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RaceDeck Garage Flooring Reviews

RaceDeck Garage Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Is this the first time you hear the RaceDeck Garage flooring? You are not alone. There might be lots of people who are just new to it especially when they are owning a new home. So we are now presenting the RaceDeck Garage flooring reviews to fulfil your curiosity about such kind of flooring.

Basically, garages are used to store many kinds of things ranging from tools even to Christmas ornaments.

While there so many things to spring up your mind about storing things in the garage, let’s think about how to cover your garage with the special flooring so you can have a showroom alike without breaking your bank.

In this regards, choosing the best flooring type is the one we would like to recommend. Yeah, flooring the garage is doing something special since you can transform it into your desired look. Thus, in this reviews, we include any information you may need to know.

Those are about the RaceDeck flooring tiles, Racedeck display flooring tiles, RaceDeck flooring prices and its installation methods. We also include the conclusion to give you a summary of the reviews.

So let’s check out the full reviews in the following sections:

RaceDeck Flooring In General

In garage flooring, modular tiles are ones of the cooler innovations in its period. There are many shapes, sizes and colors available in the options but some of them are tougher than the others.

RaceDeck flooring is a modular system that the company made in the USA for people who loves classic vehicles.

So, the flooring is manufactured along with the styles to fit the garage classic collection. In shorts, RaceDeck has several interesting flooring product to offer.

RaceDeck Garage Flooring Tiles

In this RaceDeck Garage flooring reviews, we would like to firstly talk about RaceDeck Flooring Tiles.

In this case, you may know that some companies may have only one style of garage flooring type which is available in many kinds of colors. However, RaceDeck has more than that to offer.

Notice, this company comes with some collections to fit the variety of styles, ranging from simple and clean to the unique to fit your garage to park your motorcycle or car.

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RaceDeck Diamond and RaceDeck XL

RaceDeck Diamond and RaceDeck XL are the first style that are widely used as an excellent choice. These styles options will work best for those who love something classic and durable.

The substructure of the diamond is sturdy and well protected using the TuffShield to keep the tiles looking fresh for some years in the future.

Most of the garage tiles are designed with 12” x 12”. That is the standard size provided by most manufacturers.

In this case, RaceDeck XL presents the larger tiles which are 18” x 18”. Both of RaceDeck Diamond and RaceDeck XL are designed with 13 different colors.

RaceDeck Free-Flow

Though you may have installed Diamond plate flooring in your garage to display your motored toys, it would work well when water of other liquid play in.

Thus, you need modular tiles for your garage without being worried about the excessive water or other liquid.

RaceDeck Free-Flow will not allow the water to pool up. Further, these styles comes with the rich of colors as other garage flooring styles produced by the other companies.

RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC

Later on our RaceDeck Garage flooring reviews, RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC is noticeably working better with liquids.

The line is oversized in 18” x 18” and featuring slip-resistant technology to deal with its self-draining surface.

RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC comes only is one color. However, it is thicker than the other styles produced by the other companies.

CircleTrac & Harley Davidson

CircleTrac & Harley Davidson are the other styles options of RaceDeck garage flooring that is designed as a slip-proof solution for consumers that are not interested in diamond plate textures in their garage.

These options have unique style of modular tiles that look like penny tiles but added with raised circles to provide additional traction in your garage.

The collection of Harley Davidson comes with the similar style yet the company’s classic logo is decorated across each style.

Both CircleTrac & Harley Davidson are sized at 12” x 12” x ½ “ with the 13 colors for CircleTrack and 3 clear options hues for Harley that are Orang, Black and Alloy.

RaceDeck Garage Display Flooring Tiles

Keep in mind that RaceDeck Garage flooring tile is not just about displaying cars or motorcycles.

The tile comes actually with more functional and useful thing in the garage. This is beyond your expectation, of course.

As the name suggest, these garage flooring tiles are designed to allow you to place your cars on display as well as accent their other styles.

Smoked Oak

Smoked Oak is the most unique flooring product offered by Racedeck Garage flooring. It is designed in luxury vinyl tile form for garages.

Smoked Oak option looks like smoky oak planks of wood but it sturdy enough to handle your vehicles.

Smoked Oak garage tiles flooring are also available in two different sizes. Those are the standard 12” tile and ones that measure 36” x 36” if you want a more seamless look.

RaceDeck Pro

You might notice that composite materials along with copolymers are sturdy and great in garage, however, they are difficult to replace with aluminum.

This is when RaceDeck Pro tiles come into play. They are designed with the rugged substructure of the garage tiles along with the polished aluminum appearance.

So you can mix RaceDeck Pro with the other styles to create such a unique flooring tile for your garage.

Additional Styles and Accessories

Is it important to add additional styles and accessories to the RaceDeck Garage flooring?

The main reason is the fact that you need to add special fee to your garage through the flooring so it looks unique.

In this case, there are handful of additional styles and accessories included in the shopping list if you choose hardwood flooring or vinyl.

This way, RaceDeck Garage flooring offers some interesting options such as the waterproof flooring tile and snap-carpet.

Snap-carpet is commercial grade while ShockTower is an-anti-vague panel to keep your feet feel fresh.

Other additional styles and accessories are probably the AccuPark parking guide tiles and RaceDeck Edges which are compatible with the other provided lines.

Meanwhile, Fastdeck comes as a standalone product to offer a sturdy outdoor floor with the size of 24” x 24” tiles.

These styles are luckily resistant to many kinds of chemicals just like the company flagship lines.

RaceDeck Garage Flooring Prices

Presenting RaceDeck flooring prices is a must on our RaceDeck Garage flooring reviews. Considering that these tiles are sold at specialties store, you will never find it on your local store.

These tiles have comparable prices though the cheaper alternatives are also available in the options. In this case, some reputable online shops have the following prices.

SeriesSizeColorsPrice per Tile
Diamond18” x 18” x ½ “13$8.53
AccuPark12” x 24” x ½ “1$49.95
Snap-carpet12” x 12” x ½ “1$4.25
CircleTrack12” x 12” x ½ “2$3.79
Smoked Oak36” x 36” x ½”1$65.25
Free-flow12” x 12” x ½ “13$3.49
RaceDeck Pro12” x 12” x ½ “1$12.49

RaceDeck Garage Flooring Installation

One of the advantages of modular floor tiles presented by RaceDeck is the DIY installation availability.

In this case, you don’t have to hire a pro for installing the flooring. You need only to prepare the tools such as a good broom to clean the floor out of the debris before starting the installation. Razer knife is also needed to cut the tiles.

In regards to the installation, PowerLock system makes the installation a bit harder but it also makes the tiles easy to replace. This way, removing the damaged tiles can be easily performed using a putty knife.

Conclusion RaceDeck Garage Flooring

Overall, these RaceDeck garage flooring won’t break your bank since it is available in affordable prices. Further, the selections and styles will just add another uniqueness to your garage.

Thanks to the manufacturers that allows the stores to sell the products online so you can find the tiles online in the stores.

For you who loves classic styles, RaceDeck garage flooring seems being an excellent choice.

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FAQs RaceDeck Garage Flooring Reviews

How long will I need to install RaceDeck flooring in my garage?

Some types of RaceDeck flooring needs a couple of days but most of the homeowners do it only for 2 hours for average-size garage.

Can I easily cut the tiles to fit my garage? What tools will I need?

Yes, you can. Use the recommended jigsaw, utility knife and table saw when they are accessible.

Can I replace the damaged tiles easily?

Due to the incredible resilience of RaceDeck flooring, you can just release the damaged tiles through their PowerLocking system using a putty knife and replace he sections. As simple as that.