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Carpet Flooring Reviews, Pros Cons, Pricing & Best Brands

by Dylan Johnson

Carpet flooring reviews – If you want your floor feels warm and soft, you can consider applying carpet on the floor. Carpet does not only look attractive but also provides warmth. The problem is that it is difficult to maintain.

There are some advantages & disadvantages of carpet flooring. Compared to hardwood and tile flooring, carpet feels softer and warmer. So, you will feel comfortable walking on the floor.

In this article, we will discuss it further. So, you have to pay attention to the following review before deciding to purchase this floor.

The Pros of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring has some pros. Here they are:

  • Keeps rooms well-insulated and feeling warm

No one wants to step barefoot onto a cold floor in the winter. Fortunately, carpet provides warmth and keeps your rooms insulated.

Therefore, you can enjoyably walk without socks. Besides that, you will also not crank up the heater. It means you can save your energy bill.

  • Soft and safe

One of the reasons why people are interested in carpet flooring reviews is because of the softness. In fact, carpet comes in different surfaces so that you can choose the soft one.

Carpet is not only soft but also safe. With carpet flooring, your children can play around enjoyably and safely.

  • Comfortable

Comfort is the main reason why carpet flooring belongs to the favorite floor. Rolling on the carpet floor is much more fun compared to rolling on hardwood, concrete, porcelain tile, or ceramic floors.

Carpet is cozy. You can also sit down on the carpet floor while watching TV or playing with kids.

  • Reduces noise

As we know, carpet absorbs sound. Since it is absorbent, carpet flooring can reduces noise.

So, walking on the carpet flooring will not disturb other people. Even more, when you fall something on the floor, it will minimize the sound.

  • Various Choices

When it comes to carpet flooring, there are many choices for you. It does not only relate to colors but also thicknesses, styles, and even textures.

For example, you can consider a luxurious carpet for your living room. You can choose the color, thickness, style, and texture based on your needs.

  • Appealing

Aesthetically, carpet is appealing. It brings texture and warmth to any room. So, it makes anyone feel cozy. In addition, carpet hides dirt, too. However, it requires a good cleaning.

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The Cons of Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring also has some cons as mentioned below:

  • Must be cleaned regularly

You need to clean your carpet floor regularly. Fortunately, sweeping and dusting are not effective. You will need a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and debris. Steam cleaning is also needed periodically.

  • Can stain

Stain is the biggest problems of carpet flooring. Spilled drinks or foods must be cleaned immediately. Even more, these spills will not be easy to be removed. Sometimes, you need to wash the carpet.

  • Can cause health problems

Not all carpets are safe. It depends on the VOC level. Therefore, you have to make sure that you purchase carpet flooring that is really safe for kids.

  • Cannot get wet

You have to keep your carpet floor dry. If you spill liquids on the carpet floor, you may need to remove the carpet to clean it up. In fact, liquids may step down into the padding that leads to the mold and lidew growth.

  • Not long last

Compared to other flooring options, carpet is does not last that long. However, there are also carpets that come with 20+ years of warranties.

How to Choose Carpet Flooring

To find high-quality carpet flooring, you should consider the following important things:

  • Safety

You have to look at the safety first. Safety must be your priority. In this case, we recommend you to find eco-friendly carpet. It is also better if the carpet comes with CRI Green Label Certification.

  • Warranties

Make sure that you check the warranties offered before you purchase carpet flooring. We recommend you to look for warranties against staining. Besides that, warranties that cover crushing and matting are also important. At least, the warranties offered are 10 years.

  • Reputability

You should only purchase carpet flooring at a reputable retailer. You may need to ask recommendations to your friends. You should also read the customer reviews.

  • Style

Since carpet flooring is available in various styles, you have to find one that fits your needs. For example, Berber can be a good choice for a high-traffic area. For the materials, best options are made of Polypropylene, Olefin, or Nylon.

  • Padding & Installation

One more, you should consider the quality of padding & installation. Make sure that the product comes with a high-quality pad.

