Vinyl Flooring Reviews: What You Need to Know About It

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vinyl flooring reviews

Vinyl Flooring Reviews – Whether you are building a new house or renovating the existing one, vinyl flooring will always come up in your mind as one of the house elements.

Vinyl has entered a trend of flooring ideas for modern house style. It has been popularly used in many years simply because of the inexpensive price, various colors, styles and designs, easy installed and self-adhesive backing.

These are all the primary reasons why vinyl places the best consideration for all home-owners.

In this regard, we are coming with the vinyl flooring reviews where we share a hug information about this kind of flooring.

The reviews will include the benefits of using vinyl flooring, the vinyl characteristics, how people like and dislike it and much more.

So stay with us and get inspired!

Benefit of Vinyl Flooring

know about vinyl flooring
know about vinyl flooring

There are more benefits of using vinyl as the best flooring for your lovely house. In these recent times, vinyl is presented to perfectly match interior design. It is beautiful and long-lasting to support its performance.

In this concern, there are primarily 6 benefits you can derive ranging from the purchasing the tiles up to the use of it.

Cost Effective

Vinyl flooring is best described to be a good value due to the inexpensive price compared to ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring though they are created almost similarly.

Vinyl is the cost-effective solution for all home owners especially those who are on a limited budget.

Typically, vinyl is good to install in a house with modern and minimalist design. When every elements of the house must be well accounted on budget, vinyl comes into play.

Beautiful Design

Though vinyl comes with an affordable price, it beneficially offers beautiful design. Colors and patterns are designed variously to present a ceramic or hardwood alike.

When vinyl is correctly installed, you will not even find any difference between the vinyl and the natural products.


easy install vinyl flooring
easy install vinyl flooring

The next benefit you can expect from using vinyl is the easy installation. This is also the main reason why most people tend to choose vinyl over the others.

In detail, this kind of flooring is installed right over top of existing floor, eliminating the need of removing the old one. It can also be easily installed right over the subfloor.

Easy Maintenance

maintenance vinyl flooring
maintenance vinyl flooring

What more can you expect from using vinyl?

Easy maintenance is the answer. This is one of the benefit that most people like.

People always choose the one with low maintenance while it keeps beautiful all the time. Damp mopping and sweeping are all what you need to care for the flooring.

The best areas that mostly fit this flooring are bathroom and kitchen where all busy activities occur.

Thickness of Vinyl Flooring

thickness of vinyl flooring
thickness of vinyl flooring

Sometimes, considering the thickness of flooring is really a matter. It would also be difficult to decide how thick the vinyl you are going to purchase since there are a number of vinyl thickness available in the market, ranging from 2mm to 8mm.

If you assume that the thicker the vinyl, the durable it will be, you are totally wrong.

In this case of flooring reviews, the durability is not exactly determined by the thickness of the vinyl.

So what factors can you consider to decide how thick the vinyl you are going to install?

It is all dealing with the location, the foot traffic, the subfloor type, the subfloor condition and the type of vinyl. These are the factors that must be taken into account when it’s time for you to choose vinyl flooring.

A bedroom typically match the thinner vinyl which will work great on it. It is due to the fact that a bedroom has less foot traffic than the other room in the house.

The entry ways and hallways where the feet are actively stepping on needs the thicker vinyl as well as the kitchen and bathroom which are the most crowded spaces in the house.

The next factors to consider choosing the vinyl are the subfloor type and condition. If your subfloor has been created on concrete, you can choose the thinner vinyl since the subfloor has been sturdy enough so it need no vinyl thickness support.

On the other hand, if you have only a thin subfloor, the thick vinyl can be the good option to add the support and stability of the flooring.

There are some types of vinyl that you must also take into account in order that you can get the appropriate one for your house flooring.

Those are the basic LVT and the engineered vinyls.

The standard LVT vinyl is considered less stable than the engineered rigid core instruction.

The engineered rigid construction has 4mm to 8mm thickness to make a solid and durable flooring.

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Size of Vinyl Flooring

What you need to know about vinyl flooring later is the size of vinyl flooring. In this regard, the vinyl size is often associated with the thickness.

In general, vinyl comes with two standard lengths; 36 inches and 48 inches while the width comes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches wide.

In fact, most people use the common vinyl size which is 6 to 9 inches wide.

There are no standard length for vinyl roll. If there is not enough vinyl in the flooring stores, ordering any length from the supplier or factory is very much possible. In fact, most people purchase from 18 to 25 square feet of the vinyl for their house.

If you want to purchase vinyl, then you must consider the area you want to cover, divide the area by how many square feet the vinyl cover, and add 10% for round up or waste.

Finally you will get the number of vinyl size you are going to purchase.

Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons

vinyl flooring pros and cons
vinyl flooring pros and cons

In any home design, there are always pros and cons of every decision including the vinyl flooring option.

