Ethan Allen Furniture Reviews

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Ethan Allen Furniture Reviews

A popular US-Made furniture brand, Ethan Allen, makes their product with good quality material and colonial style. Ethan Allen also entrusts producing their furniture to be handcrafted by the craftsmen. What other remarkable thing about this brand? Let’s take a look at these Ethan Allen furniture reviews.

In 1932, Nat Ancell and Ted Baumritter bought a vestige of a furniture company. Then they both rename the company “Ethan Allen.” It is the after-name of the revolutionary war hero from Vermont. This thing also influences the colonial style of Ethan Allen furniture.

Product and Price Range

Ethan Allen Furniture Product and Price Range
Ethan Allen Furniture Product and Price Range

Ethan Allen was known as a luxury brand. It makes all its products by hand, like the other brand Levity Furniture. Ethan Allen has made many furniture category variants as a famous brand in the USA, especially in North America.

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Most of the Ethan Allen furniture was made from real wood, not particle board or staples. Maybe it is because of the workshop of Ethan Allen in Vermont, where Vermont is plentiful forestry of Pine trees and Maple trees.

To know about the product categories of Ethan Allen furniture, let’s see the below list :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomSectional Sofas
Recliner Chairs
Sofa & Loveseats
Accent Chairs & Chaises
Accent & End Tables
Coffee Tables
Console Tables
Media Cabinets
Storage & Displays
Maple Wood
Pine Wood
$200 – $16,720
Dining RoomsDining Tables
Dining Chairs
Bar & Counter Stools
Storage & Display
Indonesian Mahogany
Walnut Veneers
$590 – $5,995
Dressers & Chests
Night Tables
Indonesian Mahogany
Mahogany Veneers
$740 – $5,900
Home OfficeModular Home Office
Desks Chairs
Storage & Display
Indonesian Mahogany
Walnut Veneers
Oak Veneers
$720 – $10,460
OutdoorOutdoor Dining
Outdoor Lounging
Fire Tables
Polyester Fiber
Stainless Steel
$140 – $10,540

Pros and Cons of Ethan Allen Furniture Reviews

What are the pros and cons of Ethan Furniture Reviews? Let’s check this list below.

Pros of Ethan Allen Furniture

Here are some pros of Ethan Allen products :

  • Ethan Allen makes most of its furniture from real-solid wood. It’s normal because the center workshop is in Vermont, the plentiful forestry.
  • For the upholstery or cushion, this brand makes them from fabric or leather. 
  • The brand Ethan Allen provides many color-motif options and the fabric swatches too. 
  • All products are produced precisely by hand by craftsmen.
  • The unique design, colonial-style, is almost in every product.
  • You can consult the designer if you want to make customized furniture or resize your size upholstery/cushion for your furniture to match your room.
  • The price is low-middle.

Cons of Ethan Allen Furniture

Here are some cons about Ethan Allen products :

  • Ethan Allen doesn’t give free shipping service to its customers.
  • Only a limited warranty is available.


Maybe this product can last up to 15 years old because of using real wood or solid wood, especially teak or oak, for all the wooden furniture. Besides that, this material can make the furniture more sturdy.

For the upholstery/cushion that is made from leather or fabric, it also makes the product of Ethan Allen last longer.

The outdoor furniture is more special. Why?

Firstly, the cushion material is Sunbrella fabric woven with 100% solution-dyed acrylic. It makes the cushion more resistant to stain, easy to care for, colorfast, and  98% UV protection. All these factors make the products last longer.

Secondly, the wooden furniture or the wooden frame is made from teak. This material is weather resistant. And indeed, it also makes the outdoor product long-lasting.


Ethan Allen gives a limited warranty for products you purchase via an authorized dealer or its website. Of course, it is for regular or indoor, and residential use.

This warranty is not valid for color variations on upholstery/cushions caused by dye lot variations. If you receive a product with different colors, fabric swatches, and floor samples that are an illustration of the website, then you can not claim a guarantee for this.


This brand Ethan Allen doesn’t provide free delivery service. The price adjusts to the difference in distance and the total purchase price, likewise with the delivery time. What you see on the website is the approximate time the product will receive.

For the service, you will get your order item in your room. But not only that, but Ethan Allen’s team will also check, set up, and assemble your item. Excluded lighting and mirror installation.

In addition, you can ship your order by UPS or FedEx.

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Return Policy

Ethan Allen doesn’t give anything about the return policy on its website. Maybe you can contact the customer service site by email for further information.

Final Words

These Ethan Allen furniture reviews make it hard to find the many cons about this product. The good news is that this product has excellent quality material with a colonial style and low price.

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