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Cali Bamboo GeoWood for Home Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

Whether you love hardwood or vinyl plan, you will surely love Cali Bamboo GeoWood. Each of them has its own pros and cons. However, GeoWood does not only look beautiful but is also water-resistant.

Besides that, it is also sustainable. We all also know that it is easy to install. How about the durability? To know whether Cali bamboo GeoWood is durable or not, you will need to look at its features & benefits. So, you will know whether it suits in your home.

Cali Bamboo GeoWood Look & Style

Cali bamboo GeoWood is available in various colors and patterns. You can find this kind of bamboo in espresso, grey, toffee, and shades of tan. Currently, there is also one plank width besides the 5-inch nominal width. It has simple & contemporary color palette. Therefore, GeoWood flooring will be more colorful. It is a new product and you can find it in the market today.

As it is mentioned before, GeoWood is water-resistant. So, it will make stone or ceramic tile not as attractive as GeoWood flooring. Because it is not easy to find a veneer of stone with 1 mm thin, it will be better if you consider Cali bamboo GeoWood.

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Cali Bamboo GeoWood Construction & Durability

Cali bamboo GeoWood belongs to a hybrid plank flooring. It is considered as one of the most popular flooring products. It blends real hardwood with stone powder core vinyl plank so that it is not only dimensionally stable but also long lasting.

It comes with a 1mm real wood layer adhered to an SPC core. The top comes with light cured polyurethane coats. With a unique construction, it does not only look like a real wood but it is also resistant to water, scratch, and fade.

Besides, the SPC provides extra stability of dimension. So, you can make the acclimation time faster. Compared to traditional hardwood floors that take weeks, it is far quicker. It depends on the climate condition and the product itself. Unfortunately, GeoWood cannot be refinished if it is damaged.

However, the thick layer prevents it from various damage well. Compared to other brands, Cali bamboo offers much longer warranty, up to 50 years residential & 15 years light commercial covering delaminating & product failure.

Cali Bamboo GeoWood Installation

When it comes to installation, it offers a DIY-friendly click-lock system. So, you can attach or glue it down in a floating manner. You do not even need fasteners or adhesives. With minimal tools & expertise, it is easy to install.

A saw is not required here. You can cut GeoWood with a score-and-snap method. In this case, you just need a sharp utility knife & a straight edge. Anyway, the installation is similar to vinyl planks.

In the installation process, you will need to buy an underlayment separately. Cali Complete underlayment is an acoustical underlayment, thermal insulator, and moisture barrier in one. It can be used over concrete and wood simply.

Anyway, Cali bamboo GeoWood is easy to install. If you cannot do it yourself, you can ask help to your family, neighbors, or friends.

Is Cali Bamboo GeoWood Eco-friendly?

Cali bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials. Harvested from Lacey Act Compliant, it comes with composite limestone SPC core. So, it is ultra-low VOC. Besides that, it also exceeds CARB-2 compliance standards.

This product is best for indoor. In addition, Cali Complete underlayment meets indoor air quality requirements, too. Anyway, it can be recycled after its life ends.


Now, let’s talk about the pricing of Cali bamboo GeoWood. The price is somewhere between engineered hardwood & luxury vinyl planks. Per square foot, it costs from 4 to 6 dollars. It depends on the species you select and where you purchase it.

Now, this product is available at the authorized flooring dealers. If you want, you are also allowed to request from CaliBamboo.com directly. Even more, you can also buy samples there. If there is a local flooring retailer in your area, you can also buy samples there. However, you must return the samples to the store.

Planning bamboo flooring is usually expensive but GeoWood flooring can the good solution for the affordable option. When it comes to pricing, it relates to installation cost, too.

If you want to save money, you can consider performing DIY GeoWood flooring. It is only less expensive but also handy. We are sure that everyone can do it without requiring hiring professional labors. However, if you consider hiring labors, of course you will need to spend extra money.

Hiring a professional labor for GeoWood installation can vary depending on the labors themselves. However, it usually costs from 2 to 4 dollars per square foot. This is only the cost for installation. Sometimes, there are also some unexpected costs you will have to spend.

For example, you may need to spend money for items like disposal and removal of old floor. Subfloor preparation also requires extra money. Another possible thing that requires extra money is for removing & reinstalling the baseboards.

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The Verdict

After we pay attention to the review above, we can conclude that Cali bamboo GeoWood is an excellent option for you who want a real wood with durability, water-resistant, & the easy DIY of a vinyl plank.

It lets you put GeoWood in your home even in your bathroom or kitchen. If you use other kinds of hardwood, it will not be allowed to plan hardwood flooring for kitchens or even bathrooms.

Cali bamboo GeoWood can be a perfect product especially for you who have pets and children. In fact, this kind of flooring is not only affordable and easy to maintain but also eco-friendly.

Even more, the fact that it has sustainable materials becomes a bonus. Now, the choice is yours. Do you think that Cali bamboo GeoWood suits in your home? It does not matter whether you like vinyl plan or hardwood because this flooring will be good for you.