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Katy Furniture Review

Katy Furniture Review

by Ethan Ross

Whether renovating a little apartment or a large mansion, Katy Furniture can help. This brand is one of the best furniture stores in Katy, Texas. Here, you may find the ideal piece of furniture to make some changes to your house. Check out this Katy Furniture review and see what the brand offers.

Additionally, you will be able to learn anything else you need to know about the brand before making a purchase. Without further ado, let us dive into it.

Product and Price Range

Katy Furniture Product and Price Range
Katy Furniture Product and Price Range

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Katy Furniture’s ambition is to be the best furniture store in Katy by offering high-quality American furniture for low prices. It has a large collection of décor for every room in your home in various styles, from living room furniture to home offices.

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
Living RoomSofa & Loveseat
Accent Chairs
$249.99 – $4,999
Dining RoomFormal Dining
Counter Height
Regular Height
Fabricated Wood
Faux Leather
Tempered Glass
Solid Wood
$249.99 – $2,999.99
BedroomBedroom Sets
Bed & Mattress Combo
Daybeds & Futons
Faux Leather
Engineered Wood
Solid Wood
$399 – $3,499
Home OfficeBookcase
File Cabinet
Office Chair
Engineered Wood
$399 – $2,099

Katy Furniture Pros and Cons

As you have learned about Katy Furniture products, this review will give you some pros and cons of purchasing from the company :

Pros of Katy Furniture

  • Free shipping is available on any orders over $500.
  • This brand offers home furnishings at lower prices than similar retailers.
  • Katy Furniture offers a financing policy where no credit is required.
  • Many discounts are available.
  • Katy Furniture sells a wide variety of furniture for every room.
  • The products are guaranteed under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons of Katy Furniture

  • Katy Furniture does not accept product returns or exchanges.
  • No international shipping is offered.


Katy Furniture Durability
Katy Furniture Durability

The products of Katy Furniture have a medium to high level of durability. Products manufactured from marble, solid wood, and leather have a lengthy lifespan. Because this brand is known for its long service life, its materials can last for decades. Furthermore, they are capable of producing quality heirloom pieces of furniture.

Meanwhile, you will need a little extra attention to keep things looking good if they are constructed of less durable materials. For example, this includes items made from engineered wood. If it breaks, you will need to buy a new one. In particular, low-density engineered wood is vulnerable to breaking.


Certain Katy Furniture products come with extended warranties. However, claims under these guarantees must be filed with the product’s maker. Katy Furniture, as the retailer, is happy to assist you in this area. The corporation has the option of either repairing or replacing an item that is covered by a warranty.

Depending on the model, you can choose between a one-year guarantee and a limited warranty. Warranties only cover items if they are used as intended. In other words, these warranties do not cover damage caused by abuse, neglect, or carelessness.

If you discover a flaw in the construction of your furniture, send a photo to customerservice@katyfurniture.com immediately. However, it is your responsibility to pay for the return shipment.


The cost of delivery varies depending on the distance traveled. The day before your delivery, a representative from Katy Furniture will contact you to remind you of the appointment. It usually gives a four-hour window. If you live in or near Houston, you can get free shipping on orders over $500 when you shop online.

There are two shipping options: delivery drop-off and delivery set-up. Pickup is also available at a Katy warehouse. Find the nearest Katy Furniture in your area by typing “Katy Furniture near me” in your browser.

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Return Policy

Our Katy Furniture reviews are sorry that this company does not accept refunds or exchanges for any of its products, whether purchased in person or online. Katy Furniture sells only brand new items. Hence, you cannot return an opened piece of furniture.

After 30 days, merchandise that has not been picked up or delivered is thought to have been discarded and is donated unless a holding charge is paid in advance. If you decide to modify after you have made your order, there will be a cancellation fee of 25%.

You will only receive store credit if you choose a lower-value option next time.

Final Words

For the most part, Katy Furniture offers quality pieces at fair prices for every room in your house. No matter what style you are going for, you will not have to break the bank to have the furniture you want.

You can also check out other similar brands you might like from our extensive collection of furniture company reviews, including our comprehensive Marlo Furniture review. All in all, we hope you find this Katy Furniture review helpful.