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Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Reviews

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to our Faux Tin ceiling tiles reviews! There are lots of things we would like to include in the description.

Basically, learning all of the ceiling tiles characteristics and features is necessarily important to guide us to choose and purchase the best option of ceiling tiles.

In this article, you will actually learn about Faux Tin ceiling tiles, the top brands, cost and place to buy the tiles, pros and cons, installation and maintenance as well as some frequently asked questions to enrich your basic knowledge.

So let’s head to the following sections below:

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles In General

Faux Tin ceiling tiles come in two available options. Those are Styrofoam and PVC. After being molded in a variety of styles and patterns, these tiles are painted and finished to resemble the look of tin.

The tiles costs are generally ranging from $3.00 to mostly $60.00 per tile while the average costs are typically ranging from $6.00 for foam and around $12.00 to $15.00 for the PVC tiles.

Styrofoam ceiling tiles come with the authentic look. It is used only on ceilings. They can also dent and scratch. These kind of tiles are sized at 20”x20” and mounted directly onto the ceiling without using any adhesive. Everyone must handle these tiles very carefully since they are so fragile.

In comparison, PVC ceiling tiles are lightweight as well. However, it is more rigid and durable than the Styrofoam ones. These tiles are able to be used on walls and back splashes as well as on ceiling.

PCV tiles come with 24” x 24” sizes. They are installed using drop-in installation method. You can also install them to the ceiling using an adhesive, nails or even staples.

Top Brands, Costs and Place to Buy The Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Here is the table at which you can view the top brands, cost and where to buy the Faux Tin tiles for ceiling.

Antique Ceiling100+Styrofoam   PVC20” x 20”   20”x20” 24”x24”$2.80 – $8.00   $5.49 – $13.75 $7.50 – $14 
Decorative Ceiling100+Styrofoam   PVC20” x 20”   24” x 24” 24” x 28”$1.99 – $3.99   $13 – $33 $3.49    MiroFlex MiroFlex
Talissa décor100+Styrofoam   PVC20” x 20”   24” x 24” 24” x 28”$10.99 – $2.99   $22 – $24 Not availableWhite only
Ceilume100+Styrofoam PVC24” x 24” Feather weight Signature/ $5.95 – $11.95 $13.99-$18.95  0.013 thick 0.030 thick
Surfacing Solution75+Styrofoam PVC24” x 48” Not available$9.95-$19.95 Not availableAcoustic

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Antique Ceilings

In the world of ceiling tiles, Antique Ceiling is one of the largest sellers selling Faux Tin ceiling tiles. Generally, they sell either Styrofoam or PVC tiles.

The Styrofoam tiles comes with the simple and ornate designs. They are usually sized at 20” x 20”. The colors are available in white. Off white, black, brown and a patina. The finishes of faux metallic are available in copper, gold and silver while the costs are available at $2.80 and $8.00 per piece.

PVC tiles of Antique Ceilings also come with an extensive line of PVC ceiling tiles along with the faux tin look. These tiles are read at 24” x 24” size and white, brown and black along with two-tone bronze, gold, copper and silver metallic painted finishes. The cost per tile is ranging from $7.50 to $14.00 each.

Antique Ceilings are rated excellently by the customers due to the stunning look, easy installation, fast shipping and exceptional packaging.

Today, some ceiling products of this brand are sold at Amazon under the “Anet” name. Noticeably, all of the ceiling tiles products can be purchased by visiting the company’s website.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

The second brand of Faux Tin ceiling tiles is Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Like the first brand, this brand offers one of the largest selections available. This way, they come with both Styrofoam and PVC tiles.

In this regards, the Styrofoam tiles are measured 20” x 20” along with the glue-down installation. In comparison, the PVC tiles are measured 24” x 24” along with the drop-in installation.

Decorative Ceiling tiles are available in wide range of design selections, ranging from simple to ornate, colors and metallic looking finishes.

The colors are available in white, off-white, blues, browns, yellows and greens. The metallic finishes are including plain, copper, gold, silver, antiqued and patina-looking brass.

The tones are available in single-tone, two-tone, and multi-tone options. Hand-painted tiles and tiles finished with a reflective product “MiroFlex” are also available to add such a shiny looks.

The Styrofoam ceiling tiles from this brand are priced between $1.99 and $3.99 per tile. In comparison, PVC tiles are priced from $21.00 each for most of the tiles to $25.00 per piece for MiroFlex tiles while the hand-painted ones are priced at $59.00.

Based on the customer reviews, the tiles from Decorative Ceiling tiles are all excellent in delivering great looks and easy installation. The customer service is also ready to help you through their website if you have any questions.

Some types of PVC tiles from this brand are available under the name of “From Plain to Beautiful in Hours” while the types of Styrofoam tiles are available under the name of “A La Maison”. They are ready for sale at Amazon, Home Depot and Wayfair.

