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Arhaus VS Ethan Allen

Arhaus VS Ethan Allen

by Ethan Ross

Having the similarity as high-end furniture brands, Arhaus and Ethan Allen have their pros and cons. The next question is, which brand is suitable for you? Of course, you must know the comparison of Arhaus vs Ethan Allen to answer it. So, let’s check it out.

So many factors that can be your consideration to choose. Below, you’ll find out some important factors that most people care about when choosing a furniture brand. Some of them are price, product, ordering, and shipping process. Yeah, it’s not so different from other reviews, such as King Hickory vs Ethan Allen.

The Comparison Arhaus VS Ethan Allen

ArhausEthan Allen
Price Range$299 – $17,899$140 – $16,720
Product Range :Arhaus has many variants of furniture items that are grouped in several selections. Ethan Allen creates a wide range of furniture. However,  Ethan Allen has many more product categories than Arhaus. 
The Ease
Ordering & Shipping :
The Arhaus brand provides international shipping for purchasing of $2,000 or more.

Arhaus serves delivery to 3 regions, namely local, extended, national (exclude Alaska and Hawaii).

There is no free shipping fee. Instead, there is a flat delivery rate.

It’s very easy to order, only via online shopping on its website. All information you need for each item like warranty, details, shipping and other displayed on it.
This Ethan Allen brand provides no free shipping costs.

Ethan Allen uses FedEx or UPS to ship your item order.

You can shop online on its website with all kinds of materials and many various colors that you can choose.

It’s easy to order, only online shopping on its website. All information you need for each item like warranty, details, shipping, and others are displayed on it.

Besides that you can choose color, motif-printed and fabric for your item on its site.
Quality of
Service Delivery : 
You can return items that don’t match. However, the return period is different for each item. The period is from 14 days to 60 days.

Your packaging will be delivered within 2-4 weeks.

Besides that, Arhaus only provides White Glove Delivery Service that eases you to unpack and assemble your packaging.
Ethan Allen furniture brand provides a limited warranty.

You will get the help of Ethan Allen’s team to check, set up, and assemble your packaging.

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About Arhaus Furniture

The Arhaus company was first founded in 1986 in Ohio. At that time, Arhaus had the simple idea of making furniture with sustainable resources, made with love and made to last.

Over time, the Arhaus team is currently partnering with artisans who share their hopes to make products that are not only beautiful but also of quality. And also be able to become an heirloom for the next generation.

The furniture that Arhaus produces has a simple design in terms of color and shape. But of high quality. However, the appearance of a simple design but polished with the best materials shows that the product is classy and elegant.

Arhaus Pros

This Arhaus furniture brand has some pros :

  • Arhaus provides White Glove Delivery service to ease you unpacking your packaging.
  • The Arhaus product comes from sustainable resources to keep the environment sustainable.
  • This brand offers International shipping, but purchasing must be over $2,000.
  • So many various kinds of fabric and colors are available. 
  • You can see the fabric swatches on its site.
  • You get the flat shipping rate.

Arhaus Cons

The following are the cons of the Arhaus furniture brand :

  • The packaging needs a pretty long period to receive it.
  • You can return your packaging in 14 working days.
  • The product that uses fabric needs a water-free cleaning solution.
  • No free shipping costs.

About Ethan Allen Furniture

Nat Ancell and Ted Baumritter bought a furniture company and then renamed it the Ethan Allen furniture brand in 1932. 

Ethan Allen is not just known as a high-end furniture brand but also a luxury brand. The use of solid wood material causes this. Besides that, the design features contemporary, rustic, and has unique.

Ethan Allen Pros

This Ethan Allen brand has some pros :

  • The Ethan Allen company makes most of its products from solid wood, which makes it more durable and sturdy.
  • All products are hand-skilled by craftsmen.
  • The design of its product is unique, colonial, and rustic.
  • The price is categorized as a low-middle price.

Ethan Allen Cons

These are the cons of Ethan Allen furniture products :

  • The Ethan Allen brand only gives a limited warranty.
  • You can get free shipping costs.

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Final Words

These two brands, Arhaus and Ethan Allen, are high-end brands. Not just that, they both have the luxury design. However, Ethan Allen has many more product categories than Arhaus with lower prices. That’s the Arhaus vs Ethan Allen comparison review. Wishing from this review, you know which brand suits you.