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Best Home Gym Flooring for Your Home

Best Home Gym Flooring for Your Home

by Dylan Johnson

Best Home Gym Flooring – It can be quite expensive to get a gym membership while to work out the process of getting the desired body cannot guarantee. That’s why many people turns to create their own space for having gym.

Truly, everyone can personalize and private the fitness schedule so it is crucial to have the right flooring to use since it can effect on the way they are doing it.

Yup, here are the ideas on selecting the best home gym flooring you can take into consideration.

This time, we come with the ideas how to select the best home gym flooring.

Thus, there are some considerations that we include in the article along with the flooring types that fits mostly for the gym flooring.

We also include the best home gym floors that you can take into account.

Considerations Home Gym Flooring

Choosing something cannot ignore some crucial factors to consider.

In this regards, there are some factors to evaluate dealing with the flooring characteristics.


Selecting the best home gym flooring must take the type and nature of the flooring materials.

The hard surface of the flooring and even the subflooring can easily get damage by the heavyweight crack, chip or break due to the gym activities.

Further, the large equipment for exercise such as bikes and training system also cause stress to your gym space floors.

Thus, make sure you choose the flooring type that offers a good strength for gym activities.

Upper Floors

It is always possible that you create your own gym space upper floors, thus, a special care must be taken with the floors.

In fact, the vigorous gym is noisy, making your family living below may feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, make sure you add the thicker padded mats onto the floors to reduce the noise and other problem that may arise.

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There is a variety of ways to interact with the flooring, one of which is through the texture.

The special touch of the texture on the flooring surface will influence the way you get actions in the gym.

In this regards, hard flooring surface is considered better for yoga and stretching yet they could be painful for cardio routines.

Generally, the firm and yielding flooring will be best for any home gym condition.


In purpose of providing the good subfloor, padding it with the various thickness can be the perfect idea for a permanent home gym flooring. This is suitable for the hard surface floor.

On the other hand, if you have already installed carpet in the gym room, you need to remove it before applying the padding. Otherwise, it can cause layers to slide and shift dangerously.

Sweat Issues

Selecting the best home gym flooring can raise an issue. In this case, the harder you work out the gym, the more you are going to sweat.

The small amount of sweat wouldn’t be a problem but sweat accumulation would be. It will surely lead to a moisture issue causing the discoloration and even the growth of mold and mildew.


The most popular options that are widely used for home gym are usually rubber, foam, carpet, vinyl and turf.

In this case, rubber is mostly used due to its affordable price, low maintenance, high durability and versatility.

Foam which is also called as carpet tile is considered offering the lowest price but it is hard to clean. Moreover, it is less suitable for energetic exercise.


In the world of flooring, durability is a must. It deals with how long the materials will last and how strong it will fight against flooring issues.

For the best home gym flooring, rubber and vinyl are the two flooring types with the high durability to fit the rigorous activities such as gym.

It is also able to grip more effectively. Further, it also comes with the inexpensive price to be the gym flooring at home.

Types of exercise

The next consideration you must figure out in selecting the best home gym flooring is the types of exercises. Rubber or foam floors will fit jumping rope and weight trainings.

This way, the two types of flooring will grip the impact better than vinyl, turf and carpet.

Rubber and foam are common and better for yoga. Noticeably, they are also great as the base for bikes exercise and treadmills.

Gym Flooring Options

So you are willing to install a flooring in your own gym room, here are the 10 best flooring options can consider purchasing and installing.

Check out of all their characteristic to ensure that you can find the best and the most suitable flooring type.

Rubber floor mats

Rubber floor mats are usually called as gym mats, meaning that this flooring type has been common to use for home gym flooring.

These flooring types comes with the sheets of rubber along with the different sizes and thickness which are all based on the pricing.

This means that different price may lead to a different sizes and thickness of the rubber floor mats.

In addition to the sizes and thickness, a rubber floor mats are available in ½ inch covering to withstand the weight lifting exercises while the ¾ inch covering is aimed for the heavier duty workouts.

These rubber floor mats are usually available in pieces of interlocking puzzle sets. However, the low-quality materials are just spreading overtime.

In this case, the dimensional bond can be created by allowing the best interlocking tiles to clasp top-over-bottom.

Sometimes, either the recycled rubber mats or the floor surface coverings will smell bad. Though they are less dangerous yet they are irritating people overtime.

If you want to avoid this issue, there is virgin rubber flooring material to opt. However, it offers the more expensive price than the general rubber.

One thing to keep in mind about the recycled rubber floor mats is that the padding must be washed thoroughly and let it to ventilate outside of the room.

Stall Mats

Selecting the best home gym flooring can also consider stall mats which are noticeably industrial strong. Stall mats are usually used for horse stall. So you don’t have to worry about its strength and durability.

