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Kind of Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Reviews – If you have been familiar with vinyl flooring, you must also be familiar with Armstrong vinyl flooring, right? Armstrong is one of the largest vinyl collection available for the customers to choose in the market.

Armstrong is also one of the most favorite and widely used vinyl floor among the home owners.

Now this article comes to review Armstrong as one of the best vinyl flooring so that you can spring up your mind to consider purchasing and installing it on your house.

Here are the details that you may want to know about Armstrong vinyl floor.

Vinyl Plank

Armstrong vinyl plank flooring has some special features, making it more widely used compared to other luxury vinyl flooring like Shaw, Mohawk and other leading brands.

The first big feature offered by Armstrong is its ability to be installed on concrete, wood, underlayment, tile, sanded OSB and sheet vinyl.

The waterproof feature is the second reason why people tend to use Armstrong vinyl plank floor.

Along with the proper installation, any of minor spills will never penetrate to the subfloor.

The sticky glue makes the installation super easy. Thus, you don’t even need to hire someone to get the floor installed.

What’s more?

Well, Armstrong vinyl plank floor is 28% vivero recycled content which means it is more ecofriendly than the sheet vinyl.

In short, Armstrong is listed as one of the best values among the premium luxury vinyl planks floor lines.

Knowing these Armstrong vinyl plank flooring reviews will probably enable you to make decision of installing this kind of flooring for the most active areas in your house.

Armstrong Vinyl Plank Flooring
Armstrong Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Vinyl Sheet

One question about Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring is what makes the vinyl sheet lasts for years. Well, the only one answer is the innovations in design yet the affordable price have made it.

This way, people can expect the stylish flooring from Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring for either temporary or event permanent flooring.

Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring makes your dream of having the floor looks like the real hardwood or natural stone comes true.

Along with the innovative technology, the manufacturer produces the vinyl sheet styles with the realistic visuals and textures, making the vinyl looks like the real hardwood, ceramic and stone flooring.

This way, natural realism is the trendiest style of Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring.

Not only the home designers but also the home owners tend to choose this vinyl sheet to capture the look and feel of objects found in a natural world along with the stress-free maintenance of vinyl.

Some trendiest Armstrong vinyl floor you can consider optioning are traditional hardwood, exotic wood species, rustic and distress wood, weathered wood, limestone, sandstone, slate, decorative geometric patterns and checkerboard.

In short, Armstrong vinyl floor particularly the vinyl sheet ones offers you not only the on-trend stylishness but also the practical durability.

Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring
Armstrong vinyl sheet flooring

Vinyl Tile

Similar to the vinyl sheet and vinyl plank that offer durability, low-maintenance, easy installation and stylish look.

Armstrong vinyl tile comes with the additional strengths including the quick installation and the ability to fit any room in the house.

Armstrong vinyl tile enables you to have great-looking new floors only in a single weekend. Moreover, due to its easy and quick installation, you can even install the vinyl by yourself without hiring an expert.

Armstrong vinyl tile flooring is designed to make the floor look stunning by resembling the hardwood or stone. This kind of vinyl tile also offers wide range of styles, from time-worn wood to modern marble.

You can enjoy the nature’s look along with the various beauty throughout your home. Kitchen, bathroom, basement, hallways and even family room are the areas that mostly welcome the vinyl tile flooring.

Some Armstrong luxury vinyl tile flooring products you may have to know are Acacia Luxury Vinyl Tile Cinnabar, Acacia Luxury Vinyl Tile Natural, Amarela Heartwood Luxury Vinyl Tile Carob Bean, Amendoim Luxury Vinyl Tile Amber Glow, Arboor Orchard Luxury Vinyl Tule Apple Cider, Arbor Orchard Luxury Vinyl Tile Natural, Big Blue Mill Luxury Vinyl Tile Indigo Allusion and many other products.

Having four or five rating stars of the customer reviews show that Armstrong vinyl floor particularly the vinyl tile is one of the most satisfying products.

Armstrong Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

What is Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl flooring?

Well, rigid core flooring offers more and maximum durability as well as award-winning design for the toughest and most beautiful luxury vinyl flooring.

This rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is usually a perfect combination for active and style savvy homes.

If you are looking for rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, you can actually consider Acacia Rigid Core Cinnabar, Alemeda Oak Rigid Core Twilight Taupe, American Elm Rigid Core Autumn Landscape, American Elm Rigid Core Bearskin Brown and many others.

There are always some options available of each rigid core luxury vinyl flooring you can choose from.

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Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring
Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Plank Flooring

What have you known about Armstrong commercial vinyl plank floor?

Have you ever heard about it?

Commercial vinyl plank comes with the slogan “Inspiring Great Spaces” and that is exactly what the commercial flooring collections do.

The most popular Armstrong commercial vinyl plank flooring includes the vinyl composition tile, the luxury vinyl tile and plank, laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, bio-based tile, rigid core, slip resistant, static control and wall base.

The commercial Armstrong vinyl floor collections you can consider purchasing and installing are Armstrong Ixia Medintech Diamond, Armstrong Silver Gray Medintech Diamond, Armstrong Silver Dapple StrataMax, Armstrong Black/White, Armstrong Shore Taupe StratMax and many other commercial vinyl plank collections available in the market.

All in all, Armstrong vinyl flooring reviews that we have just shared you in this article is expected to inspire you to understand more about the vinyl floor which is not only affordable but also durable almost for all rooms in the house.

Now you may refer to your home design especially your interior to enable you choose the appropriate vinyl flooring.