling tiles with my desired color?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you use the water-based paint if you choose Styrofoam ceiling tiles.

Which is the best to choose between the PVC tiles that look like wood and the real wood ceiling tiles?

Determining the best option is much depending on your needs and your personal taste.

Can I hire an expert to install the decorative ceiling tiles?

Yes, you can. But these tiles are also available in DIY installation options since it is just easy and fun to do the project.