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Plastic Ceiling Tiles Reviews

Plastic Ceiling Tiles Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Congratulations on your arriving at our plastic ceiling tiles reviews and grab all about PVC, vinyl and plastic ceiling tiles you search for! In this reviews, there are lots of information dealing with the plastic tiles for ceiling.

The content we are going to share includes the general information about PVC, vinyl and plastic ceiling tiles, the top brands of PVC ceiling tiles, the cost and where to purchase, pros and cons of PVC ceiling tiles, installation and maintenance as well as some frequently asked questions.

So here are the complete reviews about plastic ceiling tiles you can have a look at now!

General Information

Plastic ceiling tiles includes PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and vinyl tiles. Though the manufacturers use the three names for the tiles, however, they are essentially the same products. Simply put, we call PVC ceiling tiles for PVC, vinyl or other plastic tiles.

Basically, PVC ceiling tiles are constructed through the process of melting the plastic and forming it into tiles. This way, PVC is not only thin but also lightweight as well as durable and waterproof.

There are a huge range of architectural styles and colors along with the sizes which are 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’. These tiles are noted as eco-friendly since they are 100% recyclable and most of them are Class A fire rated.

PVC ceiling tiles are widely used for many types of applications including the standard drop or suspended ceiling grids, direct amount ceiling grids and the glued right onto the ceiling surface.

It is really important to check the suggested installation method when you are going to purchase the ceiling tiles to make sure that they will work with the technique you use for installing them.

The Top Brands of OVC Ceiling Tiles

Here are the table to show you.

BrandProfilesSizesPrice per PieceSpecialties ProfilesInstallations
Ceilume100+2’x2’ 2’x4’$6 – $19Acoustic Extra ThickDrop-in Glue-on
Armstrong42’x2’$10 – $17Shallow Coffer Deep CofferDrop in
Decorative Ceiling Tiles500+2’x2’ 2’x4’$12 – $89MirroFlex HandPaintedDrop-in Glue-on
UDecor100+2’x2’ 2’x4’$10 – $22Stained Glass Outdoor ScenesDrop-in Glue-on
Talissa Décor120+2’x2’ 2’x4’$9 – $13Woven looks, Stripes and CheckeredDrop-in Glue-on

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Ceilume provides all PVC ceiling tiles including the tiles for the suspended ceilings, glue-up and direct mount ceilings.

Ceilume comes with a wide range of styles, from ornate to plain and from traditional to contemporary. The profiles are available in standard drop ceiling tiles, glue-on and direct mount tiles.

Ceilume offers a visually interesting range of colors, faux metals and wood looks. Along with the suspended ceiling line, you can opt the clear, frosted and translucent PVC tiles along with the matching ceiling grid covering for many colors available.

Ceilume also comes with the two thicknesses of basic tiles. The standard line comes with 0.013” thickness while the signature line offers 0.030” thickness.

The sizes are available in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’. The costs range between $6.00 for 2’ x 2’ for plainer tile and up to $19.00 for 2’ x 2’ for ornate tile. This way, the tiles have already been thicker and wood-looking.

Ceilume also has an acoustic ceiling tile with 0.85 NRC rating with a coffered profile which is available in many kinds of colors. Some of them have metal and wood-looks. Typically, these tiles are sized at 2’x2’ and cost between $28.00 and $39.00 per tile.

Based on the plastic ceiling tiles’ customer review, this type of plastic ceiling is rated excellently for its stunning look and easy maintenance as well as easy installation.

Now Ceilume profiles are available at Amazon. They are ready for sale through the manufacturer’s website.


There are two profiles of PVC ceiling tiles manufactured by Armstrong. Those are a shallow coffered tile and a deeply coffered tile which are both available in black and white with the size of 2’ x 2’. These tiles are working in standard suspended ceiling grid. This way, the costs are ranging from @10.00 to $17.00 per tile.

Armstrong is excellently rated by the customers for its quality, appearance and packaging. The packaging is noticeably good since there is no damage appear. If you are interested to purchase plastic ceiling tiles, you can go to Lowes, Home Depot and other building material stores.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Decorative ceiling tiles carry an impressive collection of PVC tiles. There are more than 300 profiles of drop-tiles and over 200 profiles of glue-down tiles which come with imaginable color and style.

