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Shaw Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Shaw Vinyl Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Shaw Vinyl Flooring Reviews – If you want to create floors that work hard so everything else is easy, Shaw vinyl flooring is the only one modern choice.

Since vinyl flooring is now becoming more and more popular for both home designers and home owners, now take you inspiration home by making decision of purchasing and installing this vinyl in your home.

Why Shaw?

When it comes to choose vinyl flooring, a big question may be questioning: why Shaw?

There are some reasons why choosing Shaw vinyl flooring really makes sense.

Firstly, Shaw comes with the luxury vinyl products along with the best collections available to fit any room in your home.

Second, Shaw presents a VersaFit technology to allow the versatile installation methods applicable to the subfloor.

Shaw also comes with the vinyl tile, vinyl plank and vinyl sheet which are all designed to meet the today’s demands and make the floors look great and work hard.

Shaw has low maintenance, requiring you to sweep the floor only and remove the dirt in 24 hours. Everyone does not need to keep busy in cleaning it within the to-do-list.

What’s more?

Yeah, warranties are also offered by the company to provide the customers with enough time to consult anything about Shaw vinyl flooring. 

Shaw Vinyl Flooring
Shaw Vinyl Flooring

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Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

There is probably not a thing as the best vinyl plank flooring on the market, however, along with the today’s technology, there is actually a good number of high-quality vinyl flooring options. One of which is Shaw vinyl plank flooring.

Shaw vinyl plank flooring is one of the best products presented by a reputable company.

Shaw offers many great features, making it so easy to find at most major home improvement stores. Let’s say it is a top-notch product that looks great and accessible.

There are many different kinds of variations packed in stylish designs and on-budget range.

People will typically find Shaw vinyl flooring with 2mm up to 6.5mm thickness. The easy installation makes your floors are quickly finished just by laying the vinyl plank directly over hard-surface subfloors.

The elegant looking of Shaw vinyl plank makes adults easy to walk on and the kids comfortably to play on without too big of a mess.

Other features that makes the Shaw vinyl flooring great are the high durability, water resistant and stain resistant features and easy maintenance supported by the Shaw’s OptiClean technology.

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring
Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

Shaw Vinyl Sheet Flooring

For a low cost flooring option, Shaw vinyl sheet flooring is probably the perfect solution.

There is nothing to worry about Shaw vinyl sheet because it is featuring waterproof with fiberglass backing, 10 year warranty and OptiClean surface as well as Ortho-Phthalates free.

Shaw vinyl sheet floor comes with the beautiful wood and stone looks captured in a fraction of the cost along with the great collections either for residential or for commercial use.

This kind of vinyl sheet is made of the high quality vinyl product with the fiberglass backing and urethane finish.

Shaw vinyl sheet flooring’s size is 12 inches wide and 55 gauge thickness along with 12 mil wear layer, making it best recommended for home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, closets, dining areas and many other areas.

Shaw vinyl sheet is extremely easy to clean and maintain. You need only to clean it with broom or vacuum cleaner to get rid of any loose crumbs. If there is any spill on the floor then you can just scrub it.

To install this vinyl sheet flooring properly, the manufacturer has provided you with the printable installation instruction you can definitely derive from the manufacturer’s website.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Did you know that Shaw luxury vinyl tile flooring is designed to meet the today’s demands and customer’s expectations?

Thus, the manufacturer launched the luxury vinyl tile that makes floors look great and work hard through the practical and pretty choices.

Shaw luxury vinyl tile flooring looks like stone or ceramic tile completed with the natural colors and surface textures, making the floors feel like the real thing.

The dark colors enable you to have the dramatic floors, suiting your classical home design while the light colors let you have the modern style suiting your minimalist home.

There are a big number of styles of Shaw vinyl tile floor you can choose from, ranging from brick fashion to diagonally and so on. The final result is so stunning.

Shaw Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

Shaw Vinyl Flooring Maintenance
Shaw Vinyl Flooring Maintenance

Possessing a high quality Shaw vinyl flooring doesn’t mean that it requires a complicated maintenance from our reviews. Instead, it offers a very low maintenance.

First of all, if you want to install this vinyl, avoid the areas that potentially receive a direct sunlight.

Thanks to the water resistant feature that makes the vinyl plank, sheet and tile flooring is easy to clean. Remove the dirt or spill as soon as possible will keep the floors always clean.

You can also use either broom or vacuum cleaner to get the floors free out of dust.

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Best Shaw Vinyl Flooring To Choose From

As we have clearly said, there are a big number of Shaw vinyl styles in the collection that everyone can choose from.

To help you find the best Shaw vinyl flooring for you home, we suggest you some of Shaw’s most popular vinyl flooring options including Admira 10 pack 4mm Stone Core Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring, DriClic Waterproof WPC Engineered Flooring (Artic Oak), WWS Spring Grass 4mm Self Adhesive Static Grass, Anderson’s Yellow Vinyl Floral Sheeting and more other options.

These are all possessing 4 and more rating starts, meaning that the products are good and satisfying according to the customer reviews.

Out of the Shaw vinyl flooring reviews we have just shared you here on this page, it is expected that the article would spring up your mind about using vinyl flooring due to its high quality, stability and durability.

Besides, vinyl flooring is also offering low cost and low maintenance that require you no worry at all.