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Laminate Flooring Colors Style Ideas to Inspire You

by Dylan Johnson

When vinyl and ceramic tile come with the look-wood for today’s floorings options, people start questioning whether or not the laminate flooring colors will keep stylish. If you think that the laminate floorings are on their path to vanish into thin air, you are totally wrong.

In fact, laminate flooring keeps being the great alternatives especially for residential use.

Technology always develops from times to times, making the laminate flooring offers more solid hardwood resemblance than before. Even without we realize it, laminate flooring business is always increasing in a big way.

As the laminate flooring popularity increases, most companies begin to offer the realistic wood of laminate flooring mimicking the recent flooring trends in form of solid hardwood.

This way, the wood-looks laminate floorings are not all you will see this year. In the other words, laminate flooring colors will be variously available.

Now let’s have a look at the following color options of laminate flooring to inspire you.

Most Stylish Laminate Flooring Colors
Most Stylish Laminate Flooring Colors

Most Popular Laminate Flooring Colors

There are some of the most popular laminate flooring colors that have been widely used by the homeowners around the world.

Typically, there are 4 kinds of laminate flooring colors which are all favorable to people. Those are;

Most Popular Laminate Flooring Colors
Most Popular Laminate Flooring Colors

Gray Flooring

Gray flooring which looks like a gray wood has been already existed and used over the last decades.

Though it comes with the gray tiles which look like stone, it is still popular among the homeowners. People usually install this gray laminate flooring not only in the kitchens but also in other areas of homes.

To provide the customers with some choices, the designers started to mix gray with the other neutral colors like beige which creates famous greige tones for stylish appearance.

As there are always new-found innovation on laminate flooring colors and styles, you will see lots of greiges and charcoals in 2020 to add the depth and dimension to the flooring.

Gray laminate flooring color also comes chic and trendy. If you have ever visited someone’s home with the gray laminate flooring, you will find that gray can transform the house into a cool and contemporary home.

Gray gives a neutral backdrop for space decoration along with the virtual color.

In addition, gray laminate flooring will easily match the aquas, greens, black and white as well as bright bold colors. Read Gray Laminate Flooring

Gray Laminate Flooring
Gray Laminate Flooring

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White Flooring

Do you want a beach-look laminate flooring?

Here is the white flooring you can choose out of the list of laminate flooring colors options. This white flooring comes with the sparkling marble-look with pure whites and beachy look.

Simply, it has white-washed wood looks. California and some other countries around popularly used this kind of flooring. Even the whites-washed wood looks of the flooring places the top rank in the list.

In California, white laminate flooring are the trendies laminate flooring for farmhouse. It is even becoming the trendiest laminate flooring which is best used in the kitchens.

In fact, white flooring can go with the darker colors in 2020 as one of the trendy and happening flooring style.

In addition to interior design, white flooring can make the room looks brighter and lighter as well as bigger.

It also makes space feels relaxed due to the beach looks suiting the overall home décor.

White Laminate Flooring
White Laminate Flooring

Traditional White Flooring

As its name, this is a white flooring that looks very much traditional appearing in bright white ceramic and vinyl tiles which are all super-hot for homes.

In 2020, traditional white vinyl becomes the color contrasting the dark for espresso cabinet while the white tiles set up the backdrop for a brighter colorful décor.

As one of the most popular laminate flooring colors, traditional white floor especially for tiles-look make the spaces look larger than they actually are.

This traditional white floor is also suitable for a room with lots of sunlight. Thus, the room has a truly special performance.

Other great thing you can derive from installing the traditional white flooring is the fact that the flooring will enable you to pick up any kind of furniture and décor.

It is because everything will always go with the white color. Isn’t it true?

traditional white laminate flooring
traditional white laminate flooring

Blonde Flooring

Is there any blonde flooring? Why not?

If you think that laminate flooring always come in brow to resemble the wood look, you are totally wrong. Mimicking the wood look doesn’t always means go brow. Instead, we can also go with the blonde colors.

Now you know that blonde flooring is true, so let’s find what benefits we can derive from installing the blonde flooring.

In this regards, blonde flooring is light, making the room feels airy at home. In other words, the blonde wood-look of the flooring offers a light timeless feel.

Either blonde wood or wood looks that you may have for your flooring, it would make your rooms are always possible to have any kind of decoration.

You can go for rustic, chic or any other homey home designs along with the contemporary feel.

Blonde flooring is popularly used for kitchens with the modern design. Especially if you have already a home with the farmhouse style, blonde flooring can be one of the great options for the flooring.

Furthermore, in contrast with the ultra-dark espresso looks, blonde flooring can make your room looks larger and more open with planks.

In this year, this kind of laminate flooring color will remain in use as a trend-turned-classic flooring to offer you something new look for your home.

Blonde Wood Flooring
Blonde Wood Flooring

Honey Flooring

Other laminate flooring color to offer you now is the honey flooring. Isn’t it same with blonde? No, it is not.

Honey flooring is a bit darker than the blonde flooring. It is offering a room with the great warmth due to the rich honey looks that are also popular in 2020.

Honey flooring also comes to offer the coziness of a tiny room that can be transformed into a seemingly-large room.

Yeah, honey flooring can also makes your room looks bigger or larger and even more open. Honey flooring also comes with the warm tones, making you able to have a honey wood-look flooring at your home.

Honey flooring, however, is not one of the trendiest laminate flooring colors. Instead, it is a classic cool laminate flooring color in the year of 2020.

Honey Laminate Flooring
Honey Laminate Flooring

So what home design will surely match honey flooring?

Classic home is the answer. It can include the rustic home design as well as farmhouse.

In 2020, will the honey flooring remain in use? It is predictably yes.

It can even be the trend from times to times to offer a classic look which is also still relevant for some next decades.

High Color Vibration Flooring

High Color Vibration Flooring
High Color Vibration Flooring

What does a high color vibration flooring offer?

Being one of the trendiest laminate flooring colors in wood look, high color vibration comes with the color variation feature for planks while the color variation in tile comes with the individual plank.

High color vibration flooring has a natural and rustic look that most people are interested in.

Along with the modern technology nowadays, you can have more options of high color vibration flooring including natural-look laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile, and engineered wood.

Thus, this high color vibration can match any contemporary décor well.

It is predictable that high color vibration flooring will significantly stay trendy for some decades later. It is due to the very specific aesthetic value that proves to be challenging from years to years.

Black and White Laminate Flooring

checkerboard flooring
checkerboard flooring

Black and white laminate flooring is not uncommon anymore. It has been existing over decades and will stay the same in 2020. Black and white flooring especially the tiles has a vintage style so that it becomes very much popular in the world of flooring.

The most popular pattern of black and white flooring is the checkerboard looks along with the creative variations.

In flooring design, black and white colors are the old-timey and aesthetic. For smaller spaces, black and white flooring might be suitable to match with the bright accent colors to show a classic view that can go with the modern looks of flooring and vintage style.

Most of the popular customers who loves installing this black and white flooring is the youngsters.

They said they want to enjoy the novelty feel of black and white floors not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom.

However, on prediction, black and white flooring will be out of fashion.

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Blue Laminate Flooring

blue laminate flooring ideas
blue laminate flooring ideas

Do you realize that blue laminate flooring is very much beautiful and stylish?

True to its style, blue laminate flooring is very inspiring along with the color variations available, from blue grey tones to navy hues. It also looks so stunning that many people begin to consider blue flooring for more luxurious look over the rooms or spaces.

Now which kind of laminate flooring colors that may attract you?

If you tend to use laminate flooring for your home, make sure you choose the right color to match your home décor.