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Kind of Mannington Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Vinyl Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Mannington Vinyl Flooring Reviews – Welcome to another home flooring brand to provide you with another inspiration that is Mannington vinyl flooring. Now you can look out for a future home flooring with the luxury product coming in a number of styles, colors and sizes options.

Why Mannington vinyl?

Some features of Mannington vinyl that most people are looking for to optimize to get the best and on-budget floor are waterproof, dents resistance, less prone to fading and staining, easy maintenance, realistic wood and stone look, integrated underlayment pads, available at most retailers and various designs.

If you are really interested in vinyl flooring, here we are going to present an overview of Mannington vinyl flooring including Mannington vinyl plank, sheet and tile, the maintenance and the widely used Mannington vinyl called Adura.

For more detailed information about it, let’s just refer to the following sections to check out.

Mannington Vinyl Plank Flooring

Mannington vinyl plank flooring is one of the most widely used vinyl plank in these recent years based on reviews.

Thanks to the stylish design, high quality, durability and stability that makes the vinyl plank flooring amazing for more luxurious applications.

Furthermore, some Mannington vinyl plank floor proves to fit any room on almost any budget.

Though Mannington has less unique design, they do offer a high quality product in which the price is in the middle of the average industries.

This means that Mannington has competitive price yet it is very much affordable for the customers.

Dealing with Mannington vinyl plank flooring’s price, if you really want to have this vinyl installed on your subfloor, calculate how many square foot of the vinyl you need. The price will range between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot.

Thus, you can finally predict how much to spend.

Mannington Vinyl Plank Flooring
Mannington Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Mannington Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Other type of Mannington vinyl is Mannington vinyl sheet. Well, let’s say, Mannington vinyl sheet flooring is the next evolution in sheet vinyl flooring.

It is designed with the advanced printing and texturing technologies, making it the best looking and best performing vinyl sheet flooring in the market.

Vinyl sheet flooring is also called as Luxury Vinyl Sheet (LVS). And Mannington’s LVS is designed completely with the wide range of styles including the realistic wood grains, elegant stones, rustic slates and some other unique looks.

Mannington’s LVS uses an enhanced NatureForm 4G technology for each patters to provide the vinyl sheet with the incredible colors.

If you want to make your rooms look like the real nature, there are three performance levels offered by Mannington’s LVS that are platinum, gold and silver. Just go and get it.

Mannington Luxury Vinyl Flooring

One popular type of Mannington luxury vinyl flooring is the luxury vinyl sheet. It offers three performance levels which are platinum, gold and silver.

The platinum LVS is featuring superior durability that meets the ultimate in softness underfoot, scratch resistance for exceptional performance and a lifetime warranty.

The gold LVS offers three features that are the ability to stand up to active households, scratch resistant and 20 year warranty.

Meanwhile, the last performance level, the silver LVS, is featuring budget friendly, urethane wearlayer and 10 year warranty.

So, make your choice now.

Mannington Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Mannington Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Mannington Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you have already known the vinyl plank and vinyl sheet flooring, it won’t be complete unless you know the vinyl tile as well. Typically, vinyl tile flooring has traditional designs that make it look classic.

Like other Mannington vinyl flooring types such as vinyl sheet and vinyl plank, Mannington vinyl tile also offers some benefits.

The easy maintenance, easy installation, waterproof, scratch and dents resistant as well as low prices are all the benefits that a customer can grab just after installing the vinyl tile on his subfloor.

Mannington vinyl tile flooring comes with the various designs to fit any of the rooms’ layout.

To suit your interior, you had better refer to your home interior first in order that you can find the appropriate vinyl tile flooring.

Mannington Adura Vinyl Flooring

There are many different collections within Mannington Adura vinyl flooring. They are:

Mannington Adura Max

Mannington Adura Max offers a comprehensive range of classic flooring visuals either in wood or in stone along with the rustic style and aesthetic value.

It has 15 wood look designs available in different colors and 46 different planks, ranging from classic deep brows to fashionably weathered grays.

It also has 10 stone look available in different gray, beige, brown, russet, cream and white tones.

Mannington Adura max collections are all easy to install over the most clean and hard subfloors.

Mannington Adura Maxapex

Mannington Adura Maxapex is constructed with contemporary visuals including the replicate cement tiles alike.

It comes with 9 wood look designs which are available in different colors and 2 tiles designs which are available in more than one color option.

Mannington Adura Maxapex can be installed on most subfloors including the ceramic tile and cement.

Mannington Adura Rigid

As one of Mannington vinyl floor, Mannington Adura Rigid is the newest collection which is stronger, more rigid and more resistant to scratches and dents.

This Adura Rigid is perfect for rooms and homes with wide temperature changes. Mannington Adura Rigid is deisgned in wood look and stone look.

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Mannington Adura Flex

If you are looking for a traditional look of Mannington vinyl floor, Adura Flex is the one to opt.

Adura Flex is glued down. This makes it different from any other Adura that are installed as floating floors.

Mannington Adura Flex is available in both wood and stone look with an extra authentic finish.

All in all from our reviews, Mannington vinyl flooring is one of the most popular vinyl flooring you can take into consideration. Mannington is also one of the best brand for vinyl floors.

Thus, don’t hesitate to bring Mannington into your chart and shop it to make your house looks different.

In addition, vinyl flooring is now popularly used around the world due to its durability, stability and high quality.