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Southern Motion vs Flexsteel - Your Must-Read Comparison

Southern Motion vs Flexsteel – Your Must-Read Comparison

by Ethan Ross

The debate between Southern Motion vs Flexsteel is more than a matter of taste; it’s a question of long-term satisfaction. We all know that furniture is a significant investment, so why compromise on quality and durability?

A well-known brand can often be a shorthand for reliability. However, brand reputation is just one factor to consider when making an informed decision.

So, let’s delve into what sets these two prominent furniture brands apart, to assist you in making a choice you won’t regret.

Brief History of Southern Motion

Southern Motion’s ascent in the furniture industry offers valuable insights into the brand’s ethos and quality. This section traces the brand’s development from its humble beginnings to its current status as a competitive player in the market.

Founding and Early Years

Southern Motion was established in 1996 by Guy Lipscomb and Larry Todd. Starting with a modest facility, the founders focused primarily on reclining furniture. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality set the foundation for the brand.


Southern Motion was initially specialized in reclining furniture.

Evolution of Product Offerings

Initially sticking to recliners, Southern Motion gradually expanded its portfolio to include sofas, sectionals, and home theater seating. Each new addition has been met with the same high level of craftsmanship and quality that the brand is known for.

  • Recliners
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Home theater seating

Market Position and Recognition

While Southern Motion may not be as old as some other brands in the furniture industry, it has successfully carved out its place. Accolades and certifications have come their way, affirming the brand’s commitment to sustainability and quality.

  1. Awards for design
  2. Certifications for sustainable practices
  3. Positive customer reviews

Geographical Influence and Operations

Headquartered in Pontotoc, Mississippi, Southern Motion operates multiple manufacturing facilities across the United States. Though primarily a domestic brand, they have also ventured into international markets to a limited extent.

Geographical Operations

RegionNumber of Facilities
United States5

By understanding Southern Motion’s history, you get a clearer picture of a brand built on the principles of quality, innovation, and consumer satisfaction.

Brief History of Flexsteel

Flexsteel’s legacy in the furniture industry is both long and illustrious, making it a compelling point of comparison with Southern Motion. This section endeavors to delineate Flexsteel’s trajectory from its initial days to its present-day market standing.

Early Beginnings and Name Changes

Founded in 1893 as the Grau-Curtis Company, Flexsteel underwent several name changes before settling on its current moniker in 1929. Each name change signified a pivotal moment in the company’s growth and direction.


The company became Flexsteel in 1929, marking a significant rebranding.

Product Evolution Over the Years

Flexsteel’s product line has witnessed significant growth and diversification. From the initial offerings of upholstered chairs, the brand now boasts a wide range of furniture, including:

  • Sofas
  • Recliners
  • Loveseats
  • Dining furniture

Key Innovations like the Blue Steel Spring

Arguably, the heart of Flexsteel’s innovation lies in its patented Blue Steel Spring technology. Introduced in 1927, this element not only provides exceptional comfort but also significantly extends the furniture’s lifespan.

Key Features of Blue Steel Spring

DurabilityIncreased furniture lifespan
ComfortEnhanced user experience
FlexibilitySuits a variety of furniture types

Current Market Position

Flexsteel holds a distinct place in the industry, backed by more than a century of experience. The brand enjoys a broad consumer base and has received multiple awards, signifying its consistent focus on quality and innovation.

  1. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  2. Various design awards
  3. Strong e-commerce presence

In summing up Flexsteel’s history, it becomes apparent that the brand has been built on pillars of innovation, quality, and consumer trust.

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Product Range Comparison

Both Southern Motion vs Flexsteel offer extensive product lines that cater to a diverse set of needs and preferences. This section serves to detail the different types of furniture each brand offers, the commonalities between the two, and the unique elements that set each apart.

Overview of Southern Motion’s Product Types

Southern Motion primarily focuses on motion furniture such as recliners, sofas, and sectionals. They also offer an array of customizable options in terms of fabric, leather, and finishes.

