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IVC Balterio Laminate Review

IVC Balterio Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

You probably are considering reading IVC Balterio laminate review because you want to install it at home.

But you need to remember that laminate floor may not be for every homeowner and it may not be perfect for all types of houses.

Whereas most homeowners want to have hardwood floor, not all of them are able to afford it.

Sure, hardwood is gorgeous. And yes, it is sturdy and long lasting. But let’s not forget that they are also difficult to maintain.

They are sensitive to most floor issues, such as scuff, scratch, and dents. Moisture is the biggest enemy of hardwood floor too.

Laminate floor can provide great alternative in terms of sturdiness and moisture resistance.

But what about the looks?

Aren’t laminate floors cheesy and lame?

Well, not necessarily. It’s a good thing that today’s laminate floors have premium looks some of them are even able to imitate natural elements, such as stone and wood.

So, when it comes to appearance and look, today’s laminate floor look natural and gorgeous.

But again, it’s not for everyone. Not all houses can’t be installed with the floor. And not all homeowners are willing to install laminate floor within their living space.

This is why you should read IVC Balterio laminate review so you know whether the floor would be perfect for you or not.

About IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring

IVC Balterio is basically a Belgian company producing laminate flooring.

They offer high-quality products that go though eco-friendly procedures and also environmentally-safe manufacturing factory.

In general, the company only offers 2 options for the thickness along with 3 different category styles.

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IVC Balterio Collections and Types

If you read IVC Balterio laminate review, you would know that they have 3 different options for their laminate flooring lines.

There are 2 different thickness levels offered in those 3 options the 8mm thickness and the 12mm thickness. Keep in mind that not all styles and colors would be made available.

The color variety would be limited for 12mm types than those in 8mm. if you want more choices, go with 8mm.

But if you prefer thicker floor and it doesn’t matter to you about the styles or colors, then the 12mm types would be best for you.


This is the collection with the majority of warm hues. It is dominated by rustic touches and saw marks.

The floor has versatile options that include Sweet Magnolia, Mystic Everwood, French Barrel Oak, and Spiced Hickory.

You simple choose which one appeals you the most.


If you want a classic and traditional look with elegant flair of European-esque vibe, the Metropolitan would be the most perfect pick.

It has a nice combination of modern and classic appeal, including styles like Vulcanic Pine, Stormy Willow, and Parisian Fig.

If you want something modern and unique (certainly different from the others), then you will definitely love this collection.


The collections in this line truly imitate and deliver the traditional hardwood hues and colors.

And how is it different from the Metropolitan?

In Metropolitan lines, the floors have the combination of traditional and modern styles. In Traditions, however, everything is downright traditional and completely classic.

So, you should be able to find wood designs and patterns like Teak, Cherry, Oak, and Maple.

No need to worry, they are all simply beautiful and gorgeous. And they are able to deliver satisfying performance too.

Green Products

There aren’t many floor manufacturing companies that pay a detailed attention and concern to green practice.

But IVC is different in fact, they are very serious about their green project. According to the official website, the company tries to cover everything to being environmentally friendly practice.

They cover all the bases, from manufacturing production, application at customers’ houses, and even for disposal.

They use wind power, solar power, and also heat reclamation system so they can reuse the heat energy during manufacturing.

They also recycle their scrap items and materials and then repurpose those items into auto floor mats.

They claim that they have 250% lower (emission) rating than other manufacturers.

They use water based dyes and inks for the floor patterns. And the floors are definitely reused and recycled.

They use eco-friendly and non-toxic adhesives too.

Not only they are focusing on creating safe products, but they are also focusing on the environmental impact and practice.

Would it affect the performance and quality of the floor?

Well, based on IVC Balterio laminate review, not at all.

Price, Cost, and Tips Balterio Laminate Flooring

When you want to install the laminate floor, consider about the application. It would affect the thickness of the floor too. Laminate floor is generally related to noisy effect.

