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bamboo flooring buying guide

The Best Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide To Find The Best Product

by Dylan Johnson

Purchasing bamboo flooring typically needs special consideration as well as a set of complete instructions in terms of the best bamboo flooring buying guide. It is aimed to allow you to figure out what things to evaluate out of the flooring products so that you can decide to choose the right and suitable for your home.

In this regards, there are a number of consideration you have to take including how to choose the size, style and color, cost, the installation method as well as the maintenance of the flooring.

There are also some crucial questions you must ask both the retailers and dealers before you make a final decision.

In this regards, we comes with the review of the best bamboo flooring buying guide you can pick up as your reference.

Consider Bamboo Flooring Cost Before Buying

Compared to hardwood, bamboo flooring is usually more economical material. The price of the planks is generally much depend on a variety of flooring characteristics as follows:

Check Quality Before Buying Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo materials have no standard grading system to determine the quality of the bamboo flooring. This is due to the fact that bamboo is considered as a new floor covering.

Many home improvement stores classify their flooring products into Grade A and Grade B, yet those are not the exact or even standard divisions.

Hence, it is much recommended that you look for a reputable home improvement stores that provide you with a good quality of bamboo flooring options from reliable resources.

If you find some bamboo outlets, don’t feel invited to a bargain basement. They likely sells bamboo flooring materials in low quality but not available in low prices.

In short, this bamboo flooring buying guide requires you to consider the quality of the products which are usually sold by the reputable stores.

In other words, you cannot find the good quality bamboo flooring product in some retailers or dealer which is not reputable enough.

Check Warranty Before Buying Bamboo Flooring

Truly, a warranty is always available in most reputable stores given to the consumers when they are purchasing the flooring products. This way, bamboo flooring usually comes with the structural integrity warranty covering the floor’s physical strengths. If you purchase pre-finished flooring, you can even get a warranty for the flooring’s surface.

Dealing with the best bamboo flooring buying guide, it is important to consider purchasing the higher-quality bamboo along with the extensive warranty. On average, the residential structural warranties vary from 10 to 25 years supported by the 5 to 10 year warranty of flooring finish.

Notice, how long is the bamboo flooring product warranty offered by each of the manufacturer? The longer the warranty, the better the product it is. This is because the warranty determine how well the manufacture makes you sure about the quality of the product so that you can have the more durable flooring materials that last longest.

Durability Bamboo Flooring

Durability shows how long a bamboo flooring will last due to its strength and materials constructing it. The strengths are much influenced by a number of factors, too.

Believe it or not, the darker the bamboo flooring, the less durable it would be. This is due to the reason that dark hues are mostly caused by the carbonization process.

In this case, the bamboo is pressed by the high level of heat and pressure, causing the bamboo experience discoloration. Furthermore, carbonizations can also be able to weaken the material.

Harvesting period also affect the durability of bamboo material. It is best described that the ideal time for harvesting bamboo is five years after the plantation. If the bamboo is harvested prematurely, it will weakening.

So, what kinds of bamboo will be much durable? The answer is strand-woven bamboo materials which are constructed through the shredding process toward the bamboo stalk and reforming it into a board using pressure as well as adhesive. Later, the board is cut down into the flooring planks. Finally, the flooring is finished and ready for distribution.

Hence, you can conclude that the most durable bamboo flooring product may be determined by the way it is created and processed from the starting to the finishing process of manufacturing. Find out also the information about the bamboo plantation and harvest time. Do they influence the durability of the product, too? Definitely.

Relative Hardness

The best bamboo flooring buying guide also requires you to consider the relative hardness of the flooring products that are available on the market you are visiting.

This way, you can evaluate the product hardness between strand-woven bamboo and Brazilian cherry hardwood, natural bamboo and red oak hardwood, and carbonized bamboo versus black walnut hardwood.

In this regards, you can evaluate the floorings whether or not they are durable, strong, soft or hard.

Thus, it would be better to check out whether a flooring product you are going to choose is hard or not. If you want the strong and extremely durable bamboo flooring, you can definitely consider purchasing strand-woven bamboo. This bamboo flooring type proves its hardness as good as the Brazilian cherry hardwood.

Meanwhile, if you look at the flooring product which experiences carbonizing, you cannot expect the durable flooring. This kind of product will be less durable and easily scratch and dent due to the soft materials and carbonizing process.

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Bamboo Flooring Types

The next thing to consider before you finally purchasing a bamboo floor is their types. Typically, there are definitely some bamboo flooring types in terms of colors, horizontal, vertical and surface treatment. Try to evaluate them to ensure your final choice.

Colors Bamboo Flooring

There are a variety of bamboo flooring colors options available on the market. Surely, once you come to the home improvement stores, you will be offered many different types of bamboo flooring along with the various colors.

As we have stated before, the darker the bamboo, the less durable it would be. It is because there is carbonization during the process of manufacturing the products.

This way, the color darkening can weaken the flooring itself. Fortunately, stains and finishes can be removed and refinished using the color hues properly.

Thus, as there might be lots of colors option available, you must be able to choose a product that comes with the beautiful colors. It is much recommended that you pick up the products in light color since they are more durable than the ones in darker colors.

Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

Horizontal bamboo flooring are having the flat side by side and top of one another to create the planks. There are a few joints to be together and more natural bamboo features.

Ask the manufacturer to show you the detail of the products features so that you know lots about the products. By knowing the products features, you may be able to know how to care for the flooring well based on the manufacturer recommendation.

Vertical Bamboo Flooring

This time, vertical is the slices of bamboo that stand up on their edges, pushed together, forming the surface with more joint lines and some natural bamboo flooring features. Have a look at the features offered by the bamboo flooring products to help you maintain the product well and keep it look good from times to times.

Strand-woven Bamboo Flooring

Manufacturing strand-woven bamboo flooring requires shredding process of the bamboo flooring system e bamboo floors and forcing it back. There are a fewer joint lines in strand-woven bamboo along with the natural bamboo features.

However, they have more consistent look. Shortly, strand-woven bamboo flooring is quite recommendable as one of the most popular bamboo flooring types.

Surface Treatment Bamboo Flooring

The best bamboo flooring buying guide also requires you to consider the surface treatment at which the price of bamboo flooring will also be influenced by the UV coating type applied to the surface.

In this case, the low-quality bamboo materials will have only two to the three coatings covered to the surface.

However, ideally, a bamboo floor must have six or even seven times of coating on all the sides of the planks. This is aimed to provide the bamboo floors with the great protection against the moisture penetration. In this regards, the highest quality finishes is the one with the aluminum oxide.

Considering that all types must have some unique characteristics, you must be able to evaluate one by one factor to allow you to find the most suitable bamboo flooring you desire.

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Final Words Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide

All in all, there are so many things to take into consideration when it’s time to choose the right flooring for your home. Make sure you know more about the flooring product before you make a decision on making payment.

The best bamboo flooring buying guide we have just shared with you above is expected to inspire you and acknowledge you with the best information, thus, you will never pick up the wrong choice and feel much disappointed to accept it.

The consideration sated in this article incudes the quality, warranty, durability, hardness, colors, styles and surface treatment. Evaluate them in detail and you will find the most desirable bamboo flooring you can purchase and install soon at your home.