Vinyl Tile Flooring Reviews and Pros & Cons for Your Perfect House

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Types of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl Tile Flooring Reviews – When it comes to renovate, remodel, or rebuild the house, flowing is one of the components to figure out. Whether your home design is in the traditional style or modern vinyl tile flooring style, vinyl tile flooring can be taken into consideration.

Vinyl tiles haven be popularly used among the homeowners due to its affordable price, durability, easy installation, various design, and many more.

Vinyl tiles show its high quality through the materials that construct it to be one of the most popular tile floor used around the world.

Vinyl tiles are now attached not only for houses but also for offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, and more other places. Rooms with the most active-foot are mostly using vinyl tiles for the flooring.

What’s more about vinyl tile flooring? Let’s check out this review in detail.

Vinyl Tile Flooring Pros and Cons

Vinyl Tile Flooring Pros and Cons
Vinyl Tile Flooring Pros and Cons

All of the popular things on the globe bring their pros and cons, so do the vinyl tile. As one of the popular flooring, more and more people keep liking it.

However, there are also a few people who tend to use another type of flooring due to some specific reasons.

Here are the details of the pros and cons of vinyl flooring you may want to know.


The main reason why people love using vinyl for the flooring is the fact that vinyl is 100% water-resistant. The Water resistant feature allows the floor not to be wet when watering or another liquid spill.

So, vinyl flooring would be very ideal for kitchen, restaurant, cafes, basements, kid’s bedroom, and bathroom.

The second reason why people show their pros over vinyl is the commercial grade wear layers that proves to be very great to withstand the heavy traffic.

Next, vinyl is durable and easy to maintain. To keep the floor clean and looks great, you can just sweep it regularly and mop it weekly.

Vinyl tile flooring is also affordable. For those who renovate the house or build the new one, vinyl would match the budget.


Apart from the large number of people liking vinyl flooring, some others do not prefer. One of the main reasons is the fact that it is quite difficult to glue down the vinyl. For a contemporary vinyl installation, gluing down is avoided.

Vinyl is also punctured easily with sharp objects such as a knife or a metal leg chair. Soon as the sharp object hit the vinyl floor, the signs stay.

The discoloration is also possible to happen to vinyl because there is no UV resistant feature.

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Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation Types

Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation Types
Vinyl Tile Flooring Installation Types

There are some vinyl tile flooring installation types you can choose to suit your skill in installing the vinyl. Here are what to check.

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile Flooring

Peel and stick installation types are one of the most favorite methods chosen by people in installing the vinyl to the floor.

It is just pretty easy to peel and stick the vinyl tile along with the right vinyl type you can directly purchase from the store and install it simply by peeling and sticking.

In this regard, Achim Home Furnishing is the vinyl type that people frequently used.

Floating Vinyl Tile Flooring

The second vinyl tile flooring installation type you have to recognize is floating vinyl tile floor. If you hear the term “The floor floats”, it means that the floor does not sit directly on the top of the subfloor. The subfloor may be wood or concrete.

To install the floating vinyl on to the subfloor, you need installing underlayment first. It is aimed to provide protection and cushioning under the vinyl.

If you do not add this underlayment installation before floating the vinyl, your flooring will be harder, louder, and more prone to damage.

Glue Down Vinyl Tile Flooring

Installing vinyl tile flooring by gluing down the vinyl is noticeably very difficult. However, it would be very easy to remove this installed vinyl just by applying heat to loosen the adhesive.

Glue down vinyl installation relatively so cheap that it would meet your limited budget.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tile Flooring

Have you ever known what self-adhesive vinyl is?

Well, it is a vinyl tile product composed along with the layer of adhesive applied to the bottom of the tile during the vinyl production. The adhesive is then covered by the protective paper backing.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are great, affordable and easy-to-care especially for bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and kid’s room.

Self-adhesive vinyl installation can also be removed easily without causing damage to the subfloor.

Cost To Install Vinyl Tile Flooring

So you are wondering how much vinyl flooring installation costs?

Generally, the vinyl flooring ranges from $2 to $8 per square foot including the installation cost.

