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Abbey Carpet Reviews

Abbey Carpet Reviews reveal a brand that brings a wide range of flooring options right to your doorstep. With over 800 showrooms across the United States, this company offers a variety of styles and materials to fit your needs.

This article aims to provide an exhaustive look at what Abbey Carpet & Floor brings to the table, including its own carpet line, exclusive brands, and additional services.

Why does the carpet you choose matter? Because it sets the tone for your entire living space, and Abbey Carpet and Flooring gives you plenty of options to get it just right.

Overview of Abbey Carpet’s Extensive Showroom Network

One cannot underestimate the importance of Abbey Carpet & Floor’s expansive network of showrooms. A physical footprint spanning over 800 locations gives customers the freedom to personally experience a multitude of carpeting options.

This section details the extent of Abbey’s presence, website features, and the diversity in carpet options.

Scale of Abbey’s Presence Across the United States

With over 800 showrooms located across the country, Abbey Carpet & Floor boasts a significant market presence.

This scale affords customers unparalleled access to different carpeting solutions within reasonable proximity, eliminating the need for long drives to far-off locations.


It’s essential to consider the advantage of being able to visit a showroom. Physical inspection allows for a better appreciation of carpet texture, quality, and color.

Key Features of Abbey’s Website

Abbey Carpet & Floor’s website is equipped to facilitate an easy search for your ideal carpet. The site features filters such as color, fiber, collection, and style, which aid customers in narrowing down their choices.

Additionally, the website hosts popular brands and Abbey’s own carpet line, encompassing four different collections.

  • Search Filters: Color, Fiber, Collection, Style
  • Brands: Including but not limited to Abbey’s own line, Alexander Smith Carpet, and Premier Stainmaster Carpet Collection

Diversity in Carpet Selections Available

At Abbey, you’ll find a range of options, from budget-friendly to luxurious, and everything in between. Their own line, for instance, spans four different collections, each catering to specific tastes and needs.

The diversity extends to exclusive brands like Alexander Smith Carpet and American Showcase Carpet, which offer specialized features such as stain-resistant fibers and unique styles.

  • Abbey’s Own Line: Value Collection, Everyday Living Collection, Soft Fashions Collection, Hagman Collection
  • Exclusive Brands: Alexander Smith Carpet, American Showcase Carpet, Premier Stainmaster Carpet Collection

This extensive network and variety ensure that whatever your carpeting needs, Abbey Carpet & Floor likely has a solution.

Understanding Abbey’s Own Carpet Line

Abbey Carpet & Floor is not just a distributor of various brands; it also has its own carpet line that distinguishes itself through quality and variety.

This section delves into four different collections within Abbey’s line—Value, Everyday Living, Soft Fashions, and Hagman—to offer a comprehensive overview of what each brings to the table.

Insights into the Value Collection

The Value Collection is designed for those looking for affordability without sacrificing quality. It primarily includes polypropylene carpets known for their durability and ease of maintenance. The selection ranges from simple, neutral shades to more vivid hues, offering an option for any aesthetic preference.

Key FeaturesDescription
Color OptionsNeutral shades to vivid hues


Polypropylene is highly stain-resistant, making this collection suitable for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms.

Highlights of the Everyday Living Collection

The Everyday Living Collection is the go-to for those wanting versatility in style and application. It features a mix of synthetic and natural fibers, offering both texture and resilience.

This collection is particularly well-suited for bedrooms and dining rooms.

Key FeaturesDescription
MaterialSynthetic and Natural Fibers
VersatilitySuited for various room types
StyleVarious textures available

What the Soft Fashions Collection Offers

As the name suggests, the Soft Fashions Collection focuses on comfort. With an array of soft, plush options primarily made from polyester, this collection aims to bring luxury to your feet. It is ideal for bedrooms or other low-traffic areas where comfort is a priority.

Key FeaturesDescription
Ideal ForBedrooms, low-traffic areas

Characteristics of the Hagman Collection

The Hagman Collection distinguishes itself through its exclusive designs and luxurious feel. Generally made from wool or high-quality synthetics, these carpets offer both elegance and durability.

The selection includes a range of intricate patterns and rich colors, making it ideal for those wanting to make a statement.

Key FeaturesDescription
MaterialWool or High-Quality Synthetics
DesignExclusive patterns and colors

Abbey’s own carpet line ensures that you can find a product that precisely fits your needs, whether you prioritize affordability, versatility, comfort, or luxury.

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Exploring Abbey’s Exclusive Carpet Brands

Abbey Carpet & Floor not only offers its own line of carpets but also hosts an exclusive selection of established brands.

This section focuses on three such brands—Alexander Smith, American Showcase, and Premier Stainmaster—to help you make an informed decision for your carpeting needs.

Features of Alexander Smith Carpet

Alexander Smith is a brand synonymous with craftsmanship and enduring quality. Its carpets often feature intricate designs, a variety of textures, and long-lasting fibers. Whether you want a classic, timeless look or something more contemporary, this brand has it all.

Key FeaturesDescription
Design VersatilityClassical to contemporary
DurabilityLong-lasting fibers
Texture OptionsVaried


Alexander Smith carpets are often favored for formal settings due to their elegant designs and durability.

American Showcase Carpet Collections

The American Showcase brand provides an extensive range of options to fit different styles and functional needs. From dense carpets suited for high-traffic areas to luxurious options for bedrooms, this brand covers it all.

Key FeaturesDescription
Functional VersatilitySuited for multiple room types
Material ChoicesVarious fibers, including synthetics
Style RangeBroad

Unpacking Premier Stainmaster Carpet Options

Premier Stainmaster carpets come equipped with advanced stain-resistant technology. These carpets are not just durable but also easy to clean, making them ideal for homes with children or pets.