  • Recliners
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Loveseats


Southern Motion allows customers to customize their furniture extensively, from fabric to reclining mechanisms.

Overview of Flexsteel’s Product Types

Flexsteel’s range is not only confined to residential furniture but also extends to commercial and recreational vehicle furniture. Their product types include:

  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Dining sets

Shared Product Types Across Both Brands

A closer look reveals that sofas and recliners are commonly offered by both brands. These products serve as the mainstay for each, given their popularity and utility.

Shared Product Types

Southern MotionFlexsteel

Unique Offerings from Each Brand

Southern Motion stands out for its specialization in motion furniture, while Flexsteel distinguishes itself through its Blue Steel Spring technology and broader commercial product range.

  • Southern Motion: Motion furniture
  • Flexsteel: Commercial and RV furniture

By juxtaposing the product ranges of Southern Motion and Flexsteel, it becomes clear that while both brands offer quality and variety, they each have unique specialties that cater to different market needs.

Quality and Durability

Assessing the quality and durability of Southern Motion vs Flexsteel furniture is crucial for an informed purchase. This section elucidates factors such as testing methods, material quality, and lifespan to provide a comprehensive view of what each brand offers.

Mississippi State University’s Testing of Southern Motion Products

Southern Motion products undergo rigorous testing at Mississippi State University. The lab tests scrutinize everything from weight capacity to the resiliency of the upholstery.


It is worth mentioning that the testing done at MSU enhances Southern Motion’s credibility, as these tests are often considered a gold standard in the industry.

Lifespan Expectations for Southern Motion and Flexsteel

Lifespan is another important metric. While Southern Motion products usually last between 7 to 10 years, Flexsteel items can extend up to 15 years, owing in part to their patented Blue Steel Spring technology.

Lifespan Expectations

BrandExpected Lifespan
Southern Motion7-10 years
FlexsteelUp to 15 years

Material Quality in Each Brand

Both brands utilize high-grade materials but focus on different elements. Southern Motion emphasizes customizable options with a range of fabrics and leathers. Flexsteel leans more towards durable designs, often incorporating their Blue Steel Spring technology.

  • Southern Motion: Custom fabrics, multiple leather options
  • Flexsteel: Patented spring technology, high-grade upholstery

Quality Ranking System for Southern Motion and How Flexsteel Compares

Southern Motion employs a quality ranking system, which aids consumers in choosing based on quality tiers. Flexsteel, on the other hand, is more straightforward in terms of quality, largely because each product integrates their proprietary technology for assured durability.

By understanding the quality and durability parameters of Southern Motion and Flexsteel, consumers are better equipped to make a choice that suits their specific needs.

Features and Benefits

Evaluating features and benefits is a critical step in distinguishing between Southern Motion vs Flexsteel. This section will detail the offerings from both brands, specifically focusing on upholstery options, technological integrations, craftsmanship, and customization capabilities.

Upholstery and Fabric Choices in Southern Motion Products

Southern Motion offers an array of upholstery and fabric options. Customers can select from materials such as chenille, polyester, and even genuine leather. This provides a myriad of design possibilities to match any interior.


Southern Motion particularly emphasizes its genuine leather options, assuring quality and durability.

Power Features and Tech-Integration in Southern Motion

This brand has a knack for incorporating power features and tech-integrations into its products. Options like USB ports, powered reclining mechanisms, and even built-in speakers are commonly found in many Southern Motion pieces.

Southern Motion Tech-Features

USB PortsCharging options
Power ReclinersAutomated comfort
Built-in SpeakersIntegrated audio

Craftsmanship and Material Choices in Flexsteel

Flexsteel places a considerable emphasis on craftsmanship. Their furniture often features hand-stitched details and the exclusive Blue Steel Spring technology, offering both style and durability. Materials used include not only quality fabrics but also hardwood for their furniture frames.

  • Hand-stitched details
  • Blue Steel Spring technology
  • Hardwood frames

Customization and Aesthetic Options in Flexsteel

Flexsteel isn’t behind when it comes to customization and aesthetics. They offer a broad range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and even provide custom finish options. This allows the customer to have furniture that uniquely represents their personal style.

