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Tranquility Vinyl Plank Reviews

Tranquility Vinyl Plank Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Welcome to the Tranquility vinyl plank reviews that would break down the company’s collections as well as tell you what you may expect from this popular store brand!

Following this site will probably direct you to Lumber Liquidators where you can pick up affordable flooring options.

The company has noticeably been responsible for a half-dozen store brands for so many years, however, we are just going to focus on luxury vinyl flooring in the explanation.

In this post, you will be directed to know more about the Tranquility vinyl flooring, its dimensions and green factor, cost and availability, pros and cons, ratings and the way you are looking for a qualified installer for Tranquility vinyl flooring installation.

Now let’s check out every detail of the sections to obtain a complete understanding from Tranquility vinyl plank reviews.

Tranquility Vinyl Flooring

The company has exactly an official site that provide you information about the flooring styles. You can get deeper for some flooring options along with its critical technical specifications.

This time, three types of Tranquility luxury vinyl flooring are available through the store. The company has a standard lineup while the Tranquility XD would be the next option available.

In addition to the collection, Tranquility Ultra lineup is considered their premium product so you can check out the tier and price.

Thus, it is assumed that there is only a small flooring catalogue from this brand. Notice, the 25 styles are available across the three lines.


Tranquility is the main product line that comes with the cheapest price. This product consists of nine styles based on the basic lineup.

The options are ranging from Malted Oak with the weathered look to dark brown Knotty Oak and Mojave Hickory that comes with a plenty of characters.

Each of Tranquility plank has various thickness along with the various colors and species, too. In this case, the boards are considerably having 1.5mm to 3mm thick.

Notice, all of the boards in this collection are waterproof, not water resistant. They are also protected by a top coat. This protective coating is made of urethane while other coat is made of vague. The coating you will obtain depends much on the overall thickness of the boards.

For example, 1.5mm planks only have a 6mi wear layer and the 3mm board have even double the protection with a 12mil wear layer.

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Tranquility XD

Tranquility XD vinyl planks are thicker than the other types of planks. In this type, every style comes with 4mm thick and 6mil wear layer.

Nevertheless, the planks are just easy to install since they can use glue-down and click-locked installation method.

The boards of Tranquility XD offer some features including light texturing technique and 20-year limited warranty for residential use. These boards are little bit wider than the average boards which is 7 inch.

There are eight styles of wood-look provided by the luxury vinyl planks. They include the boards that look like domestic species like Chestnut with exotic woods including Brazillian Cherry or KOA.

Tranquility ULTRA

The last but not least that Lumbe Liquidators offer is Tranquility Ultra flooring which is the premium vinyl flooring collection. This is just the small selection in the collection.

There are only eight styles that varies from Golden Teak to boards that look like rustic reclaimed Oak flooring.

In this case, the price are higher at the tier but there is always a good reason why it is that expensive.

Tranquility ULTRA vinyl plank comes with 5mm thick along with a 22mil wear layer. This makes a great impact on durability.

However, these planks are supported by a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about gluing down the boards.


Later on our Tranquility vinyl plank reviews, dimensions are also crucial to take into discussion.

In this case, there is no square planks since all the planks are wide or extra wide. 6 inch and 7 inch are considered wide. For the lengths, the planks come with 36 or 48 inches lengths and 1.5mm to 5mm thick.

The Green Factor

Truly, Lumber Liquidators Tranquility luxury vinyl flooring is GreenGuard certified. However, there is still another thing we didn’t know further.

In fact, there is no FloorScore certification on these lines, meaning that we don’t know how the company handles the vinyl products.

For store brands, that is not an uncommon issue since the details van be vague in certain areas.

However, it can still be taken into a concern since the issue is happening again though only in a small case.

Tranquility Cost and Availability

We are going to tell you that you can easily find Tranquility luxury vinyl plank. In fact, this plank can be found only in one place that is Lumber Liquidators.

In this case, the company sells the product both online and locally offline at locations throughout the United States. So, there is no issue about getting Tranquility.

If you have only a tight budget, it would not either a problem as you can check out the price in the table below and find the most suitable product fitting your budget.

CollectionStyleInstallation methodThicknessPrice
TranquilityNorth Perry PinePeel and stick1.5mm$0.78 sq. ft.
Tranquility XDRail Tie OakClick – lock4mm$1.89 sq. ft.
Tranquility UltraGolden AcaciaClick – lock5mm$2.45 sq. ft.
Tranquility XDSun Valley PineClick –lock or Glue4mm$1.69 sq. ft.
Tranquility UltraStormy Grey OakClick – lock or glue5mm$2.42 sq. ft
TranquilityMalted OakGlue down3mm$1.43 sq. ft

Based on the table, the prices are variously available depending on the collection and style of the plank flooring you choose.

The installation methods are also viewed so that you can consider more which one to choose based on your preference.

Tranquility Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons

Based on our Tranquility vinyl plank reviews, tranquility offers not only budget friendly products but also budget-friendly products throughout their collections. For qualities, Tranquility flooring is in the medium to low-end class.

This doesn’t mean that you need to move to the other brands. Instead, you just need to pay attention to the warranty conditions and make a preparation for the proper installation to get the planks installed perfectly.

Tranquility Vinyl Plank Pros

Tranquility vinyl plank flooring offers some cheapest products on the market today. You will even get a solid warranty with the Tranquility ULTRA line and DIY installation using clock-lock technique. Believe it or not, it would be just a good news if a flooring product offers DIY installation.

Tranquility Vinyl Plank Cons

The biggest downside of Tranquility vinyl flooring is the fact that the products do not come with the tile form. Further, there is only a limited selection of styles, colors and texturing compared to the other brands.

So if you want to find a large number of styles options, you cannot expect it from this brand.

Tranquility Vinyl Plank Ratings

Based on the customer reviews we are researching, the Tranquility vinyl plank is rated 3 for the sizes availability and range of colors and styles options as well as eco-friendly feature. While the durability of the plank flooring is rated 4.

The overall rating is 3.75 out of 5.

This shows that this products are purchased more for its durability than its limited colors and styles options availability.

Looking for Qualified Installer for Tranquility Flooring

Some readers express their complaints about not being able to find the local installers or overpaid the installation.

However, there is nothing to worry about since an online free estimate tool to help them get the installer in 24 hours.

This tool is typically powered by the network specializing in collecting, vetting and rating the flooring contractor for over 20 years.

Final Words

Finally, this Tranquility vinyl plank reviews has completely described the Tranquility brands and its collection as well as the price line.

Overall, the products provided by the brands have cheaper price than the other products from the other brands.

So if you want to find affordable options of vinyl plank flooring, you can expect to choose from Tranquility including Tranquility resilient flooring.

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FAQs Tranquility Vinyl Plank Reviews

Where is Tranquility vinyl flooring manufactured?

Most of Tranquility flooring products are produced in China. Still, it varies by collection.

What type of certification does the Tranquility flooring carry dealing with indoor air quality?

GreenGuard certification is available for low emissions.

Can I use a radiant flooring system with Tranquility vinyl plank?

Yes, you can. It is just safe to use radiant flooring with not only Tranquility XD but also Tranquility Ultra and the regular line. However, you need to check with the radiant heating system manufacturer to make sure that everything is based on the proper guidelines.

Can I install Peel and Stick Tranquility flooring in basement?

Yes, you can. But make sure the subfloor has no sound and moisture issue. If there is no issue on moisture and sound, you can easily install the peel and stick Tranquility vinyl plank flooring without any problem.