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vinyl sheet flooring reviews

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Reviews – Have you ever seen vinyl sheet flooring installed in a house, hotel, restaurants, cafes, hall or any other places that you may have visited?

As the world enters the times when so many changes in life are there to follow, modern home design with vinyl sheet floor is also developed to suit the changes.

If you know only a little about this kind of flooring, let’s stay here and grab all information you may need to consider the flooring for your new dwelling.

What Is Vinyl Sheet Flooring?

Now let’s start with the definition of vinyl sheet floor before we go through the whole review.

Vinyl sheet floor is a type of vinyl floor that is more durable along with the multi-layer floors to suit the traffic and commercial areas. It is very much affordable.

Easy installation and easy maintenance are the two features that represent one of the qualities of the sheet vinyl.

Just one thing to remember, this sheet vinyl will match any level of the home as long as the vinyl is properly installed based on the suitability of installation type.

The most popular vinyl sheet flooring reviews among the home designers as well as the homeowners is the sheet with a fiberglass layer that is designed to allow the sheet vinyl to install using the double-sided adhesive tape.

So, this sheet is not glued down.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Pros and Cons

When it comes to value a product, that’s the time to come up with the pros and cons. About vinyl sheet flooring, many people like and some other do not.

To find out why, let’s just take a closer look.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring Pros and Cons
Vinyl Sheet Flooring Pros and Cons

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It is best described that the biggest benefit of vinyl sheet flooring is its water-resistant feature. It is due to the waterproof materials that are added to construct the sheet vinyl including PVC.

PVC is perfect for areas that most prone to water such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and basement.

Sheet vinyl is also satin resistant, allowing the floor easy to clean and maintain due to the surface barriers of the sheet vinyl. You cannot find this on solid and composite vinyl tiles.

Sheet vinyl also provides you with big comfort because it offers a soft underfoot so that you can stand on the floor for so long.

The durability of this sheet vinyl is unquestionable. It can last for ten to twenty years even for high traffic areas where sneakers, spills, pets, and sloppy spills are constantly assaulting.

Vinyl sheet floor also comes at an affordable price. This way, the price varies on the quality of the sheet vinyl. The reliable brand may offer a higher price but the price is worth it.

Other reasons why people tend to like sheet vinyl are low maintenance, easy installation, and design options. Sheet vinyl is noticeably easy to install as long as you take accurate measurements and make an exact cut to perfectly fit the areas.

Sheet vinyl is also easy to clean. Regular sweeping will take the dirt away and weekly mopping will make the floor just looks great and clean.

Many design options are also offered by this sheet vinyl. All the designs offer improved colors, clarity, textures, and patterns. Thanks to the innovative technology that makes all the things possible in flooring. 


Though many people start considering sheet vinyl for house flooring, some other people tend not to use this flooring. It is due to the easy discoloration, damage from the subfloor, and difficulty in repairing.

Installing this sheet vinyl in the open areas with great sunlight will cause easy discoloration. Damage from the subfloor might occur due to the softness of the sheet vinyl.

It is also difficult and effortful to repair this flooring if there is an unexpected thing happen. Thus, a few people tend to use another floors instead of these vinyl sheet floor.

Patterned and Colors Vinyl Sheet Flooring

There is always a wide range of patterned and colors of vinyl sheet flooring. Below are the few examples you can have a look.


The retro vinyl sheet comes incredibly with the retro-chic and nostalgic design ranging from iconic to bold designs to offer you a vintage pattern like Chrysler and Dorothy.

Whether your interiors are traditional or modern, it is always easy to find the retro vinyl sheet to brilliantly fit your color schemes and décor.

The unique vintages along with the character and charm are available from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s style.


The luxury vinyl sheet comes with advanced printing and texturing technologies along with a wide range of designs, from rustic slates and realistic wood grains to elegant stones which are all providing you with the three performance levels; premium, gold, and silver.

Black and White

Patterned and Colors Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Patterned and Colors Vinyl Sheet Flooring

So you love black and white theme for your vinyl sheet flooring, here our reviews got you covered. You can surely choose this black and white vinyl sheet to bring an iconic checkerboard look into your home.