This is especially true if you don’t have enough insulation to absorb the noise and sounds. If this is the issue, expect echoing issue as well as amplified footsteps.

When you go with 12mm of thickness (along with high-quality underlayment), it provides better sound insulation.

At least, it would be better than 8mm of thickness along with very minimal underlayment construction. You should also be careful about the arrangement and the placement of the floor.

If it is for main floor or upper story, you should go with 12mm types. For the basement floor, however, the 8mm would be alright because noise doesn’t travel to other spaces, especially not to the space below.

According to IVC Balterio laminate review, there are many things that will affect the price.

First of all, the locations. Are you searching offline or online?

Many people think that online retailers offer the lowest price. But let’s not forget about the shipping fee.

In some cases, they can be quite a lot. It doesn’t hurt to perform local research.

There are many big retailers that are selling IVC Balterio floors. If you want only IV floors options, use the IVC retailer locator.

Try to perform local search first, and then try the online if you can’t find the perfect one for your needs.

Prices are various, depending on the colors, types, thickness, and variants. The general price range starts from $2.50 a square feet to around $4.

For the thickness, the price between 8mm and 12mm types isn’t too much of a difference. The price for 12mm floors is usually 10% higher but that’s about it.

When you are shopping, don’t forget about the warranty. All floors are coming with warranties.

The 8mm of floors are coming with 25 years warranty for residential use and the 12mm comes with life warranty.

But be careful about ‘life’ term here, as life in laminate floor means 33 years in full.

If you have doubts or questions, it’s better that you contact the company’s representative to get the detailed information.

Be advised that the IVC Balterio laminate review alone won’t be enough.

Maintenance and Care IVC Balterio Laminate

Keep in mind that laminate floor is resistant to moisture, but it isn’t waterproof.

You should install laminate floor in dry areas, such as living room, home office, or bedroom.

Avoid installing the floor in areas prone to moisture and humidity, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms.

Also makes sure that your house isn’t sensitive to moisture and humidity either. If it is, then laminate floor is absolutely a no for your house.

Different Opinions

If you are searching around the web for IVC Balterio laminate review, you may find different opinions from different sources.

  • First of all, you should check Mommy Forum.

There is no one who can give the best and the most honest review about the floor considering that these moms spend most of their times at home.

It’s a good thing that IVC floors have positive and great reviews. Feel free to check other sites too.

In most reviews, the users say that the floor has real appearance that imitates the look of wood just perfectly.

If they don’t know it better, they may think that the floor is actually hardwood not laminate one.

  • Second, you should also check sites for home builders.

You see, home builders are often the ones installing different types of floors. They know the strength and downside of each floor including their variants.

Based on these professional services, IVC floors have great finish. They are pretty easy to install not as complicated as other products.

Moreover, when they are coming, they arrived in well-packaged construction. It is crucial because you want to have safe and undamaged products.

  • Third, the floor is just perfect for installation.

Installing the floor isn’t exactly easy no matter whatever types of floor you have. It seems that IVC floors are sensitive to this matter.

Although the floor comes with its own tilt and lock method, installing the floor can be challenging and tedious.

Installing the planks can be challenging along cabinets and under the door frames. You may have to use the glue and also cut the panels so they will fit just perfectly.

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Final Words IVC Balterio Laminate Review

Choosing the right laminate floor for the right house can be a challenge, but if you have read reviews, then you know what to expect.

Not only this floor comes with premium quality construction, but the final finish is quite satisfying and simply gorgeous.

If you have never installed a laminate floor before, it would be a good idea to hire a professional service.

At least, you won’t have to worry about the final result and you won’t have to suffer from the headache with the DIY project.

The floor itself is quite easy and effortless to clean and care. You just need a regular broom, a regular hardwood vacuum cleaner, and a damp mop for every spill.

So, if you really understand IVC Balterio laminate review, it is completely a no brainer and no efforts.