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best hardwood flooring polish for maintenance

Best Hardwood Flooring Polish For Awesome Flooring Look

by Dylan Johnson

When it comes to home improvement finishing, you cannot leave the section of hardwood flooring polish. Hardwood flooring polish is one of the flooring finishing elements that allows the flooring to look stunning, natural and anything as the owner wishes.

Considering the nature of hardwood flooring, the polish applied on must suite the hardwood types in order that you will have not only a unique new look but also a perfect flooring for a longer period of time.

In relation to hardwood flooring, there are many different types, styles, colors, cut and species available and produced by the manufacturers to meet the customers’ need.

If you have already installed the hardwood flooring at home but it is unfinished yet, then you should consider hardwood flooring polish to apply on the floors.

Hardwood Flooring Polish
Hardwood Flooring Polish

Hardwood Floor Polish

So you want to polish your hardwood flooring, it would depend on how the finish of the floors’ installation. The hardwood flooring which are finished with a protective surface like urethane will be much beneficial to use the polish.

On the other hand, if a hardwood floor is finished by tung oil or unsealed wood, picking up polish is a wrong choice. This way, using the wrong products can cause lots of problems which may lead to floor’s damage.

In fact, polishing can be a good way to make your hardwood flooring regain its shine and last longest along with its new look. This can be truly made as long as you can find and use the right polishing products which are particularly formulated for your floors.

Typically, you need a flat-head mop along with the microfiber cleaning pad and commercial wood polishing that you can use and apply on the floors so that they can remain glossy and shiny.

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Best Hardwood Floor Polish

Now you cannot ignore that you need the best hardwood floor polish once after you installed the hardwood flooring.

So here are the list of the best polish you can consider purchasing and applying on your hardwood floors.

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish

Boona hardwood floor polish is best described as the polish that gives a high gloss look over the hardwood floors. Once you apply this polish to your hardwood floor, it would restore, shine and add the beauty to your hardwood floors surface.

The protective layer consists of the high gloss materials allowing the floors to reduce the daily tear and wear of the floors finish.

Bona hardwood floor polish’s formula is designed to present the finish look by filling the gap of scratches and scuffs marks so that the floors can look new again.

Bona polish for the hardwood flooring is easy to apply on the floors. It could also dry fast so that you don’t need to wait for so long to walk your floors.

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish
Bona Hardwood Floor Polish

Bona hardwood flooring finish possesses Green Guard certification, making it safe to use at home without feeling worry when you are gathering with your pets and family.

Is it possible to remove the floor polish whenever you are bored or experiencing a problem?

Why not?

The manufacturer says that you can surely remove the polish out of the hardwood floors every 4-6 months. It is aimed to avoid a residue buildup.

People like using Bona hardwood flooring polish because of some reasons. Bona polish is easy to use, able to dry faster on the floors’ surface, safe for both human and pet and durable for long lasting results.

The only downside of this hardwood flooring polish is that it should be removed after 4-6 months.

Weiman Hardwood Floor Polish

The second best hardwood flooring polish to figure out for purchasing is Weiman. Weiman is popular not only as a hardwood flooring polish but also for wood floor restorer.

It is also categorized as a versatile restorative wood polish offered along with the durable protection and beautification of the floors surface.

Weiman hardwood flooring polish is created to remove scratches by filling the gap within the scratches.

At the same time, Weiman hardwood flooring polish forms the protective high gloss layer which is resistant to scratches.

Weiman Hardwood Floor Polish
Weiman Hardwood Floor Polish

Similar to Bona, Weiman hardwood flooring polish is also easy to use. You can simply use the microfiber on a clean hardwood flooring to get the most effective and long lasting result. This kind of hardwood flooring finish is also safe for pets and family.

Thus, there is nothing to worry about the harm that may happen to your pet and family when you apply this polish on your hardwood floors.

Noticeably, choosing Weiman hardwood flooring is a great choice for it is a reputable and popular brand especially in surface care. It is able to smartly clear the light marks and lines. Once you purchase this hardwood polish, it is just ready to use.

However, there is always a downside apart from the strengths. The only downside of Weiman hardwood floors polish is the inconvenience of drying time. It seems that applying this polish is easy but it takes longer to let it dry.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

One more hardwood flooring polish you need to know to suit your hardwood finish is Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood polish and conditioner.

According to some users, Howard Feed-N-Wax is the ideal polish providing a soft luster on the surface of both finished and unfinished wood.

As one of the most recommended hardwood flooring polish, Howard Feed-N-Wax is completed with a protective layer for coating to prevent the flowing finish from any wear and tear that may happen daily.

This polish is also formulated with the oil conditioner to help you protect the wood from fading, cracking and drying out.

This way, the Feed-N-Wax polish and conditioner must be used monthly and every time you see the floor drying or faded.

Along the substance of mineral oil, orange oil, Carnauba wax and beeswax blended in the polish, the natural beauty of the hardwood flooring will be back and enhanced.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner
Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

Howard Feed-N-Wax wood polish and conditioner uses a single application to cover the scratches and dry them to form a layer that is resistant to scratches.

This product is also pet and children friendly, meaning that it is safe for either your pets or children to play on.

Most of the users keep using this Feed-N-Wax since they can use it on multiple wood surfaces. Furthermore, this polish is ready and easy to use even without any applicators.

In short, Feed-N-Wax is just a perfect choice to even out the light scratches in the hardwood flooring finish.

The only downside of this Howard Feed-N-Wax wood polish and conditioner is the fact that it leaves residue during the application and it is bit hard to remove. So be careful when you are applying this polish on your hardwood flooring.

Best Hardwood Floor Polish Reviews

Reviewing the best hardwood flooring polish, let’s draw a resume out of the best hardwood flooring polish products.

In general, most of the best polished formulated for hardwood flooring must have a protective layer to provide the floors from scuffs, scratches, stain and fade.

Some products of hardwood flooring polish comes as a ready to use form of polish. This means that once you purchase the products, you can directly use or apply it on the floor surfaces.

They are also easy to use, meaning that you can do it yourself by following the guidance provided by the manufacturers.

Hardwood flooring polish must also be created with the formula that is able to dry fast, allowing you not to wait too long to walk on the hardwood flooring.

Thus, when you need to use the floors for gathering in the evening, you can just apply the polish in the late afternoon.

They are so much suitable your way of living in a hectic world, so the polish application must also be hectic.

What’s more?

The best hardwood flooring polish reviews recommend that you choose the polish product which is able to fill the gap within the scratches. Make sure it can cover even the smallest line of the scratches occurred to your floors.

This will enable you to have the most handsome look of hardwood flooring. Finally, you will be able to keep the floors look like new as always.

In addition to the hardwood floors polish, make sure you choose one product that is featuring pet and family friendly.

It will definitely be safe for not only your pets and children to play on but also for other family members to walk on.

Safe means that the flooring does not cause any harmful case to pet and family. It isn’t either cause allergy because of the potential bacteria or germs.

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Final Words

Overall, you need exactly the complete review of hardwood flooring polish, from definition and features to the product samples.

Thus, you have a clear and better understanding about the polis product for your hardwood flooring.

In this regards, it is expected that this article has provided you with the need information.