Through an understanding of these features and benefits, consumers can better distinguish between what Southern Motion and Flexsteel have to offer, enabling a more informed purchasing decision.

Warranties and Customer Support

The warranties and customer support provided by Southern Motion vs Flexsteel often become a determining factor for consumers. This section elucidates the structures, range, and claims processes of warranties from both brands, along with the customer service experience you can expect.

Southern Motion’s Warranty Structure

Southern Motion offers various warranties on different aspects of their furniture—covering the frame, cushions, and even electrical components. Typically, the frame carries a lifetime warranty, whereas cushions and electrical components are generally covered for 1 to 3 years.

Southern Motion Warranty Structure

ComponentWarranty Duration
Cushions1-3 Years
Electrical Parts1-3 Years

Flexsteel’s Range of Warranties

Flexsteel, too, provides a multi-tiered warranty system. Most notably, their patented Blue Steel Spring technology comes with a lifetime warranty. Other parts like upholstery and electrical mechanisms have coverage that varies by product and material.

  • Blue Steel Spring: Lifetime warranty
  • Upholstery: Varies
  • Electrical Parts: Varies

How to Make Warranty Claims for Each Brand

For Southern Motion, warranty claims are usually processed through authorized dealers. Flexsteel, on the other hand, often allows claims to be made directly through their website or customer service hotline. Documentation like purchase receipts and photos of the defect are commonly required.


Ensure that you maintain all your purchase documents and understand the warranty conditions for hassle-free claims.

Customer Support Experience with Southern Motion and Flexsteel

Southern Motion’s customer service is generally accessed via email or a toll-free number, providing reasonably fast response times. Flexsteel’s customer support is known for its comprehensive FAQ section on the website, and they also offer phone and email options for more personalized assistance.

Understanding the warranties and customer support options from both brands could tip the scales in making a prudent choice between Southern Motion and Flexsteel.

Buying Experience

The purchasing process is a pivotal aspect when choosing between Southern Motion and Flexsteel. This section will address where to buy products from each brand, shipping and delivery particulars, as well as return policy guidelines.

Where to Buy Southern Motion Products

Southern Motion products can primarily be purchased through authorized dealers that are distributed across various states. Moreover, many e-commerce platforms also offer a select range of their products.

Southern Motion Buying Options

Authorized DealersPhysical Stores
E-commerceOnline Platforms

Where to Find Flexsteel Products

Flexsteel products are available through a network of nationwide retailers, as well as online on the company’s website and other third-party e-commerce platforms.

  • Nationwide Retailers
  • Company Website
  • Third-Party E-Commerce Platforms

Shipping and Delivery for Each Brand

Southern Motion generally employs a white-glove delivery service that includes assembly and setup. Flexsteel, on the other hand, offers curbside delivery but also has white-glove delivery as an optional service.


Before making a purchase, it’s wise to inquire about shipping fees and estimated delivery times.

Return Policy Guidelines for Both Brands

For Southern Motion, return policies are generally subject to the terms and conditions of the authorized dealer through which the product was purchased. Flexsteel allows returns within a specified period, usually subject to a restocking fee. The process for initiating a return includes contacting customer service and fulfilling the guidelines stated in the return policy.

The buying experience with both Southern Motion vs Flexsteel has its own sets of pros and cons. Knowing where to make a purchase, what to expect in terms of shipping and delivery, and understanding return policies can play a vital role in your purchasing decision.

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We have dissected crucial aspects of Southern Motion vs Flexsteel to offer a comprehensive understanding of these two industry giants.

In our summary of key comparisons, we found that Southern Motion excels in tech integration while Flexsteel scores high on craftsmanship. For those prioritizing modern conveniences, Southern Motion is a compelling choice. On the other hand, Flexsteel appeals to those who value longstanding quality.

As you contemplate your next purchase, these considerations serve as a guide. To augment your decision-making, we recommend further investigation into customer reviews and professional analyses.