Laminate Wood Flooring for Your Home – Benefits, Features and Installation

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When it comes to today’s home design, laminate wood flooring has already been popularly used among the homeowners. Laminate flooring proves to have some great advantages. Though it is not a real flooring, but the durability and versatility are not questionable.

There are so many reasons why people tend to use laminate flooring for homes. Laminate flooring comes with the affordable price yet the high quality product.

Do you know that the high quality of laminate flooring can even last for 20 years?

Besides offering the high quality and durability, laminate flooring also comes with the wide range of styles, colors and patterns to fit your interior design.

In fact, laminate wood flooring has become popular to present the look of nature. It resembles the look of wood so that you can feel the nature just inside your home.

Laminate flooring that looks like wood is one of the most widely chosen and used laminate on the globe.

Thus, if you wonder more about it, let’s go further to check it.

Laminate Wood Flooring For Your Home
Laminate Wood Flooring For Your Home

Laminate Wood Flooring Features

Firstly we need to check out the features of laminate wood flooring so that you know why most people tend to use this kind of flooring for their modern homes.

These features deal with the strengths of laminate wood flooring which are:


Due to the waterproof feature provided by the laminate wood flooring, you will easily clean and take care of the flooring without so much effort.

Once there are some water or other liquid spill, you can just wipe it using the dry cloths. And it dries quickly.

In short, the waterproof laminate wood flooring is true, thus, you don’t have to worry about it.

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Durable and Affordable

As we have mentioned above, laminate wood flooring is highly durable. The durability of laminate flooring typically depends on how thick it is.

In this case, there are some different thickness. The thickest laminate flooring is usually between 6 to 8 inch. Noticeably, the high quality laminate can last up to 20 years.

What’s more?

Well, laminate flooring is popularly known to be more affordable than the real flooring.

So if you want to finish your home design while you have only a limited budget, laminate flooring can be the perfect solution.

Easy Installation and Replacement

Remember, all types of laminate flooring are featuring easy installation and replacement. There are many kinds of online tutorials you can find on the internet about how to install and replace the laminate based on the proper procedure.

Believe it or not, even you yourself can install the laminate.

Various Designs

Other laminate wood flooring feature is the various design. There have been many different kinds of patterns, styles and texture.

There also some laminate wood flooring colors you can choose including light brown, dark brown, light grey, dark grey and even white.

True to its style, laminate wood floor has various design you can surely choose to fit your overall home design and definitely to suit your preference.

Footfalls Noise Reduction

Do you know other feature that is much of advantage?

It is the fact that laminate wood flooring can reduce the footfalls noise.

So, this kind of flooring is suitable not only for home but also for office and store where there are usually high foot traffics.

The Use of Laminate Wood Floor In Multitude of Areas

In fact, the use of laminate wood floor now is covering not only the most high traffic areas such as bathroom and kitchen but also other areas like family rooms, living room, dining room, bedrooms and dens.

This proves that laminate flooring can be installed to most of the home areas.

laminate wood flooring designs
laminate wood flooring designs

Laminate flooring in bathroom is good as long as you choose the waterproof one. If you install an ordinary laminate flooring, there will be an excessive moisture that affects the inner core and the performance of the floors. Thus, the waterproof laminate is recommended.

Is it possible to install the laminate wood flooring on stairs?

Why not?

Stairs are the areas where there is a high frequency of footstep. Most of family members will go up and down the stairs more in a day. Using the laminate flooring will reduce the footstep noise.

Based on some home owners as well as home designers, laminate flooring is also good for kitchen.

Due to the fact that laminate flooring features scratch and stain resistant, it is good to install in the kitchen where there is always a possibility of a sharp thing fall upon the floor.

Consult to your home designer or expert to find the most suitable laminate wood floor for kitchen so that you can have a comfortable floors to support you walk around the kitchen countertop.

Laminate Wood Floor Installation

Laminate Wood Flooring Installation
Laminate Wood Flooring Installation

Now that you have known more about laminate wood flooring in general, it is the best time to check out the steps how to install laminate wood floor easily even just by you yourself.

  • Prepare the tools (pry bar, utility knife, tape measure, pencil, handsaw, spacing blocks, tapping block, pull bar and hammer).
  • Prepare the materials (laminate flooring, underlayment, finishing nails and shoe molding).
  • Acclimate the flooring, meaning that provide the floor with 48 hours to sit for preparing the room’s temperature and humidity.
  • Remove the baseboard out of the wall using the pry bar. Make sure it is clean enough in order that you can properly attach the laminate to the subfloor.
  • Install the underlayment to the floating laminate floor. Use the utility knife to cut the pieces of laminate planks.
  • Plan the layout. Decide where to lay the laminate.
  • Cut the first row of the planks lengthwise. You may use a power saw of handsaw to cut the pieces.
  • Provide space using spacers to leave gaps which are usually ¼ inch.
  • Install the first row, additional row and finally the last row.
  • Cut around casings of the door. You may use the jamb saw to cut them.
  • Reinstall the trim. You may use the hammer and the finishing nails.

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Laminate Wood Flooring Maintenance

Sure after you install the laminate wood flooring, you must know well how to clean the laminate wood floors for the best maintenance of floor. It has been best described that maintaining laminate floor is easy and quickly.


One thing to remember in laminate wood flooring maintenance is the fact that you must not use the steam cleaner or wet mops. It may cause a damage to your laminate floors.

Instead, you can just use a damp cloth to wipe out the spills as soon as they fall upon the floors. Never let liquids to lay on your floors too long.

If there is any tough spot like oil, paint, markers or lipstick, you can use the nail polish remover on a clean cloth and wipe the spotted area. For daily cleansing, you can easily use vacuum cleaner to avoid the dust accumulation.

Now what do you have in mind?

Will you finally pick up laminate wood floor options for your new lovely home?

Be sure to make it.

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