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Berber Carpet Reviews

Berber Carpet Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Berber Carpet Reviews – In the world of carpet manufacturing, Berber carpet is one of the most fascinating styles in the carpet production. It is also one of the oldest type existing up to now.

Berber carpet was originally woven by human hand thousands of years ago in North Africa.

Nowadays, the carpet still keeps its popularity because of the distinctive styles it offers. However, there are always a few of types that are difficult to find.

While it is not necessary enough to find the best brands of the carpet, some important things you need to check out are how the carpet is manufactured and the difference between the traditional carpet and the one that is manufactured by Berber.

In this regards, we focus on in Berber carpeting about the Berber carpet definition, pros and cons, pricing, installation and other related information about the carpet.

Without wasting too much time, let’s just have a look at the following detailed description.

Definition Of Berber Carpet

First of all, before we go further about Berber carpet, finding its exact definition is necessary.

Well, the word “Berber” may cause you feel confuse since it can mean a style or even color of a carpet. “Berber” word is loosely used by the sales people and carpet manufacturers but it refers more likely to a loop carpet style.

Originally, Berber carpet is characterized by the hand-woven by the Berber tribe and completed with a feature of multi-colored flecks of wool along with the loop.

Nowadays, it is easy enough to find carpet that looks like Berber such as the solid-colored nylon looped carpet or the light-colored olefin carpet with flecks that Berber alike.

Apart from the Berber carpet colors, the materials are distinct. They can be patterned loop Berber or Cut and Loop Berber.

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Suitability of Berber Carpet for Pets

Is Berber carpet suitable for pets?

This question may spring up your mind since you may live with pets at home.

In fact, Berber and pets don’t always match. This way, the looped style is more considerable for homes with cats and dogs. This way, claws can be a serious issue for the other types of flooring. With Berber, they can be a problem, too, if you live with unruly pets.

To avoid the damaged Berber carpet because of the animal activities, you can always move to the other parts of the room, grab the toys and say hello to them.

Though a high quality Berber carpet is not bad for pets, you still needs to take care of the loops, right?

Berber Carpet Pros and Cons

No matter what types of carpets, they always come with pros and cons. In fact, carpet is comfortable but it is not able to stand for decades like hardwood flooring.

Berber carpet is categorized as a carpet which is difficult to deal with. If you are wondering how Berber carpet be beneficial or not for your home, look at the pros and cons below:


There are noticeably 5 characteristics of Berber carpet that makes people keep purchasing it from decades to decades.

  • Firstly, Berber carpet easily handles the high foot traffic. This allows you to use the carpet in the areas with the high foot traffic such as living room, family room and bedroom. So you can expect to have Berber carpet for bedroom.
  • Flecked Berber hides dirt well. This doesn’t mean that it collects the dirt, instead, it makes the dirt unseen so that the carpet looks nice for a longer time though you haven’t clean it for two days or more.
  • Third, Berber carpet is affordable. It is also cheaper to manufacture. The cheaper cost of manufacturing the product lead to the cheap prices of the products.
  • Fourth, Berber carpet offers a wide variety of fiber choices, allowing you to choose the most suitable fiber type for your home condition.
  • The last but not least reason why people prefer this carpet is the fact that it is easy to clean.


There are four drawbacks that make people think twice when they are going to purchase Berber carpet. Those are:

  • The fact that it is hard to install.
  • The carpet is potential to running.
  • The carpet is hard to repair. So if get it damaged, you will find hard to repair.
  • In fact, Berber carpet is not as soft as other carpet types.

Berber Carpet Prices

Purchasing Berber carpet requires you to deal with the negatives. Once you feel sure about to purchase the products, don’t forget to read our berber carpet reviews sections on cost.

As we mentioned, Berber carpet offers the most affordable options in the carpet world.

Nowadays, it is no longer described as a cheap product since people love its styles and fibers options that makes them fit the entire part of home, not just the high-traffic areas or finished basements.

If you find it harder to fit the price with your budget, consider what fibers and styles you choose.

This means that the carpet’s fibers and styles can give impact to the price, either increase the cost or decrease it. Patterned carpet usually comes as premium.

Some options are available in Cut Berber and Patterned Loop and Cut. Considering their fibers are also important.

High quality wool Berber appears to be the most expensive with the prices ranging from $5.00 to well over $8.00 per square foot. This way, nylon is considered cheaper but the price varies from $3.00 to $4.00 per square foot.

Olefin Berber tends to be the cheapest product, however, it is also the most difficult to clean.

In addition to the carpet collection, there is a range of color, manufacturer and overall quality of the carpet that play an important role in determining the price.

Using brands, the companies like Shaw and Mohawk have a big number of collections on Shaw Berber carpet.

Here is how you know that Berber carpet’s fibers can be found in StainMaster branding along with the other great manufacturers in the world of carpeting.

So you can expect to have StainMaster Berber carpet here.

Berber Carpet Installation Cost

One of the cons of Berber carpeting is the difficult installation. This means that Berber carpet is not available for DIY installation. So you must think of deciding to tackle it on your own.

Typically, the manufacturer provides the installation guide that tells you about the tools to prepare and the steps of doing the installation by yourself.

If you plan to hire a pro for your Berber carpet installation, you need typically a few dollars per square foot.

The cost will double if you want to use the patterned loop Berber up to $4.00. This way, other styles can be cheaper or even more expensive to install.

On average, labor can cost approximately $2.00 to $3.50 per square foot. This cost is possible when you have no issue with your subfloor or you need to remove the old carpet.

If you want to find a contractor in your location to install Berber carpet in your home, use the quote tool that is usually provided by the website. This tool will help you find the right professional for the installation job.

Final Words

All in all, Berber carpet from our reviews is unique and having such attractive price points, fitting all of your home areas. It also comes with the styles. Even when you want to install carpet on the stairs, the option of Berber carpet for stairs is also available.

In short reviews, Berber carpet fill all what you need about carpeting. So don’t forget to always check the guidelines.

Looking for A Qualified Installer for Berber Carpet Installation

Unfortunately, some readers complain that it is hard to find the qualified local installer or overpaid the carpet installation.

Therefore, there has been developed an online free estimate tool to help them get the installer in 24 hours.

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FAQs Berber Carpet Reviews

Can I repair the damaged Berber carpet easily?

Yes, you can, depending on the type of the damage and how severe it is.

What is the best vacuum for Berber carpet?

There are varieties of vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet, ranging from cordless stick vacuums to large uprights or canister vacuums.

Considering that the Berber carpeting is cheap, is all the Berber carpet cheaply manufactured?

No. There are actually budget-friendly options but there are also a wide variety of Barber carpets that are categorized into premium and mid-range categories, too.

Can I clean Berber carpet easily?

Berber carpet is not difficult to clean but the wicking can be a problem due to the tight weave and stain resistance.