Talissa Décor

Like many other brands, Talissa Décor also comes with Styrofoam and PVC faux ceiling tiles. The Styrofoam ties have a number of styles. However, they are not available in white.

The price provided by the brands is $3.49 per 20” x 20”. You can paint them all if desired. Make sure you use the water-based paint to paint the tiles. For installation, these tiles offer glue-down installation.

The second type of Faux Tin ceiling tiles from Talissa Décor is PVC tiles. There are many kinds of colors and styles including the metal appearance. Luckily, you can repaint them yourself using the water-based paint.

The PVC tiles from Talissa Décor are usually sized at 24” x 24” and priced between $10.99 and $12.99. Some other styles are available at 24” x 24” size and with the glue down installation method. They can also be dropped into standard ceiling grid, nailed and stapled down.

The customers rate these ceiling tiles excellently due to their realistic looks, easy installation and exceptional customer service. Several profiles of Talisaa Décor are available for sale at Amazon or on the company’s website.


If you have been familiar with ceiling tiles, you must have known Ceilume. Ceilume is one of the top ceiling tiles seller. A large selection of PVC faux tin ceiling tiles are various ranging from the simple to the ornate tiles.

The sized provided by Ceilume is 24” x 24” and you have options to choose either drop-in or glue-down installation service. This brand offers many kinds of colors including white, sand, merlot, gray and black as well as the painted tiles with the metallic paint such as bronze, tin and copper.

Ceilume also comes with PVC tiles that offers 2 types of thickness; the Featherweight line which is 0.013” thick and the signature line is 0.030” thick.

The Featherweight line is suitable for drop-in installation only while the signature line is good for both drop-in installation and glue-down installation.

For the cost, $5.95 to $11.95 per tile is charged for the Featherweight line and $13.00 to $18.95 per tile is charged for the signature line.

With this prices and the features offered, Ceilume deserves the exceptional ratings from the customers for their great appearance and easy maintenance as well as easy installation.

If you are interested in purchasing these tiles, you can visit Amazon or the company’s website.

Surfacing Solution

The last Faux Tin ceiling tiles top brand you may consider is Surfacing Solution. This is a brand of faux ceiling tiles that offer Styrofoam tiles only. The company claims that their tiles are the most realistic-looking products on the market.

The Styrofoam tiles form this brand are typically sized at 24” x 48” for the glue-down installation. All of the tiles in this brand are acoustical and offering 0.55 NRC rating. This means that the tiles are able to absorb about 55% of the sound in the room.

There are also some colors available including white, bronze, nickel, copper and crème as well as nickel while the pricing runs between $9.95 and $19.95 per tile.

Believe it or not, Surfacing Solution has been in the ceiling tiles business for more than 30 years. It grabs the positive reviews from the customers for their products’ selection and responsive customer service.

Pros and Cons of Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Later on this review, we arrive at the section of pros and cons of faux tin ceiling tiles. There are more and more pros that make people keep using these tiles on their ceiling.

As you have read, these tiles are offering easier installation which is better than the real metal. There are dozens of styles and colors option. They are not only recyclable but also affordable, lightweight and durable. Further, the tiles allow for repainting.

Other features which lead the most advantages are the facts that they are resistant to water and humidity. If you have already had a popcorn ceilings, you are enabled to install the tiles on.

While there are more pros, there are also a few cons of Faux Tin ceiling tiles. In fact, the tiles can be dented. It can also release VOC when exposed to fire. They can warp at the temperatures. Further, if you don’t paint the tiles, it can stain.

Installation of Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

There are two installation methods available in Faux tin tiles for ceiling. Make sure you check with the installation method of the tiles before you make a purchase so that you can install them by your preferred method.


Drop-in installation method requires you to lay the tiles into your existing standard drop ceiling grid. This way, the PVC tiles are sized to suit the general grid system of both 24” x 24” or 24” x 48” sizes.

Glue Down

Glue down installation method requires you to install them by gluing-down them. This way, you must apply the tiles directly to the ceiling using an adhesive.

Note, using adhesive is recommended for both PVC and Styrofoam. PVC tiles are also available for nailed or stapled installation method.

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Maintenance of Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Are you wondering how to maintain the faux tin tiles for ceiling? No worry!

All types of the tiles are easy to handle. Just dust them suing a soft brush. For the heavier dust and dirt, use a small amount of regular dish soap along with the damp cloth and wipe them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I install these tiles over my popcorn ceiling?

Yes, you can. Make sure you go with the proper prep including removing all the loose materials and fill the holes with the dry spackling and freeing up from the dust.

Can I paint Faux Tin ceiling tiles?

Most types of these tiles are finished. Thus, you can paint them as well. Make sure you use the recommended water-based paint and sprayer for painting.

Can I install the tiles in the areas with the high humidity?

PVC faux ceiling tiles are good for bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and even your shower room. They won’t absorb the moisture or cause mold and mildew.