Key FeaturesDescription
Stain ResistanceAdvanced technology
MaintenanceEasy cleaning


Premier Stainmaster carpets are a top choice for pet owners due to their stain-resistant qualities.

With exclusive brands like Alexander Smith, American Showcase, and Premier Stainmaster, Abbey Carpet & Floor ensures that every customer finds a match that meets both stylistic and functional requirements.

Additional Brands Available Through Abbey

Abbey Carpet & Floor not only carries its exclusive carpet collections but also offers a variety of other notable brands. This inclusivity allows the company to meet diverse customer needs.

We will delve into some of the renowned brands you can find at Abbey showrooms, the variety of styles they offer, and how they compare to Abbey’s exclusive lines.

Notable Brands Found in Abbey Showrooms

The variety of brands available at Abbey showrooms is commendable. Some of the reputable names include Mohawk, Shaw, and Karastan.

MohawkEco-friendly options
ShawResilient and durable carpets
KarastanLuxury and sophisticated designs


Mohawk is particularly popular for its sustainable carpeting solutions, making it a preferable choice for environmentally conscious buyers.

A Glimpse Into Abbey’s Diverse Carpet Styles

From the minimalist to the extravagant, Abbey’s showrooms cover a wide range of carpet styles, thanks to the multitude of brands they host. Whether you are interested in a textured Berber or a soft plush carpet, the choices are plenty.

How These Brands Compare with Abbey’s Exclusive Lines

While Abbey’s exclusive collections offer a consolidated range of options targeted at specific needs, the additional brands provide an expansive variety. They cater to a broad spectrum of preferences, from eco-friendly options to luxurious selections.

CriteriaAbbey’s Exclusive LinesAdditional Brands
Environmental FocusModerateHigh (e.g., Mohawk)
Luxury OptionsAvailableExtensive

In summary, Abbey Carpet & Floor’s showrooms offer an extensive brand variety to cater to different tastes and requirements. Whether you are leaning towards the exclusive Abbey lines or considering other renowned brands, rest assured you will find what you need.

Warranty Policies to Consider

When investing in a new carpet from Abbey Carpet & Floor, understanding the warranty options available becomes crucial. Various policies cover lifetime guarantees for selected brands, a 60-day satisfaction promise, and other specific conditions and limitations.

Let’s delve into these aspects for a comprehensive understanding.

Lifetime Warranty for Selected Brands

Abbey Carpet & Floor offers a lifetime warranty on selected brands, particularly on their exclusive collections.

This warranty primarily covers manufacturing defects and premature wear and tear. It’s a significant aspect to consider, especially for long-term investments in home or office flooring.

Selected Brands with Lifetime WarrantyCoverage Aspects
Abbey’s Own LineManufacturing defects, wear and tear
Alexander SmithManufacturing defects
American ShowcaseStain resistance


Always read the fine print in warranty documents to ensure you are fully aware of what is covered and what is not.

Understanding the 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Abbey also provides a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all carpet purchases. If you are not completely satisfied within the initial 60 days, the company will replace the carpet. This offers a safety net for your investment and allows for a more confident buying decision.

Conditions and Limitations of Abbey’s Warranties

While warranties provide security, it is essential to note certain conditions and limitations. These may include exclusions for damage caused by improper maintenance or extreme conditions. It’s advised to consult the specific warranty terms and conditions for each purchase.

  • Exclusions for damage caused by pets
  • Exclusions for improper cleaning methods
  • Limitations on commercial installations

Understanding the range of warranty policies can aid significantly in making a well-informed carpet purchase from Abbey Carpet & Floor.

Cost and Availability—What You Need to Know

Making an informed carpet purchase from Abbey Carpet & Floor also requires understanding cost and availability. Some might notice the absence of online pricing information, the emphasis on in-person shopping, and the additional services provided by Abbey.

We’ll elucidate these facets to better equip you for your purchasing decision.

Lack of Online Pricing Information

One key characteristic of Abbey Carpet & Floor is that specific pricing information is generally not available online. This is not uncommon in the carpet industry, as various factors such as customization, installation, and additional services can affect the final cost.


Although it’s convenient to get pricing information online, Abbey’s approach ensures that you receive a more personalized price based on your specific needs.

Importance of In-Person Shopping

Given the lack of online pricing, visiting a physical showroom becomes increasingly valuable. Not only can you physically inspect the carpet samples, but also you can avail yourself of the expertise of in-store staff.

These professionals can provide tailored recommendations based on your requirements and can also give you a more accurate cost estimate.

Additional Services Offered by Abbey

Apart from a wide selection of carpet choices, Abbey also offers several value-added services to enhance your shopping experience. These include:

  • Free in-home measurement services
  • Professional installation
  • Custom designs and consultation services
ServiceBrief Description
Free In-Home MeasurementAccurate space measurements for a better fit
Professional InstallationSkilled workmanship for optimal carpet layout
Custom DesignsTailored solutions for unique interior settings

Understanding the dynamics of cost and availability at Abbey Carpet & Floor allows you to better strategize your purchase. From personalized services to the benefits of in-store visits, you can optimize both your selection and your budget.

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We’ve meticulously dissected what Abbey Carpet & Floor has to offer, from its extensive showroom network to its warranty policies.

While the company’s lack of online pricing information might be a drawback for some, it paves the way for a more personalized service in physical stores.

As you contemplate your carpet and flooring options, Abbey presents itself as a comprehensive choice with a broad selection and a range of value-added services.

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