The design includes the simple and ornate styles, browse antique aged looks and contemporary styles as well as the hand-painted tiles. To enrich the designs with the styles, the tiles are added with the features of luminescent paint called MirroFlex and the one that mimic various woods and metals.

Most of the tiles in this collection is available in 2’x 2’ sizes and some other profiles are sized at 2’ x 4’. The price varies from $12.99 per tile for the simpler profiles up to $89.00 per tile for the ornate and MirrorFlex painted as well as hand painted tiles.

Like the Armstrong, Decorative Ceiling Tiles are rated good for appearance, easy installation and value. If you fall in love with one of their products, you can visit Amazon.

Further, Home Depot also provides a line from plain to the beautiful options. However, if you want a full collection, you can go to the company’s website.


uDecor is another company that offers a large selection of plastic ceiling tiles. Truly, there are a a variety of architectural styles and colors. The tiles are sold at 2’ x 2’ size along with the drop-in, direct mount and glue-down installation options.

uDecor.com offers not only solid colors but also faux metals, wood and marble tiles. Several unique options are the digitally printed tiles that resemble stained glass and the outdoor scenes tiles. The scene options include tress, a beach, a waterfall, an underwater sea and a sky.

uDecor.com offers the prices ranging from $6.00 to $10.00 for the simpler tiles to $15.00 for the wood-look and printed scenes ones. It also comes with the price $18.00 to $22.00 for the stained glass looking tiles.

uDecor is reviewed excellently for its great way to transform a room, easy installation and rich appearance. The tiles from uDecor is exclusively sold online only at uDecor.

Talissa Décor

One more brand which is at the top list is Talissa Décor. Like many other brands, this one offers also a wide variety of decorative PVC ceiling tiles in 2’ x 2’ sizes for either glue-down or drop-in installation.

120 profiles are available in Talissa Décor along with the dozens of color options. Some tiles have uncommon styles including a wide range of woven looks, marble and wood look, faux distressed tin, stripes and checkered patterns.

The prices offered by this brand range from &8.95 per tile to $12.99 per tile. The customers are excellently rating the tiles due to their realistic looks, faux and metal tiles beauty, easy installation and exceptional customer services. If you buy the tiles online, the customer service is very responsive.

So buy Talissa Décor tiles at Amazon. For more inspiration and suggestions, visit the company’s website that offers may videos about the products.

Pros and Cons of Plastic Ceiling Tiles

There are more pros of plastic ceiling tiles that make people consider purchasing them. In this regards, the tiles are all durable since they are water and humidity resistant.

They are also affordable and easy to maintain. Further, the PVC tiles for ceiling provides three installation methods that are glue-on, direct mount and drop-in. Last, the tiles are lightweight as well as recyclable.

The big downsides are only the facts that the tiles contain a small amount of VOCs into the air and the high temperatures may cause them warp.

Installation Method of Plastic Ceiling Tiles

There are three installation methods offered by plastic tiles for ceiling. Note, you must check out the installation methods before purchasing them.

  • Drop-in

Drop-in method requires you to drop the tiles into an existing standard drop ceiling grid.

  • Direct Mount

Direct Mount method requires you to mount the tiles directly to the ceiling. Many of the tiles that uses drop-in installation method also use direct mount technique.

  • Glue On

Glue-on method requires you to apply the tiles directly onto the ceiling using an adhesive. Make sure the ceiling is dry and free of peeling paint. Free up also the large cracks and fill the holes.

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Plastic Ceiling Tiles Maintenance

As we have mentioned, PVC ceiling tiles are easy to take care of. It is easy to clean the dust suing only a soft brush or vacuum. If there is any heavier dust, use the regular dish soap and a damp cloth and wipe the tiles later on.

FAQs Plastic Ceiling Tiles Reviews

Can I paint plastic ceiling tiles?

Yes, you can. Though most of the tiles are already finished, they can be repainted.

Can I install the ceiling tiles in the bathroom?

Yes, you can. The ceiling tiles are mostly resistant to water and moisture.

Can I install the ceiling tiles over popcorn ceiling?

Yes, you can. Make sure you free up the ceiling from any dust, cracks and holes before you start the installation.