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trinity bamboo flooring

Trinity Bamboo Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

You may have never heard of trinity bamboo flooring before. If you are searching for durable bamboo flooring with beautiful look in a decent price, this one may be a good choice. In this article, we will discuss it further so that you have to pay attention to it here.

How Does Trinity Bamboo Flooring Look?

Trinity bamboo comes in many options including vertical, horizontal, and strand woven textures. It is also available in various colors such as taupe, gold, chocolate, red, copper, brown, & a couple gray tones. With all the varieties above, this bamboo flooring can enhance your home interior design.

One of the types available is the smooth finish. It comes with low-gloss finish, almost has no texture, and comes in natural colors. As we know, a smooth finish can be scratched and damaged easily.

So, it will be better to consider trinity bamboo with more texture finish if you have kids and pets. In this case, you can consider the antiqued collection because it comes with hand scraping & hand-tooled antiquing that shows the natural grain patterns & textures.

If you do not like much texture but a completely smooth floor is not your choice, the wire-brushed texture is available for you. It has minimal texture & a low-gloss finish so that it enhances the grain & color. It will works perfectly in any space.

Now, Trinity bamboo is available in a lightly wire-brushed format where it comes with micro-beveled edges & a low-gloss coating.

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Trinity Bamboo Flooring Construction & Durability

This high-quality strand bamboo comes in engineered & solid formats. It is available in a 6’ long x 5.5” wide x ½” thick plank. It has a 4-sided micro bevel.

The engineered format comes with 3-ply engineered structure. On the other side, solid format has solid strand woven construction. It is also milled on all 4 edges with a tongue & groove profile. You can install it with nail or glue depending on your desire.

A strand-woven bamboo on a horizontal or vertical oriented strand is very durable. It is considered to be harder compared to oak. In addition, it is also coated with UV-cured polyurethane that comes with an aluminum oxide wear layer. It creates a durable finish like a wood floor.

The manufacturer also offers a residential warranty for 50 years and a light commercial warranty for 5 years. These warranties cover product failure, delaminating, etc. However, these cannot cover failure caused by improper installation, wear discoloration, stains, and damage.

You also have to keep in mind that it is not waterproof. So, you cannot install it in a wet area like a bathroom.

Anyway, Trinity bamboo flooring is excellently durable. So, if you are searching for a long lasting, premium hardwood flooring with low budget, you can consider this.

Trinity Bamboo Flooring Eco-friendliness

Trinity bamboo flooring is well known with its eco-friendliness. It is made of bamboo grass. This renewable resource can be harvested without harming the structure of the root a few times. We all know that bamboo flooring can cause health issues. Fortunately, Trinity bamboo is eco-friendly.

For your information, it comes with the CARB-2 compliance standards & FloorScore. Besides that, it is also Lacey Act certified.

Since it is eco-friendly, you do not need to worry to install this flooring even though you have kids and pets at home.

Is It Easy to Install Trinity Bamboo Flooring?

The ease of installation depends on the type of bamboo flooring you choose. If you want DIY Trinity bamboo flooring, you should choose the engineered floating floor. Even though it is not too simple, you can follow the guidelines well.

If you are interested in solid bamboo flooring, it will be better to hire a professional except you are experienced in it. In fact, it requires special fasteners & tools to install this.

It is possible to install this bamboo flooring on a radiant heating system with the floating method. However, it is not that easy as you will need to have a flooring installer & a licensed electrician working tandem.

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How Much Does Cost?

It is important to know the cost needed to spend for this flooring. If you buy it at the authorized retailer directly, it will be less expensive. The price is set per square foot.

Usually, you need to spend 4.25 dollars per square foot for either solid or engineered format. You still need to pay extra money for matching trims & floor vents. The cost ranges 50 to 150 dollars. This price does not include the shipping.

If you are not sure yet, here is a free sample program offered by Trinity. So, before you decide to spend money for this bamboo flooring, you can consider buying the sample.

Mostly, the cost will go for the installation. Whatever the type you choose, the installation cost will usually be same. However, the installation method affects the cost.

For less expensive option, we recommend you to plan for the floating click method. If you can perform DIY, it will be better and you can save more money.

The Verdict

There are so many options of bamboo flooring available in the market today. Trinity bamboo flooring is one of the best options to choose because it is really impressive.

There are many things that make it impressive. One of them is the sophisticated color palette. Besides that, the ultra-durable construction also makes it loved by many people. People also love it because of its aluminum oxide finish.

In addition, Trinity bamboo flooring is also eco-friendly. Even more, it is also budget-friendly enough especially if you prefer DIY bamboo flooring project.

If you decide to buy this bamboo flooring, you have to choose the style first. After you find the most preferred one, you should choose the installation method.

This bamboo flooring is appropriate for any space in your home except bathroom or any other wet areas. So, make sure that you install it on the right space.