The black and white floor offers a distinctive character to create a fresh and dynamic look over the room.


If you are searching for a natural look of flooring, take wood vinyl sheet flooring to consider. The wood vinyl sheet comes to offer you a natural wood look over the floor such as maple, oaks, teak and etc.

If your home is designed with a natural look, this kind of vinyl sheet floor will match it perfectly.


For those who like hexagon theme over the design, hexagon vinyl sheet flooring is also available for you. You can install this vinyl sheet in any traffic area in your houses such as the kitchen, basement, laundry room, or even your kid’s bedroom.

It would be more amazing to install this hexagon vinyl sheet on the floor where the wall is also in the hexagon theme. It would be great after all.


What about the grey vinyl sheet?

Grey is the soft color that a person may admire. That’s why the manufacturer also provides the customers with the option of grey vinyl sheet flooring to suit their likeness and home design.

Installing Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Once you read our reviews and decide to use vinyl sheet flooring, the next thing to do is installing the vinyl sheet. In general, installing this vinyl sheet is manageable project for everyone.

Firstly, estimate how much feet sheet vinyl you need to cover an area. Prepare the room or area for the sheet vinyl flooring.

Next, install the underlayment and cut the vinyl sheet to fit. Later, apply the adhesive and install the floor. These are just the simple of how to laying vinyl sheet floor in your home areas.

If you are wondering about cleaning vinyl sheet flooring, either for daily maintenance or for cleansing after installation, no worry! Apple cider vinegar is one of the best cleansers for vinyl sheet floor.

It can help remove the dirt and grime without leaving soap or wax. Simply pour one cup of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of hot water and mop the floor. Get the floor rinsed with the hot water, too, in mopping.

Cost to Install Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Now you must be very curious how much the vinyl sheet flooring installation cost, right?

It is best described that vinyl sheet flooring price is much affordable. It starts from $2.91 to $3.94 per square foot. However, it can vary significantly due to the site conditions and options as well as the vinyl sheet quality.

Best Brands of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Have you ever known the best brands for vinyl sheet flooring?

If you really want to get the vinyl sheet installed in your house, consider one of these best brands of the vinyl sheet before finally purchasing.


Mannington is considered as the world’s largest brand marketplace to purchase a vinyl sheet. It provides the customers with stylish and high-quality products of the vinyl sheet which are all beautifully designed and functional.


The asbestos vinyl sheet offers not only a long-lasting usage and economical material but also more aesthetic options to match the homeowners’ tastes. However, the asbestos vinyl sheet can cause a serious exposure risk when it is hit.


If you are looking for a unique combination of realistic design, comfort, low maintenance, high durability for a great value, amstrong vinyl sheet is the option.


Another best brand you can consider for a vinyl sheet is trafficmaster. It comes with a wide range of variety you can choose to suit your home design. Get the branded vinyl sheet soon in trafficmaster products now.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Overall, vinyl sheet flooring is now popularly used especially at home. The most active areas that the home designer suggest you use vinyl sheet is bathroom and kitchen.


Vinyl Sheet Flooring Bathroom
Vinyl Sheet Flooring Bathroom

Vinyl sheet flooring for bathroom from our reviews is much recommended due to the waterproof feature offered by the vinyl sheet. Waterproof sheet vinyl floor is great for the bathroom because bathroom is the most watery area in the house.

Thus, waterproof flooring is much recommendable to provide you with the low maintenance flooring.

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Apply for Kitchen
Apply for Kitchen

Why must a kitchen apply vinyl sheet flooring, too?

You know, any spills must be in the kitchen, right?

That’s why a vinyl sheet is nice to install in the kitchen due to the feature of a waterproof and water-resistant feature offered by the vinyl sheet floor.

In this case, wood-look sheet vinyl floor would be very nice to make your kitchen’s floor looks natural. Now, what are you thinking about?

Are you still wondering about vinyl sheet floor?

Make sure you are not.