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Jackson Catnapper Furniture Reviews

Jackson Catnapper Furniture Reviews – Pros and Cons

by Ethan Ross

Do you need a sofa that can support your body comfortably when you sit and lie down? Maybe these Jackson Catnapper furniture reviews can be your reference.

Not only focusing on comfort that can pamper its users. But the product also has health and wellness features that you can control with voice activation.

Product and Price Range

W. Ray Jackson founded the company in 1933 in Cleveland, United States. Its flagship product is a sofa with the Platform Glider Recliners technique that makes the chairs and sofas comfortable sitting on or lying down on. However, this furniture does not have as many features as The Southern Motion Furniture.

It’s difficult to get a price range of products from each category because the Jackson Catnapper brand doesn’t have a program that allows buyers to buy directly from the factory. That’s why they never post a product price list on their official website.

However, you can purchase Jackson Catnapper furniture through its 2,500 authorized retailers. The following is a price list based on Jackson Catnapper top rating product :

CategoryProductMaterialPrice Range
Motion Loveseat
Motion Sofa
Stationary Sofa
Sofa With Chaise
Bonded Leather
Italian Leather
Leather Look
$538 – $1,366
SectionalLeft Arm Facing
Power Reclining
Right  Arm Facing
Leather Look 
Italian Leather
$1,006 – $3,230
ChairArm Chair
Power Lift
Leather Look
Italian Leather
Bonded Leather
$448 – $888
OttomanCocktail Ottoman
Regular Ottoman
$258 – $458
Lay Flat
Italian Leather
Bonded Leather
$368 – $1,366

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Pros and Cons of Jackson Catnapper Furniture

Pros and Cons of Jackson Catnapper Furniture
Pros and Cons of Jackson Catnapper Furniture

Pros of Jackson Catnapper Furniture

  • Because the wood is cut using a computerized system, its product has a precise cut.
  • Then this furniture uses extra glue and staples for good adhesion to each product. 
  • Furthermore, the spring material uses heat-resistant steel material.
  • In addition, Jackson Catnapper uses Comfort-Gel material to keep movement to a minimum and provide a cool and comfortable sensation.
  • Meanwhile, the Catnapper reclining product has been embedded with the voice activation reclining feature.
  • Then for the Power Recliner product, there is a power headrest with lumbar and heater and massage features that can make you comfortable and stay healthy.
  • In addition to having sophisticated products, the Jackson Catnapper also has a limited lifetime warranty for the frame, spring and recliner mechanism.

Cons of Jackson Catnapper Furniture

  • The website currently does not provide a feature for direct purchases, so if you want to buy Jackson Catnapper products, you must go to the official reseller partner site.
  • Some complain that the upholster easily wears off.
  • In addition, some complain that the armrests of the chairs are damaged quickly.
  • In addition, many complain that the available battery backup is not enough to support the recliner’s footrest.
  • Then some complaints about poor customer service.
  • Another drawback is that there is no exchange program or offer of a replacement for defective products.


From several buyer reviews, the Jackson Catnapper product looks good and is well made.

But after some use, the color starts to fade, the handrails begin to crack, and the footrests start not working properly.


Jackson Furniture provides a guarantee to supply spare parts. This warranty is free or at a cost, as long as the spare parts are still available. However, after 1 (one) year, the consumer must pay the cost of labor and delivery of spare parts.

  • The limited lifetime warranty is only granted to the original purchaser. And this guarantee only applies to frame materials, springs, and recliner mechanisms. This guarantee is only valid for material and artistry defects during regular product use.
  • In addition, there is also a 5-year warranty for product materials that use cushions. The guarantee applies to the loss of durability of the cushion.
  • The 1-year warranty applies to all metal parts of the sleeper mechanism. Besides that, this warranty applies to all other spare parts.

The warranty covers repair or replacement within the specified warranty period. Suppose you want to know the terms and limitations of the warranty applied by Jackson Catnapper. Then you can visit the following link https://www.catnapper.com/Warranty.


Currently, Jackson Catnapper only sells its products through its registered retail stores, so all product purchases and shipments are agreements between the buyer and the retailer.

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Return Policy

Return Policy is not provided directly by Jackson Catnapper and depends on the local retail store where you buy it.

Final Words

From the pros and cons presented in the Jackson Catnapper furniture reviews above, it might be your consideration before buying this product. But it would help if you remembered that everyone has a different way of using and experiencing the outcome.

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