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Universal Furniture Reviews

Universal Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

The word “challenging” is suitable for every person looking for the right home furnishings due to the myriad options. However, learning from Universal Furniture reviews could be your shortcut to finding the perfect piece for your home. 

This furniture line is worth buying because the quality of the Universal Furniture industry’s products is premium. You may want to own one of its collections because they offer many high-style and limited-edition ones. 

You need to consider this furniture line because famous people who design their lineup also support them. Thus, the products they offer can fit your room and function. Learn more about this top-notch universal furniture brand in the following reviews.

Product and Price Ranges

Universal Furniture Product and Price Ranges
Universal Furniture Product and Price Ranges

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Universal Furniture offers many limited collections and heritage lines such as Universal Furniture bedrooms and Universal Furniture dining tables. Some of their favorite products come from celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Nina Magon. The following are some examples of their signature products :

TypeProductMaterialPrice Range
BedroomBedroom SetWood
 Upholstered BedSolid wood
polyester upholstery
As low as $2,238.99
 Standard BedsSolid woodStarting at $2,255.00
 Metal BedsSteel
solid wood
Starts from $2,505.00
and Wardrobe
Solid wood$4,215.00
Living RoomCoffee TableWood
$1,010.00 – $3,185.00
 Accent ChairWoodStarts from $1,840.00
$2,970.00 – $3,680.00
 OttomanCotton upholstery
Starts from $7,920.00
Dining RoomDining TablesSolid wood$1,520.00 – $5,101.00
 Dining Table SetSolid wood$9,885.00
 Dining ChairWood
$495.00 – $1,275.00
 Bar StoolsWood
 Bar Carts –$2,535.00

Universal Furniture Pros and Cons

Although Universal furniture offers top-notch products, they still have flaws in their products and services. Learn the following Universal Furniture pros and cons to help you make your decision better :

Pros of Universal Furniture

  • Excellent furniture line because it has many influencers and celebrities who design its collections and heritage line.
  • Worth considering because it offers many different styles and designs to fit every room and home.
  • It could make you proud, given that your favorite superstars make your choice.
  • Offers products that are not only gorgeous but also durable.
  • Hassle-free because customers can purchase the products online.
  • Meet many safety standards such as CPSC, ISTA, BIFMA, and ASTM. Thus, customers do not have to worry about the safety of their children.
  • Offers Special Order Upholstery so customers can choose ones that suit their style, home ambiance, and taste. However, you cannot cancel your order on this service.
  • It offers discounts and sales on specific occasions so that customers can buy the products at a lower price.

Cons of Universal Furniture

  • Customers have to set a higher budget due to its high price.
  • Quite a hassle because you can only purchase the products from its trusted retailers and authorized Universal Furniture outlet.
  • It takes time for the delivery given that it is shipped by the retailers instead of delivered by the company.


All products from Universal furniture are made of first-class materials with the best craftsmanship, so that they have high durability. Thus, you can trust this brand for your home furnishing investment for their quality and durability.


Universal Furniture Warranty
Universal Furniture Warranty

Universal Furniture offers several different warranties, such as follows :

  • A Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty will be applicable to the following :

  • Original Fabric
  • Frames
  • Springs

However, you can only claim this Warranty when all your furnishings products are not misused, abused, or used for institutional and commercials.

  • 1-year Warranty

Universal furniture is worth considering because it offers a 1-year warranty on all its products. You can buy their products in confidence because of this Warranty. It is beneficial because you will get repairs and replacement parts on defective and damaged products within the warranty period.

  • 2-year Warranty

This warranty is good for you because this company protects your Uni-blend cushion components from any manufacturing defects.

  • 3-year Warranty

Universal Furniture offers this Warranty for the following products and parts :

  • Ultra-Plush cushion components.
  • Manufacturing Mechanism.
  • Innerspring Sleeper mattress.
  • 5-year Warranty

Another reason you should consider buying this furniture line from Universal Furniture retailers is this type of Warranty. Thus, this Warranty protects your spring from any manufacturing defects.

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Call and ask Customer Service for detailed information on their delivery because every retailer and outlet provides a different timeline and schedule.

Final Words

Indeed, there are many premium products from furniture brands such as Okioki Furniture and Huntington House Furniture. However, Universal offers timeless and practical products to suit every customer’s room and home.

Learning the above Universal Furniture Reviews could be helpful because the information will help you decide whether or not to choose the brand.

Lastly, hope you can make your decision better to get the most suitable and perfect home furnishings for your home. Good luck!