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What is Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring and Purchase It For A Higher Durability

by Dylan Johnson

Just because you want to cover your home floors with bamboo flooring doesn’t mean that you have to grow up the bamboos in your backyard by yourself and create such effortful flooring. Strand woven bamboo flooring is now available on the market to provide you with the far more durable natural materials than the conventional flooring nowadays.

Truly, the grown- bamboos fully in your gardens can be very much effortful, overtaking the backyards and creeping into the neighbors’ belongings.

Cut them down as well as expose them to the direct sun, pour with water yet it can flatten, shred and break only in a short time. See how difficult and tiring to create such bamboo flooring.

Through the developing technologies increased by the manufacturers, bamboo flooring is constructed from the great and tough materials to exist in today’s interior home design. It is designed in such a way to complete your living space with a depth and richness of exotic flooring.

Since most people tend to love hardwood flooring, bamboo is treated with a chameleon-like material to adopt the appearance of oak, walnut and pine hardwood flooring.

In this regards, the manufacturers must keep inventing any techniques to change the grass into a flooring material that resemble the wood look.

In addition to this way of creating bamboo flooring, carbonizing is performed through the browning treatment to increase the wood look up to 30-percent.

Later on, the flooring is bathed in resins, creating a durable floor covering to last for years within the traffic life of human and pets.

Finally, Strand woven bamboo flooring is successfully manufactured with the great structural integrity compared to the conventional bamboo flooring.

The Nature of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

The common horizontal bamboo flooring is characterized by the look of pressed bamboo although it has been stained and treated on its surface.

The coloration of this flooring resembles the oak or walnut yet the patterning is truly a bamboo. It is because bamboo has a visible distinctive nodes.

A few people who have purchased strand-woven bamboo flooring find it disappointing since they expected to have a bamboo-look flooring, in fact, the flooring has no its iconic look anymore. This might be due to the production process which is much influenced by the today’s flooring technology.

Similar to wood, bamboo is the source of product to create particle board. It comes without being stripped in a fix form and laminated. On the other hand, bamboo is constructed using the machine to create powerful fibers.

Later on, these fibers are pressed by the steel hydraulic and subjected to heat to form the dense logs. When the logs are definitely cured, the bamboo is able to be milled and fabricated.

In 1991, Chinese bamboo flooring was introduced by the San Francisco-Based Smith and Fong to the market in the U.S. Just after a decade, the manufacturer announced the Strand woven bamboo flooring production.

This way, it is known to be an aesthetical bamboo flooring since it presents more than the traditional bamboo flooring appearance. In 1990s and 2000s, strand woven bamboo flooring can be changed into a floorboards yet it comes with the other building materials, one of which is plywood.

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The Durability of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

While you know well that oak, maple, hickory and other hardwood are wear-resistant, bamboo flooring is not. Many hardwood flooring types wear well though they are not given a treatment. Cedar, which is recognizable as a softwood, is true in its longevity because of the natural oils to help it resist to weather.

On the contrary, to reach the durability, bamboo flooring must pass the manufacturing process involving the process of strand weaving, materials binding, and finishing using the tough surface aluminum oxide.

Thus, strand woven bamboo flooring becomes far more durable than any vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring. This durability is also supported by the cross-hatched stands act that holds the material altogether.

To ensure the durability, this strand woven bamboo flooring is tested using the Janka hardness testing system. The result shows that the flooring has 4.500 rating, meaning that it is three times durable more than the conventional bamboo flooring either vertical or horizontal one.

Thus, this flooring is suitable enough for spaces with high foot traffic level where children and pet are frequently stepping on.

Hence, if you live in a family with children and pets, Strand woven bamboo flooring can be the best option for home flooring.

Trustable Sources of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

There are three trustable sources of strand woven bamboo flooring available to meet your needs and preference of this flooring type. Those are Smith and Fong Plyboo, Cali Bamboo, Build Direct and Teragen.

Smith and Fong Plyboo is the original source of strand woven bamboo flooring based on the U.S. It is increasingly demanded in the world of residential interior flooring.

Todays, this flooring is designed along with the underlayment, trim, gym flooring and a host of other products that are bamboo-based.

Smith and Fong Plyboo is still a reliable source for this flooring type completed with its flooring lines of Stiletto Strand and Plyboo Strand.

The next source is Cali Bamboo which is fossilized to create strand woven bamboo flooring with 5,000 Janka point rating, meaning that it is very good in durability. Even the compact product of this flooring is 30-percent more in bamboo-look than the horizontal bamboo flooring.

Build direct is the only one home improvement retailer that comes with the affordable prices. Thus, you don’t have to find the other minimum volume to order to make sure that the strand woven affordable.

Teragen, the third source of strand woven bamboo flooring, is based in Bainbridge island, Washington. Teragen keeps the records of manufacturing process when this flooring is created.

The Best Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Products

There are some best products of Strand woven bamboo flooring that are all available now on the market, providing you with a large number of selections.

For the best product quality, Teragen optimum 5.5 moso is the first strand woven bamboo flooring that comes with the special bamboo species. Moso optimum 5.5 moso is designed with the hard fibers.

To create the strand woven bamboo product, the bamboo must be harvested only on its mature point around 5.5 to 6 years old.

For the best quality with the durable feature is Cali Bamboo with its that comes with 5000 janka writing, meaning that the flooring is durable enough for its toughest bamboo flooring.

For the best flooring product, Teragen is considered the hazy and aesthetic engineered strand woven bamboo flooring that comes with the friendly-environment.

This means that bamboo flooring product named Teragen is now one of the place where you can have a very sustainable bamboo flooring.

There are also a wide selection of bamboo flooring you can find at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

In this case, the retailers can offer you 15 to 20 bamboo flooring types while Lowe’s and Home Depot offer 60 different products of bamboo flooring ranging from the usual honey-colored bamboo to the unique ones such as slate color, gray and pure black.

Lowe’s and Home Depot are also the home improvement stores that keeps the prices of bamboo flooring low.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is also available at Lumber Liquidators for the best low cost. In this case, Lumber Liquidators keeps the products prices consistently cheap along with the special offerings ranging from $2 per square foot and some lower price of product than $1,50 per square foot.

Compared to Lowe’s and Home Depot, Lumber Liquidators offer the lowest prices which are around $2 per square foot.

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Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

No matter what types of bamboo flooring manufactured and available on the market nowadays, there are always likes and dislikes related with the strength and weaknesses of bamboo flooring itself.

Noticeably, the renewable materials of bamboo makes people love using this flooring under the reason that it would be safe for environment. Besides, bamboo flooring offers an easy maintenance, suiting the high mobility of people’s life styles today.

Bamboo can be refinished, thus, whenever it is worn, you can refinished the flooring well. One more thing, bamboo flooring adds real estate value as a beautiful flooring.

While there are some reasons why people love it, there are also several reasons why a few other people tend to choose another product.

Typically, bamboo is easily scratching and able to swings, causing the floor to cracks over time. Moreover, toxins are also there in the adhesives resins.

This way, the presence of toxins is too good for people’s health especially for those with allergies.

Final Words

Finally, Strand woven bamboo flooring is a type for bamboo flooring which is manufactured to be a more durable and natural flooring despite the bamboo materials constructing the flooring.

One thing to remember about deciding to purchase this flooring is to get to know more about how durable it is and how well you must maintain the flooring.