Truly, stall mats are thick, reliable and durable along with 4 x6 inch thickness and 100 pounds weight for the sheets.

Stall mats are good to eliminate the bad effect of damage due to the extreme workouts or heavy gym equipment.

Further, these mats also insulate your private gym space against the noise of your gym routines.

The downside of using these flooring type include the odor caused by the process of producing the rubber mats from the recycled materials.

For temporary home gym flooring, stall mats are difficult to maneuver.

Hardwood Gym Floors

Believe it or not, hardwood flooring can be a great choice to create a home gym. Maple is the most common to use yet it comes with a very expensive price.

There are still lots of other choices that works well. The issue of using hardwood for gym flooring lays only on the sound when the floor if creaks and squeaks develop overtime.

The dropped weights of heavy equipment can also cause damage on the floor in terms of dents and other permanent damages.


As one of the recommended home gym flooring, foam is softer than the rubber.

Foam is padded providing a cushioned surface so that it will be more pliant than the ordinary gym flooring. Foam can be a good choice for impact workouts.

However, it can also be an issue especially for stretches. Thus, you need more firm surfaces.

Due to the fact that cheaper foam materials are able to crumble, it is recommended that you choose the foam with the ½ – ¾ inch thickness which is considered best for gym flooring.


Carpet is also very considerable in selecting the best home gym flooring.

Carpet is noticeably soft, safe and comfortable. It can even be an ideal solution for gym flooring at home.

Unluckily, the padded carpet surface will be able to stain by the accumulated sweat. This is one of the moisture issues that lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Carpet with adhesive contains volatile organic chemicals which are not good for health. This kind of carpet commonly off-gases this VOCs.


What about cork?

Why do we include cork in the list of the best gym flooring at home?

Due to the soft and cushiony characteristics, cork has been widely used for home gym flooring since it is considered more stylish than the other options.

Cork will be safe for sweat penetration if it is properly sealed. It is also luxurious yet firm in the feel to create a good surface to provide a severe workout.  

However, the softness of the materials may cause the cork floors easily break, gouge and rip overtime. The foot treads and weight impacts also cause the cork get damaged.


Vinyl is basically constructed as a thin sheet resilient flooring that can well mix with the underlayment padding to create a pliant surface for physical actions at home.

Vinyl is featuring waterproof, high durability and stain-resistant to fight against the rips.

Vinyl also comes with the effective lifespan for a home gym space about 8 to 10 years as long as the owners perform the moderate maintenance.

The Best Home Gym Flooring

There are actually some flooring types you can best consider this year.

In this regards, we group the flooring types into some categories to narrow the way you are searching the detail of the gym flooring.

So let’s have a quick read on the following sections:

Best Budget Home Gym Floors

Find the most affordable gym flooring is not as easy as you may think of, particularly for the large areas in your home.

In this case, you must make sure that you provide the floors with enough protection.

The best budget home gym floors offers not only a good protection but also the floors flexibility dealing with how much floor you want to cover using the single set.

In this regards, Sorbus Wood Grain floor mats can be a precious option among the many different gym flooring options.

Sorbus Wood Grain floor mats are definitely affordable, fitting your “tight budget” in creating the home gym space.

This flooring options is also light-resistant, making it suitable for home use. They will work well for gym use.

There are a wide variety of wood grain patterns to choose along with the flooring features. Add the floors with the 3/8ths of an inch of foam padding to keep your gym room always looks good.

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Best Wood Looking Gym Flooring

Selecting the best home gym flooring can be done well by looking over the best wood looking options of flooring gym.

In this case, traditional EVA foam tiles are much of advantages. It works normally for the room with the normal exercise without any damage or scratch. This foam tiles are usually available in 24 x 24 and .5i thick.

It comes also with unique design feature that is the removable edge strips to allow the tiles to be a corner or a border piece.

The traditional EVA foam tiles are also available in some sets of 6 to 25 tiles along with the various wood veneers like cherry, maple, oak and colored woods which include grey, green and black.

Best for Kids: Skip Hop Playspot

The other category of the home gym flooring is the best for kids. Since kids need also some exercises they can do at home, providing thy home gym for them is a good idea.

This, choose the best flooring that comes with the great safety features. While you may also feel worried about the dropped things and spills, choose the flooring type with the protective layer of foam padding.

In this regards, consider the Skip Hop Geo Playspot Foam Floor tile set. It comes with the unique patterns and shapes, too.

Best For Yoga

Doing Yoga at home either by yourself or with friends is exciting, isn’t it?

Think of taking up your living room with the large exercise mats with the interlocking tile system.

Traditional hardwood flooring is also considerable particularly the Home Toast Solid Bamboo Flooring that comes with the tongue-and-groove design to offer you an easy installation.