Apart from reviews the fact that vinyl is one of the most popular flooring for offices, households, cafes and commercial places nowadays, some contrary ideas not to use vinyl also exist.

Basically, why people pros and cons much depends on their needs.


Vinyl is made of 100% moisture resistant, allowing the floor not to be affected by the spilled water. This vinyl construction makes it ideal for basement, kitchen, bathroom, cafes and restaurants. Vinyl is also a great options for those with pets that might cause accidents.

Vinyl proves to be durable due to the commercial grade wear layers that makes it able to withstand the heavy foot traffic.

Besides, many business places love to use vinyl because it is pretty easy to maintain. It needs only a regular sweeping and weekly mopping to make it clean and look great.

vinyl flooring durable
vinyl flooring durable

Vinyl is also dimensionally stable and sturdy due to the rigid core construction. For more stability and sturdiness, the 8mm thickness of vinyl can be attached along with the underlayment and hand scrapped textures.

The easy installation of vinyl also makes people show their pros. Vinyl can easily be attached on nearly any subfloor. This way, gluing down and loose lay method are common.

Additionally, the durability, appearance and affordable price makes this type of flooring a great option for most busy spaces.


Though vinyl has been widely used todays, it doesn’t match some people’s preferences. There are some reasons underlying why it is so. Well, gluing down the vinyl is noticeably difficult.

If you choose to install vinyl for only temporary solution, make sure you don’t use glue in order that you can remove the vinyl easily.

luxury vinyl plank bedroom
luxury vinyl plank bedroom

Vinyl comes with softer material than other tiles and hardwoods. It can be easily punctured by the sharp objects such as knife or a metal chair leg.

Additionally, vinyl doesn’t come with UV resistant, allowing it to experience discoloration overtime. Thus, it is not good for open space with more sunlight.

One more downside you have to know is the fact that vinyl is not biodegradable, so it would be very difficult to have it recycled.

Best Vinyl Flooring

If you really want to purchase vinyl and installed on your house for flooring, here are reviews the best recommended ones you can consider.

Home Depot

Home Depot is best described as an economical priced home products including flooring. The vinyl flooring available in Home Depot is LifeProof. This is one of the brand that you can only find in Home Depot.

LifeProof is produced to be a luxury vinyl with 7mm thickness. This kind of vinyl can be easily dropped, locked and managed. There will be no distinctive parting found.

Once you attach this vinyl, you will get your floor looks like laminate flooring. Its thickness provides a soft footfall and some insulation against the subfloor. It cannot absorb water and deteriorate due to the polymer-based material.


Shaw is one of luxury vinyl that runs three different lines in which there are four and twelve color variations in each line. Shaw has 5mm thickness along with the 20mm thick layers, allowing the vinyl to look so impressive.

Shaw is considered to have a rock-bottom cheap price yet it presents a luxury vinyl quality points about its thickness.

shaw luxury vinyl flooring brands
shaw luxury vinyl flooring brands


Armstrong is all about simplicity. This means that this vinyl offers a simplicity over the design. The major vinyl plank line is popularly called Luxe Plank which comes with the three quality designations so that Luxe Plank is the good, better, and even the best vinyl you will ever see.

Most Armstrong’s styles are wood-style such as maple, oak, walnut and jatoba. Luxe can appear with the trendy treatments such as weathered barn wood. It can also be exotics like the amendoim, the Brazilian oak.

armstrong vinyl flooring for kitchen
armstrong vinyl flooring for kitchen

Mannington: Adura Rigid

Adura can be the best choice to add quality and luxury vinyl flooring to your home along with 4 inch by 36- inch dimensions and 4mm, making the vinyl looks very great for its thickness.

Using this vinyl for your house flooring is a cost-effective method to serve your home with the less expensive vinyl yet it offers a great luxury.

Adura is an ideal choice for kitchen remodel, basement finishing, kid’s bedroom and second bathroom. Adura comes with the patterns of teaks, oaks and maples which are all solid.

mannington adura max
mannington adura max

Lumber Liquidators: CoreLuxe Ultra

Lumber liquidators comes as disruptive upstart yet it has been about two decades old. It looks differently. It offers more to the customers including flash sale, fall parking lot sales and grab-bag mystery products that simply follow the Major Brand. This kind of vinyl has 7mm thickness and is limited to only 14 wood species.

If you are looking for ultra-thin luxury vinyl, Lumber Liquidators is the place to go. It provides you with the cheap priced vinyl, making it ideal for an outbuilding, rental beach vacation house and ongoing remodel project.

Vinyl Flooring Price

The price of vinyl flooring is various depending on some factors such as location, job complexity, quality, vinyl type and thickness. To give you a clear picture about the price, well, vinyl flooring ranges from $2-$8 per square foot. This price includes the cost of installation.

