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dark laminate flooring ideas for bedroom

Dark Laminate Flooring Ideas, Options to Match Your Room

by Dylan Johnson

Dark Laminate Flooring Ideas – Do you believe that dark laminate flooring nicely works on the light room layout? True to its design, dark laminate matches all types of room layout either the light or even the dark layout. Typically, people choose this kind of laminate flooring for their light rooms. It matches well.

In fact, dark laminate flooring has a wide rage if styles, patterns effects and finishes. They are all available on the market.

Many of the manufacturers always keep innovating and producing the best selected laminate flooring for the customers such as the dark wood, dark brown, dark walnut, dark oak, dark maple, dark waterproof, dark red, dark rustic and dark chocolate.

All of them are kinds of dark laminate flooring ideas you can choose from. However, a little difference must exist.

In this regards, we are inviting you to read on our best reviews about the laminate flooring that looks darker.

Now let’s check them all out in the following review sections:

Dark Wood Laminate Flooring

Dark Laminate Flooring Options to Match Your Room
Dark Laminate Flooring Options to Match Your Room

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Dark wood laminate flooring is the first common kind of laminate flooring which is widely used and highly demand. It looks like wood, resembling the natural look of wood.

It has approximately 8mm to 12mm thickness, meaning that it offers a high quality material of flooring.

Believe it or not, the high quality laminate flooring which looks look wood can even last for more than 15 years.

Dark wood laminate flooring proves to be the most favorable flooring option due to its simple yet elegant look. From European countries to United States, you will be able to see it either at the home owners or in the local store.

Like many other types of laminate flooring, this one comes not only with the high quality but also the versatility, low maintenance and affordable price.

Furthermore, it is typically featuring easy installation and easy removal.

Dark Brown Laminate Flooring

The second widely used laminate flooring which is also favorable among the home owners is the dark brown laminate floor.

Brown is not only the most popular color for laminate flooring but also the most favorable among the home advisors and home owners.

It is also one of the most versatile flooring options along with the impressive look and luxurious feel.

dark brown laminate flooring is suitable for either modern homes or traditional homes
dark brown laminate flooring is suitable for either modern homes or traditional homes

In fact, dark brown laminate flooring is suitable for either modern homes or traditional homes.

So if you have already a home with the rustic design or even a farmhouse, brown laminate flooring also matches well.

Simply, this type is good and widely purchased dark laminate floor from years to years.

Dark Walnut Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for a dark laminate flooring that looks like walnut tree, here we got you covered.

Dark walnut laminate floor presents both the style and quality along with the feature of stain resistance. This flooring type looks great enough with its eco-friendly feature, too.

What’s more?

Dark walnut laminate floor also offers the aquastop moisture protection feature, meaning that the flooring is able to protect against the moisture.

Not only easy installation but also a simple click panels are making this flooring types can last for years.

Dark Oak Laminate Flooring

Other popular kind of dark laminate flooring is the dark oak type. It is a dark laminate floor resembling the look of oak tree. Though it is not the real oak, it is mimicking well the oak like it is just real.

Dark oak laminate flooring offers such a fascinating features of organic wood as well as the real-like texture, making it perfect to create a natural look of flooring.

The darker accents of the dark oak laminate floor adds a warmth of rustic room design to complete the modern interiors.

Constructed with the 8mm thickness, this kind of laminate flooring can be a great option to furnish the busiest areas in your house such as kitchen and living room where there is a high traffic of footstep.

Furthermore, the anti-bacterial coating makes the flooring safe for either pets or children. This is one of the big functionality of the laminate flooring to provide your family with the good protections against bacteria and germs.

Dark Maple Laminate Flooring

Considerably, maple is a one of the tree in which the wood looks so beautiful to be adopted in the construction of laminate flooring. That’s why the laminate flooring manufacturers keeps producing the laminate flooring that looks like maple.

Similar to the other laminate flooring types, this dark maple laminate flooring is mimicking the look of maple. The natural look of maple brings the floors to a complete the interior furnishing of your home sweet home.

So pick up this dark laminate floor with the maple style to create a natural look over your home.

Dark Waterproof Laminate Flooring

dark waterproof laminate flooring installation
dark waterproof laminate flooring installation

To provide you with the dark laminate for high traffic areas where moisture is also unavoidable, laminate flooring manufacturers stay innovating the laminate floor products completed with the waterproof feature.

In fact, waterproof laminate flooring is designed particularly for the home areas where water spills or flow much. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two home areas that would be best suited by the dark waterproof laminate floor installation.

This way, liquid spills always potentially occur in the kitchens while water always flows in the bathroom.

Thus, installing the waterproof laminate flooring is a good option to take into consideration.

Dark Red

Innovation on laminate flooring is increasing, leading the manufacturing to always be ready to meet the customers’ demand and expectation.

For those who likes red, there is also dark red laminate flooring option to choose on the market and bring it home for an immediate installation.

Dark red laminate flooring commonly matches the modern home designs with the lighter space layout. This means that the dark red laminate really works on light colors such as white and light grey.

So if you the walls of your living room is painted white or much dominated in light colors, this dark red laminate floor can be the perfect one to match.

Dark Rustic

Is dark laminate flooring also available in rustic style? Why not?

To meet your need of flooring option for your rustic home, dark rustic laminate flooring is easy to find on the market out there.

As one of the recommended laminate floor, dark rustic style comes to furnish your home with the classical look of floor.

Not only the uniqueness of the rustic laminate flooring but also the traditional and natural look will definitely complete your entire style of rustic home.

Hence, this laminate flooring type will surely work on rustic home design. You can install it wherever you want to as it mostly matches all home areas including living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, hallways and even stairs.

Thus, no winder of having a rustic home already, the dark rustic laminate flooring ideas comes to enable you to transform your ordinary home into extraordinary one just be redesign your old floor with the this rustic laminate floor option.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate laminate floor is nearly similar to dark brown type of laminate floors. However, the dark chocolate laminate can reveal the natural look of chocolate, adding a special tone and taste of the dark chocolate to the floors.

No worry about the quality and versatility of this laminate flooring. It has almost the same features like many other laminate flooring type such as easy installation and maintenance, anti-bacteria and germs, pet and children friendly as well as long guarantee.

One more, affordable price is one of the reasons why people start using laminate flooring for their house. The high quality of laminate flooring can even last for more than 15 years.

Do if you want to have a house with the desired look while you cannot afford the real tiling, well, installing the laminate flooring can be the smart solution of all.

This way, dark chocolate laminate floor serves you not only the unique look but also the functionality. A big question you may want to ask is whether there is enough stock for the dark chocolate laminate on the store.

Well, you may check it directly on some reputable online stores to make sure that the product is available and whether it is shipped to your country,

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Final Words

Out of the 9 best types of dark laminate floor we have shared you just in time, you may have been inspired to pick one up for your house floor, right?

Make sure you go with the right styles and patterns of laminate flooring so that it would best match the overall of your home.

No worry about the laminate quality!

As long as you apply the right procedure of installation, you will get a very solid construction of laminate flooring.

If you are not so sure you are capable of being a DIYer, hiring an expert is much recommended. Just be sure that selecting a dark laminate flooring is a good ideas to make your spaces look natural and keeps stylish.