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Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber Review

Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber Review

by Homes Pure

Are you experiencing a terrible difficulty in cleaning dirt trapped on your flooring? That is the time when a dirt devil spot scrubber comes into play. Among the many technological devices developed to help clean the floor, none is as popular as the carpet scrubber.

In this regards, there are dozens of different carpet scrubber designs available for your selection. One of which is the dirt devil spot scrubber that we are going to discus in this article. This kind of scrubber is an improved version of the original one.

Let’s have a quick read on the detailed explanation containing the sections of the features of dirt devil spot scrubber, the pros and cons of the dirt devil spot scrubber and the final words about the scrubber.

The Features of Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

Based on the manufacturer, this dirt devil spot scrubber is the most powerful handled scrubber available in the market.

The stems are claimed by the manufacturer from the scrubbers’ powerful 2.5 amp motor. This way, the amp motor of the scrubber is much more powerful compared to that of its predecessor.

Dealing with the powerful motor, this kind of spot scrubber offers a feature a rotating power brush which is not only gentle but also efficient to use for cleaning the dirt on the carpet.

This way, the scrubber proves to work well in scrubbing off the stains, spots and spills. If you want a maximum cleaning efficiency, you can utilize the spray nozzle to spray solutions in a narrow and focused technique which is ideal for cleaning spots.

Aside from the ability of the scrubber in removing stains, spots and spills, this machine also become a dryer due to its powerful suction.

Powerfully, it is able to fill the dirty water reservoir of the machine. In regards to the reservoir, the machine is designed with the two easy way of filling the tanks; a dirty water tank and a clean water tank.

Thanks to the portable designed added to this machine, making it easy to carry around the room for cleaning actions. Further, the weight of the machine is only 6 pounds. The spray nozzle is 4 inches wide while the motor comes with 120 volts voltage.

In addition to the power, this scrubber machine is corded, meaning that the supply of power will be continuously added when you are using the machine.

Further, this scrubber is also completed with the measuring cup as a manual and great cleaning solutions for the dirt devil.

Moreover, a 2-year warranty is attached to the scrubber covering all the parts of the machine including the motor.

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The Pros and Cons of Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

When it comes to review a product, there are always pros and cons presented as an evaluation.

Through the pros and cons, everyone who wants to purchase the product will have a clear description about the product. Later, it can be taken into consideration whether he/she finally pick up the product or not.

Here are the pros and cons of dirt devil spot scrubber to look over.

The Pros

There are some pros that may lead you to make the right decision to buy the product to help you keep the carpet clean and free from the dirt devil.

  • First, this scrubber is highly versatile. You can mostly use it on rugs, carpets and upholstery. This means that the versatility of the scrubber allows you to clean all types of rugs, carpets and upholstery. Can we say that it is an all-in-one scrubber machine?
  • The scrubber is designed along with the extra-long cord to allow you to get continuous power. This is very good since you don’t have to worry about the possibility to run out of power when you are cleaning a large area of rugs or carpets.
  • Third, the scrubber is designed as portable tool along with the handheld scrubber. This makes you easily bring the machine around the area that you are going to scrub.
  • This dirt devil spot scrubber is highly recommended for its great capability in removing the spots, stains, spills and other dirt devil quickly and efficiently.
  • The sixth pros of the scrubber is the fact that it is easy to use. You just need to hold the handle and start cleaning the dirt devil on the carpet. Its six pounds weight along with the portable design of the machine will make you easily bring it and use it on the carpet, performing the maintenance.
  • The last pros that might lead you to purchase it is the affordable price. Though there is not information about the pricing, it is best described that the machine is very much affordable. So if you want to maintain your carpet in a cheap way, having this machine is a good solution.

The Cons

While you have known the number of the scrubber pros, it is also important to check with the cons for more consideration. This way, there are only three things that are considered the disadvantages of the machine.

  • Compared to the other scrubber available on the market, this type of machine is noisy. Thus, performing a weekly scrubbing will be better than the daily one.
  • It takes too long to wait for the dirty water tank to dry. It even needs a heater to get it dried so that you can use it again to clean other areas.
  • Some users express their complaint about being sprayed by the dirty water while using the machine. Well, this can be the biggest drawback since everyone will surely tend to use other machine that doesn’t make him/her dirt.

Reasons To Buy Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber
Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

If you are confused whether to purchase this machine or not though you have read on the pros and cons, here are the best reasons why most people buy it. Perhaps, the reasons can ensure you more to make a decision.

Broom Vac

Dirt devil spot scrubber is redesigned with the Broom Vac, making it be the best electric sweepers especially for hard floors.

This machine is considered ideal for removing the dry spills like the pet hairs and bread crumbs ranging from hard surface floors to the carpet flooring. Further, this scrubber is functioning differently from vacuum cleaner.

Beautiful Design

Apart from its main functions, this scrubber has a beautiful design. Truly, it is designed with the work of art. It comes with the vibrant colors, large handle and beautiful body. Overall, it presents a contemporary yet a classic look.


As one of the dirt devil electric sweeper, this scrubber is highly versatile to clean a variety of flooring surfaces. Further, it is able to remove rice, cereals, dust, glass and many other types of debris.


Basically, this scrubber is efficiently used as an alternative to conventional straw broom and dustpan. It leaves the flooring surfaces clean and devoid of the dirt lines. Moreover, using this machine will require you not to bend over to pick up a dust pan.


As we have mentioned, this kind of scrubber is lightweight. It is also supported by the portable design. The slim bottom makes it easy to store in a narrow gaps in any area of your house. It also saves you from the trouble of using cumbersome vacuum cleaner.

Final Words

Conclusively, it is necessarily crucial to underlined in this article that this dirt devil spot scrubber is not an actual carpet cleaner.

Though it is best described to amazingly clean the dirt devil on the carpet, as the name suggests, it is widely used for not only cleaning the small spots in the carpet surfaces but also cleaning the vehicle seat upholstery.

In this regards, this scrubber is not designed to clean the whole part of the carpet. Unfortunately, some users discredit the machine for its incapability in cleaning the entire parts of the carpet or rug.

Like many other types of scrubber, dirt devil spot scrubber is a kind of cleaning appliances. Though it is designed to allow the users to clean the carpet or rug easier, it not negated of cons.

However, this doesn’t mean that the tool is unreliable for cleaning. Still, its efficiency is one of the selling point.

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FAQs Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber

There are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) dealing with the reviews of dirt devil spot scrubber. It is quite probable that you have some similar questions on your mind, right?

So let’s check them all out below:

Where can I purchase the dirt devil spot scrubber?

This kind of cleaning appliance is available at Amazon. So, visit Amazon and find the most suitable type of dirt devil spot scrubber that meets your need and budget.

Is the dirt devil spot scrubber rated well?

According to the customer, the item is rated well.

How do I get the machine to suck up the dirt devil?

Turn on the machine and it will suck up the dirt devil. Just rub it over the dirt.

How can I take the bottom tank off?

There is a latch on the rear where the tank connects to the top. Push the latch and it will rotates down.