For example, if you want to install a 200 square foot vinyl floor, you need approximately $800-$1,000 without the stairs cost.

Vinyl Flooring Cutter

Whether you are a home designer or just the home owner who make up the house, installing vinyl need a lightweight vinyl flooring cutter, right?

This way, we recommend you purchase or use Roberts 18 inches vinyl tile cutter. It is made of a heavy duty aluminum and coming with an industrial grade carbon steel blade along with ball bearing casters.

This cutter is designed for reliable and professional results along with the easy maneuverability on the job location.

magnum shear
magnum shear

Vinyl Flooring Durability

Is vinyl flooring durable?

Definitely. Vinyl is highly durable especially if you are installing and maintaining it correctly. It can even last for 10-20 years.

Vinyl is a great choice for your house flooring especially for the most crowded rooms like kitchen, kid’s bedroom and bathroom. Vinyl comes with layer on its surface that resist stains and scratches.

To support the durability of vinyl flooring, some vinyl products offer up to 15 year warranty on the wear layer.

However, the quality of the vinyl material will also determine how long it will last. The better quality the vinyl, the longer it will last. As simple as that.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

The next information you can expect to derive out of this reviews is the waterproof vinyl flooring. There are a few products we can recommend you purchase.


ProTech is a waterproof vinyl flooring. It is 8.7mm thick. It comes with a superior wear and scratch resistant supported by 0.7mm wear layer and UV coating. It also presents the high density top vinyl layer providing your heavy furniture and rolling chairs with the strong support.

Nance Industries

The second waterproof vinyl we recommend you purchase is Nance Industries. It is featuring easy peel and stick installation, 2.5mm thickness, stain and scratch resistant, water resistant and adhesive. Each box of Nance Industries vinyl you purchase consists of vinyl covering 20 square feet.

Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers has actually more to offer as one of the waterproof vinyl. It is natural due to 100% acacia wood material used in the construction. It is also resistant to all weather. It is very much ideal and effective for indoors and outdoors.

Patio Pavers is also versatile. Its patterns are fully compatible with one to another. The effortless installation makes people love this vinyl for their house flooring especially for the most crowded areas like kitchen, bathroom and kid’s bedroom.

LifeProof Vinyl Flooring

The LifeProof is formally known as Allure. This is a kind of vinyl that can be your excellent choice offering you an appealing look and affordable price.

LifeProof vinyl flooring comes in a variety of beautiful selections which are all deeply embossed to resemble the natural wood like oak, pine and hickory.

LifeProof vinyl also comes not only with traditional wood looks but also with the trendy and rustic looks. So, it can suit whatever home design you like. You have a rustic home design, then you can choose the rustic style vinyl.

On the other hand, if your home is designed modernly, you can also choose the trendy and modern style of vinyl.

Vinyl Flooring Tools

Do you want to install vinyl by yourself?

Why not?

Use Bullet Tools to cut the vinyl wherever you work. It helps you save your time due to its one shear blade outlasts over 20 saw blades that makes your work easily and effectively done.

It offers a quiet operation since it needs no electricity. Along with this vinyl flooring tool, you can always cut anytime day or night.

You can also consider using EAB Tool which is designed to cut laminate, vinyl, solid wood and engineered flooring up to 15mm. This tool is able to cut up to 9 inches wide and its angle gauge allows you to cut up to 45 degrees.

Thanks to the feature of quiet and dust-free operation and no electricity. Well, the blade can be luckily replaceable and re-sharpened with the included sharpening stone.

Roberts 10-25 Universal Tapping Block is also much recommended. It is just one of the widely-used vinyl flooring tools for most home designers. It works by gently pushing the tongue and groove or edges of vinyl, laminate or hardwood flooring.

This tool is designed in such a way with a unique combination edge for use with the most types of flooring. It is best described to be very durable due to its polypropylene body.

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Ways To Removing Vinyl Flooring

Lastly to check, this reviews must include the information about removing vinyl flooring. It is noticeably hard to remove vinyl because of the glue down process when installed. This way, there are some steps you can follow one by one to remove the vinyl.

  • Remove the baseboards and quarter-round. These are the edges of the flooring.
  • Remove the center of the floor. If your flooring is perimeter-installed, the removing project will be much easier by removing the center of the floor.
  • Cut in narrow strips. This way, you must keep your knife always at hand to help you cut in narror strips.
  • Remove the vinyl with the prybar. In this flooring reviews case, the prybar is blunt, allowing it to work only if the vinyl is glued down.
  • Peel away the vinyl flooring. Do it by your hands.
  • Dispose the vinyl as the last step.


Finally, vinyl flooring is one of the best choice you can apply either for your new house or for remodeling the existing one. Due to its durability, vinyl is still widely used in today’s home design.

May this reviews help you find inspiration to use the affordable vinyl flooring for your house.

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