For example, if you want to install a 200 square foot vinyl floor without stairs, you’ll need approximately $800 to $1,000.

Now you can predict how much you will spend by measuring how large areas you want to cover with vinyl.

How to Clean Vinyl Tile Flooring

The other crucial thing to get to know about vinyl tile flooring is the way to clean it. It is noted that maintaining vinyl flooring is pretty easy. Regular sweeping each day and mopping weekly are the two simple ways.

To prevent the dust, use the doormat. When it comes to mop the floor, you can pour a little shampoo into a pail of water and use the water to mop the floor.

Best Brands of Vinyl Tile Flooring

If you really want to opt vinyl for your house flooring, here are some best brands we could recommend.


Amstrong vinyl tile is one of the most popular vinyl brands admired by so many people due to its simplicity.

The designed is popularly called Luxe Plank, offering the three designations which means good, better and even the best vinyl you can purchase. Amstrong’s styles resemble the wood styles such as maple, walnut and jatoba.


The second best brand from our flooring reviews of vinyl tile is Mannington. It comes with the expected quality and luxury of vinyl. It has 4 inch by 36-inch dimension and 4mm thickness.

Mannington offers a cost-effective method to present the less expensive vinyl yet a great luxury and natural-like designs (pattern of teaks, oaks and maples).

If you want to renovate, remodel or build a kitchen, kid’s bedroom, second bathroom or just even a basement, Mannington vinyl tile would be the best option.


Nafco is another best brand if vinyl tile flooring you can consider purchasing.

It is designed with the stunning and natural-look of ceramic and stone. Due to the tritone surface, Nafco has never been tougher. Frequently, this kind of vinyl is aimed for temporary flooring in the cafes, kitchens, bars etc.


You can also consider Allure now to attach in your house for the flooring. Allure can be great if it is installed properly.

Allure is easy to install because it floats over the subfloor. It comes with a variety of realistic wood, stone and ceramic looks which are great for bathroom or kitchen flooring.


One more best brand of vinyl tile floors you must get to know is Shaw. It comes with 2mm thickness.

Shaw comes with the different luxury of vinyl along with the Floorte Collection. You can always find many kinds of different variations.

Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom
Vinyl Flooring for Bathroom

Now let’s talk about vinyl flooring for the bathroom. Make your bathroom wonderful and amazing with the right flooring so that you can have a bath comfortably.

Why must you choose vinyl?

There are some reasons why. Vinyl flooring is cheaper to apply in the bathroom compared to porcelain and ceramic. It is also easier to install and maintain. It is more durable and water-resistant, too. Though it looks like hardwood, it will not absorb the moisture.

For the best flooring in the bathroom from our reviews, you can opt the square vinyl flooring tile to match the bathroom design and waterproof vinyl tile flooring to add comfort to the bathroom.

Vinyl Tile Flooring for Kitchen

Solid Look for Kitchen
Solid Look for Kitchen

Are you searching for vinyl tile flooring for your kitchen?

No worry! Look at what design your kitchen is. If you have a retro kitchen design, then you could opt for the retro vinyl floor tiles so that you will have the overall retro design for your kitchen.

Our Reviews, Commercial vinyl flooring tile are also much recommended. This one is mostly purchased due to its easy-look design that matches all types of kitchen.

Another vinyl tile style you can opt for is the patterned vinyl floor tiles. It is designed with a seemingly solid look.

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Vinyl Tile Flooring for Garage

Apply for Your Garage
Apply for Your Garage

Do you want to apply the vinyl tile flooring for your garage, too?

Is it possible?

Why not?

There are three vinyl options you can consider installing in the garage.

First, white vinyl floor tiles are good to look. It comes with a simple design to imply the garage function.

Second, black vinyl floor tiles may be suitable who do not like to see dirt or dust on the floor. It is because black can simply make the dust and dirt invisible.

Another option is blue vinyl floor tiles which are also good to install in the garage due to the color’s brightness.

What do you have in mind now?

Are you considering vinyl tile floor? Make your choice!

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