White Vinyl Flooring Ideas to Fit Your Home Design

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Never hesitate to renovate or remodel your house with the new ideas including changing the house flooring into white vinyl flooring which is now popularly recommended by most of the home designers.

Why vinyl?

For those with a very limited budget, vinyl flooring can be one of the best solutions. Vinyl offers a very affordable price yet it also comes with the high quality through its features.

Vinyl flooring is noticeably durable, waterproof and water resistant. These are what the people expect from a flooring for the most crowded areas in their house, especially kitchen, bathroom, kid’s bedrooms, hallways and even basements.

White Vinyl Flooring Ideas
White Vinyl Flooring Ideas

White Vinyl Flooring Ideas

In relation to the options of white vinyl floor, there are ideas you can choose from. In this regards, there are more than five options you can consider choosing, purchasing and installing on your house floor. Let’s check them all out now.

Black And White

There are many various kinds of black and white vinyl floor such as the shape of diamond, square, flower and etc.

You are also provided with the options whether you like the white more and the black more, which color will dominate the flooring and what motives.

White Oak

The second white vinyl flooring idea you can consider installing either for your new house or for your existing one is the white oak vinyl floor.

If you like oak look, this white oak vinyl flooring can make your floors look spacious and elegant. White oak vinyl makes the room brighter. It is always easy to clean this kind of vinyl flooring and keep all the things look clear on the floor.

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White Wood Look

White wood look vinyl floors is another option to take into account if you really want to have a white wood look floors.

You cannot get this flooring look out of the tile or ceramic flooring, can you?

So, just come to think of installing this white wood look vinyl floor and make your house look and feel so natural.

Black And White Checkered

Looking like a chessboard, black and white checkered vinyl flooring is not uncommon option anymore. It looks not only classic but also unique. It fits all the modern house designs which are now called as minimalist design.

Black white checkered vinyl floor can match your interior including the themes, the room layout and the furniture set.

Vintage Black And White

Vintage black and white vinyl floor has more various styles to offer. There must always be a new style of black and white vinyl floor launched each year.

There are many different kinds of ornaments picturing the vinyl so that you have more choice.

White Ash

If you want more elegant and modern look of a white vinyl floor, white ash vinyl floors can be the best consideration. It will make the room looks not only elegant and modern but also spacious and bright enough. It fits all the minimalist house design either for the small house or the big one.

White ash vinyl floor also nicely fits the white interiors with the light blue or grey accents. Now if you have already the wall theme with soft color, this kind of vinyl flooring is a good option to add.

Red And White Checkered

Can you expect to install a red and white checkered vinyl?

Why not?

Red and white flooring looks good not only for kitchen and dining room but also for living room and hallways. Red and white checkered vinyl floor matches your red furniture well without making your eyes feel irritated.

Red sofas, red doors, red boxes and red kitchen storages are all good companions for the red and white checkered vinyl floor.

Grey And White

Other flooring option to figure out is the grey and white vinyl flooring. White and grey are the colors that can unite well to form a kind of flooring.

Supported by the grey sofas and glass table, grey and white vinyl floor looks so great in the living room, family room and kid’s room.

White Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

White Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas
White Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Dealing with white vinyl floors, there are more and more luxury white vinyl floor ideas out there. Vinyl plank flooring offers a soft white and cream colored vinyl to present a light, airy and beachy look.

Some options to consider are Nordic White Oak, Coastal Driftwood, White Oak, Cookie Cream, Silkwood, Silent Dove, Silver Mist, Aspen Pine, Cracked White Oak and many more.

These kinds of white vinyl plank floor are usually used by the popular resorts and residential beach homes. White vinyl plank floors offers an elegant feel for summer escape through its light colors which are much suitable with the open spaces.

White Vinyl Tile Flooring Ideas

If you like the tile look, there are also some waterproof and water resistant white vinyl tile floor ideas you can have the information here.

There are so many varieties of vinyl tile products either in online stores or in the real market. White vinyl tile flooring will actually make your house flooring looks like having the real tile.

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White Vinyl Sheet Flooring Ideas

White Vinyl Sheet Flooring Ideas
White Vinyl Sheet Flooring Ideas

For more easy installation of vinyl flooring, white vinyl sheet is a choice.

White vinyl sheet floor ideas come with the unique combination of durability, realistic design, comfort and low maintenance which are all packed in a great value. This white vinyl sheet flooring has also a super easy installation type that is peel and stick.

Now you have known that white vinyl flooring comes in large number of varieties along with its plus points including the low cost and low maintenance, high quality and high durability as well as waterproof and water resistant features.

In fact, people starts getting used to install this vinyl flooring both for houses and for commercial places like cafes, restaurants, food stalls, bars and offices.

Now you can also consider using this white vinyl for your home office, too.

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