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hardwood flooring reviews

Hardwood Flooring Reviews, Features and Cost

by Dylan Johnson

Hardwood Flooring Reviews – There is nothing ends up when it comes to home improvements. And hardwood flooring can be a good option to start your floors make over.

If you have a few things only about hardwood, this is the right time for you to search more reviews about it to ensure that hardwood is not that bad for your home flooring.

Either for your homes or business, hardwood flooring is much promising. It is one of the gold standard due to its quality and a lifetime durability.

However, selecting hardwood flooring can be much more worth paying depending on what styles you choose, how much you want to spend, where you lay on the hardwood and how long you want the floors last.

Now this article will lead you to find out more complete information about hardwood flooring so let’s just check it all out here in the following sections.

Hardwood Flooring Cost

Cost is the most crucial element of anything. Cost is also the most sensitive topic that all people pay attention for. Thus, we firstly come to talk about hardwood flooring cost, allowing you to predict whether or not it would suit your home improvement budget.

If you only knew, hardwood flooring is significantly expensive though the cost ranges depending on which species, size and finish of the hardwood you pick up.

Approximately, the average cost of hardwood flooring runs $15 per square foot. Thus, if plan the flooring for small area only, it would be just alright to afford this hardwood.

On the other hand, if you plan the flooring for the large area, you’ll need to think twice to look at your budget.

Not only the hardwood cost that may makes you wonder but also the installation cost. The hardwood flooring installation cost, in this case, is much depending on the size and quality of the hardwood you are going to install as well as depending on where you live.

For an average cost, the installation needs $3,00 to $20,000 per square foot for the best hardwood type. For finishing the floors, you are commonly required to pay about $2,00 to $5,00 per square foot.

In addition to hardwood installation cost, a professional installer typically charges between $3,00 to $7,00 per square foot. This cost usually includes the removal of the existing floor, not the vapor barriers and transitions.

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Hardwood flooring has always the patented features to support the quality and durability of the hardwood. There are three basic features that are much of advantage. Those are waterproof and water resistant features as well as parquet style.


To meet the customers’ need and expectation, many manufacturers produce hardwood flooring with the waterproof feature.

Is it a real thing?

Many people assume the hardwood flooring doesn’t come with the waterproof feature so that they are worried of how the moisture will cause the damage to the floors.

Fortunately, in the beginning of 2019, the manufacturers start producing and offering the waterproof hardwood flooring on the home improvement markets.

Basically, if the hardwood is not protected by the waterproof feature, the floors will easily swell, bloat or even warp if you don’t wipe up the spills and pet accidents immediately.

Badly, the water-damaged hardwood floor cannot be repaired. Thus, knowing that there is waterproof hardwood floor is a kind of relief.

True to its design, waterproof hardwood flooring is a natural hardwood pine or even bamboo enhanced the technology to make it fight against liquid. Some hardwood product has the waterproof feature on its top layer, giving the hardwood enough protection.

Now all the manufacturers add the waterproof element to fight against the water infiltration and daily wear and tear like scuffing and scratching.

Water Resistant

Before you finally choose the best hardwood flooring for your spaces at home, make sure you know how much traffic will be at the room and to what extent the room will be likely to have liquid spills. Knowing these two thing will lead you find what kind of hardwood to suit your rooms.

Some of the most water-resistant hardwood flooring is the solid hardwood which requires greater maintenance than other hardwood types, the luxury vinyl plank flooring coming with the planks that are less affected by the moisture, the engineered wood flooring which experience higher humidity along the year and laminate wood flooring which is considered the most prone to dents.

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Not only the waterproof and water resistant hardwood flooring you will be able to opt but also the parquet hardwood flooring as another option you may consider.

This is a kind of hardwood flooring made of pressed wood, forming pieces or boards to attach on concrete floors. Parquet hardwood has a beautiful look due to the decorative elements which bring you to a mosaic nuance.