Carpet Floor Pricing

The cost of carpet floors varies depending on the option you choose. Here are some of the most popular carpet floors:

  • Loop Pile Carpet

This durable carpet is mostly found in high-traffic and commercial areas. The cost depends on the material used. Wool costs 10 dollars, nylon costs 3 dollars, and olefin costs 1.50 dollars per square foot.

  • Cut Pile Carpet

It is divided into 4 categories including Cable gain, Frieze, Textured Saxony, and Saxony/plush. The cost also depends on the material. Olefin costs 4 dollars, nylon cost 7.50 dollars, and wool costs 15 dollars.

Made from a combination of both styles, the price varies. Olefin costs 6.50 dollars, nylon costs 10 dollars, and wool costs 18.5 dollars.

When it comes to pricing, you also need to consider other expenses. They include:

  • Basic installation

Usually, carpet floors installation costs from 0.5 to 1 dollar per square foot.

  • Additional installation fees

Sometimes, you also need to spend more money for custom cuts, removal & replacement, installing subfloors, moving furniture, and adding molding. The fees usually range from 0.5 to 2 dollars per square foot.

  • Padding

The additional cost also includes padding where it ranges from 0.3 to 0.6 dollars per square foot.

Carpet Floors Durability

There are 3 factors that determine the durability of carpet floors. They include density, twist, and fiber. Carpet fiber includes olefin, cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon, and wool. The best option is one that is wear-resistant and protects against stains and dirt.

When it comes to the twist of the carpet, you have to keep in mind that the tighter the twist, the better it is.

Density refers to the pile in the carpet. If you want a durable carpet, you should find one with a high density.

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5 Best Brands of Carpet Flooring

Here are some of the best brands when it comes to carpet floors:

  • American Carpet Wholesalers

It belongs to the most popular and best brands for carpet floors. They offer so many products with different prices you can choose.

  • Empire Today

This brand offers many styles such as indoor/outdoor carpets, patterned carpets, Berber, frieze, and plush. Since the company has more than 55-year experience and more than 2 million customers, there is no doubt of its quality.

  • Home Depot

If you are looking for the best carpet flooring, Home Depot can be a good site to purchase it based on reviews. You can find so many options of carpet floors from low-end to high-quality collections.

  • Lowe’s

Since 1940’s, Lowe’s has been the second-largest retailer around the world. So, you can find your desired carpet floors there.

  • National Floors Direct

They offer so many styles & brands of carpet flooring. You can buy your desired carpet via online or offline. They also provide samples.

FAQs about Carpet Flooring

What is the best carpet type?

It depends on your needs. However, high-quality carpet should be stain-resistant, have a tight twist level, and come with a high thread density. It works best for moderate traffic areas like living room.

What is the most popular color of carpet flooring?

Today, neutral colors become the most favorite options. For example, you can consider gray and beige. However, you should match it to your home decor.

Should it be lighter than wall?

Carpet flooring should not always be lighter than your walls. The most important thing is that the colors are matched.

What is the most durable carpet?

Nylon carpet is considered the most durable one. Besides it has a tight twist, nylon carpet also resists to crushing, staining, mildew, and fading. It usually lasts about 10 years.

Does carpet works in the bedroom?

Carpet can be used for bedroom because it is cozy, warm, and soft. To keep it clean, you can avoid bringing drinks or foods that can potentially cause stains.

Is it cheaper than wood?

It depends on the option you choose. In fact, carpet flooring costs from 3 to 15 dollars per square foot. There are also some other additional fees. On the other side, wood flooring also comes in various prices.

When to buy carpet?

Carpet flooring is best when the winter comes. So, it is better to purchase carpet flooring in the December or January. Besides that, the prices are also usually lower.

How much is it?

It depends on the size and the carpet itself. Usually, you may need to pay from 1.750 dollars to 5.500 dollars for 3 bedrooms covering about 500 square feet. The carpet itself usually costs from 3 to 15 dollars per square foot.

The Verdict Carpet Flooring Reviews

Reviews about Carpet flooring is not only attractive but also cozy. You can apply it on your bedroom or living room. Carpet is available in different options. Anyway, you have to keep it clean to optimize its lifetime.