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Canadel Furniture Reviews

Canadel Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

You are looking for furniture to decorate your dining room, but you want the furniture to fit your specific room. These Canadel furniture reviews may be your reference when making a buying decision.

Canadel Furniture as a furniture brand has had a vision since its first year in the furniture industry, 1982. That is, the product is made to adjust to the size and style of the customer’s room. In other words, you can customize your chairs, tables, or other furnishings to your room.

Product and Price Range

The brand Canadel focuses its furniture manufacturing on dining room furnishing. Canadel is committed to making its product by hand, like the Jackson Catnapper brand. In addition, it commits to producing the furniture with the best technique so you can pass it on to children.

Here is the list of Canadel products :

ProductMaterialPrice Range
TablesBirch WoodPrice by Order
ChairGL Metal Gold
Faux Leather XT
Genuine Leather
Bonded Leather
Price by Order
StoolGL Metal Gold
Faux Leather XT
Genuine Leather
Bonded Leather
Price by Order
Buffet &
Kitchen Islands
Birch Wood
GL Metal Gold
Price by Order
BenchesGL Metal Gold
Faux Leather XT
Genuine Leather
Bonded Leather
Price by Order

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Pros and Cons of Canadel Furniture

Pros and Cons of Canadel Furniture
Pros and Cons of Canadel Furniture

What are the pros and cons of Canadel Furniture? Let’s check this out.

Pros of Canadel Furniture

Here is a list of pros of Canadel products :

  • All products are made from solid wood with an environmentally-friendly process.
  • This furniture is a customizable product that you can order and adjust to your room size.
  • Canadel Furniture provides a program, namely U-Design, for you to design your furniture and make it suitable for your dining room. You can determine the appropriate size of chairs or tables, the kind of upholstery material, the color, and the model, exactly like your needs and wants.
  • Many variants of color and printed motif fabric are available.

Cons of Canadel Furniture

Here is a list of cons about Canadel products:

  • Because this is made to order, you never know the price until you finish your customizable furniture and ask your dealer.
  • Besides, you must wait for your item order to ship to you until the workshop finishes building it. 
  • You can only order your custom item from an authorized dealer.
  • All the shipping process comes to you from the dealer.
  • A warranty is available.


Durability of Canadel Furniture
Durability of Canadel Furniture

This Canadel furniture is categorized as a sturdy and long-lasting product. It is because of using the material’s wooden furnishing, Birch solid wood. Moreover, Canadel covers the top layer with a catalyzed lacquer finish. It helps the furniture be resistant to stains and marks.

The joints between the corners are made so that this product is scratch-resistant.

In addition, the most upholstery material is leather, either genuine leather, bonded leather, or faux leather. So, this can make the product easy to clean.


Canadel Furniture gives a 1-year warranty for its product. This guarantee is valid for defects because of materials and workmanship. In addition, this warranty period is valid from the date of delivery to your dealer.

The things that Canadel will be responsible for are product repairs and replacements.


Your local dealer does all the shipping. If you want to know about the shipping fee and other delivery information, then ask your dealer.

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Return Policy

Not many words can say about the return policy. All purchasing, shipping, and warranty claim processes come from the authorized dealer. So, for further information, you can ask your local delivery.

Canadel Furniture Reviews: FAQ

Here are some FAQs about the product of Canadel Brand.

How long will it take to ship my order?

Canadel will need 20-22 weeks to ship your order to you. This takes a long time because of the time it takes to transit from the warehouse in Quebec to your local dealer. Moreover, this includes the time your dealer needs to set for scheduled shipping.

Can I repair my Canadel furniture if the warranty of manufacturing has expired?

Indeed, you can. But Canada will suggest you ask your dealer for a reference. It is to get the professional repairers that we recommend.

What is the maximum weight of tables and chairs they can hold?

Canadel has tested the capacity of its tables or chairs, which weigh 450 pounds.

What type of wood does Canadel use?

The Canadel brand uses birch wood as the primary material to make their furniture. But it also uses assorted and imported hardwood pieces.

Final Words

This brand, Canadel, focuses its business on manufacturing dining room furniture, including tables, chairs, kitchen bars, stools, and benches. The process of this product is environmentally-friendly. And one thing is for sure: you can customize your item and pass it to your kids. That is what Canadel Furniture Reviews made.