Similar to other hardwood types, parquet hardwood floors has patented features that are low-maintenance, sturdy and highly durable as well as affordable.

The low maintenance allows you to easily clean the floors by sweeping and mopping, thus, you can always keep the floors neat, clean and shiny.

Parquet hardwood floors is also sturdy and highly durable. It is resistant to water, scuff, scratch and stain, allowing you not to feel worry in your everyday activities at home. Along with the proper maintenance, parquet hardwood will stay durable even for so many years to come.

Thanks to the technology in innovatively creating the hardwood in many different patterns, colors, styles and textures to meet your taste of flooring design which is suitable with the overall home design.

Parquet hardwood floors also comes in many different prices yet affordable to fit your budget condition.

Hardwood Flooring Plank Width

True to its design, there are three hardwood flooring plank width available in the stores. You can surely choose which one that mostly fits your needs.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood floors turns out very beautifully. It is just perfect and incredible for all home spaces. Apart from its wonderful appearance, wide plank hardwood floors is a type of solid wood flooring sold in planks that are noticeably wider than the 2 ½ to 4 inch wide planks. This becomes the vast majority on the market of wood flooring.

Medium Plank Hardwood Flooring

Medium plank hardwood flooring has approximately a size of 125mm to 200mm. These are the general medium size of medium plank hardwood flooring yet there are still more choice available.

Now you can predict how many pieces of medium plank you need if you have your well-measured area to lay on the planks.

Thin Plank Hardwood Flooring

The third hardwood flooring plank width you may need to know is the thin plank hardwood flooring.

Typically, the thin plank hardwood comes in a size of 70mm up to 10mm. The thin plank hardwood flooring is available in solid wood and parquet block flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Tools

To install the hardwood flooring on your concrete floor, you need basically some tools such as Miter Saw, Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Table Saw, Jamb Saw, Toe Kick Saw, Routers and Festool. These are all the power tools you must make them ready.

For preparation tools, you need Glue/Adhesive, Common Sense, Edgers, Concrete Demo Hammer, Concrete Grinders, Hygrometers, Knee Pads, Buffers, Flooring Sealers, Moisture Meters and underlayment.

Meanwhile, for the installation, you need Air Compressor, Nailers and staplers, Nail Gun, Pull Bars, Trowels, Strap Clamps, Floor Jack and Nailers on Wheels.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

There are many different ways of installing the hardwood flooring. The most widely used hardwood flooring installation is using glue. Glue installation is considered the easiest and quickest installation as you may do with the peel and stick installation.

Other installation type you may consider is float, staple, nail and click lock. You may definitely choose any installation type depending on the hardwood types you choose and the kind of subfloor or concrete floor to lay on.

Best Places

Typically, hardwood flooring is suitable for most home areas, yet it is specifically design to suit living room, basement and bedroom more than other home areas.

It is due to the fact that hardwood flooring has not only the beautiful look but also decorative elements to suit the spaces interior design.

In other words, living room, bedroom and basement are the best places to lay on the hardwood flooring.

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Most Durable Hardwood Flooring

Durability is one of the most-wanted strength of hardwood floors that people are almost looking for. Though hardwood is mostly considered prone to scratches, some types prove to be highly durable.

In this regards, the most durable hardwood flooring can be found in oak, walnut, maple, ebony, ash or pecan.

To make sure reviews whether a hardwood flooring is durable or not, you can also check the Janka rating of the wood to indicate the hardness and durability of the hardwood.

According to Janka rating and industry standard, red oak is best considered as the most durable hardwood flooring due to the higher rating.

If you want to have the most durable hardwood flooring, avoid the softwood like fir, hemlock and pine. They can easily be battered even with a usual household use.

All in all, reviews hardwood flooring is very much considerable for home improvement either in remodeling or replacing the old and worn out flooring.

All reviews of the patented features are supporting the quality and high durability of the hardwood flooring.

So what are you waiting for?

Go grab it to transform your house now.