Kind of Cherry Hardwood Flooring Around The World Must Know

No worry of having no idea for your home flooring since cherry hardwood flooring idea is ready to opt. There are definitely unlimited number of options when it comes to complete the home flooring elements.

You can always have a choice to pick up this cherry hardwood due to its wide selections of options including the colors, styles, textures and patterns.

Cherry hardwood flooring is one of the most popular and widely used hardwood floors on the market. The manufacturers along with their retailers either online or real stores frequently offer the wholesale price and discounts.

Now if you are looking for cherry hardwood information, stay with us. We are going to share you all about this flooring type, thus, you can make a decision and soon install the flooring. So let’s move to the following review sections.

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring has always been a great choice
Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring has always been a great choice

Chery Hardwood Flooring

Cherry hardwood floors is a type of hardwood flooring that has been widely used in countless houses since 2000. Cherry hardwood has very stunning colors, making the space looks so inviting for family to get together.

From the dark red to brown, Cherry hardwood comes to complete your house with the stunning flooring design.

True to its style, cherry hardwood is very much suitable for wooden homes either with the modern styles or rustic designs. Cherry hardwood floors is also a good option for residential or commercial use.

Thus, whether you want to pick it up for your home flooring or for house rental, cherry hardwood shows its good functionalities.

Cherry hardwood floors is produced by the manufacturers with the large number of colors and styles, textures and patterns, providing you more options to select to match your home styles.

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors has always been a great choice for its red tone, adding class to any space in your home. It is softer than maple, making it not ideal for flooring.

However, if you want to have floors in cherry wood look but the hardness of oak, this Brazilian cherry hardwood floors is a good alternative.

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is very much popular for its colors. It offers the rich hue into a space, creating warmth and making the space so inviting.

It has a higher rating than oak and hickory, meaning that Brazilian cherry has a harder construction.

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Due to this floor hardness, Brazilian cherry is pet and children friendly. In other words, it safe for pet and children to play on the floors.

In addition to this feature, you don’t have to feel worry if your family member is suffering from allergies. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors adds value to your home, meaning that it causes no allergies.

The only one issue you may find out of the cherry hardwood flooring is the fact that it is too much sensitive to light. Most of the cherry hardwood floorings will change their colors because of the light exposure the floors receive.

Brazilian cherry is pet and children friendly
Brazilian cherry is pet and children friendly

Another potential issue you may probably experience is the pricing. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors tends to have a higher price than the other hardwood type. However, it is much depending on your budget running from $7.00 per square foot.

For consumers, sustainability can also be a problem since this wood is not growing fast and only found in a few parts of the world. Brazilian cherry wood is not as popular as oak and maple. The cherry trees only grow in sensitive rain forests where harvesting is always an issue.

Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Basically, Brazilian cherry engineered hardwood flooring is the second type of cherry hardwood floors after Brazilian cherry solid hardwood. Though the engineered cherry hardwood is not as good as the solid one, it has still more to offer.

Engineered Brazilian cherry offers a cheap price and an easy installation. It is also available in many kinds of styles and finishes, allowing you to suit the flooring with any home style you have had.

Furthermore, engineered Brazilian cherry flooring is made in layers with the wood veneer on its top. Thus, it is available in a variety of thickness which finally determines the quality of the hardwood product.

In fact, it is too critical to look for the best quality of Brazilian cherry engineered hardwood flooring.

Though some manufacturers produce the amazing engineered cherry hardwood, people tend to choose the solid cherry hardwood for more flooring strength.

Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Brazilian Cherry Engineered Hardwood Flooring

American Cherry

American cherry hardwood floors is a hardwood flooring type with the American cherry wood look. This means that this flooring type has cherry wood look in which the cherry tree is derived from United States of America.

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American cherry hardwood floors has a special characteristic in color which is reddish brown. It comes also with the smooth texture along with the straight fine grain and creamy white sapwood.

This flooring type has two kinds of grades. Those are the clear grade and the character grade. The clear grade of American cherry hardwood floors comes without knots and mineral streaks.

On the other hand, the character grade of American cherry hardwood looks more rustic with the tight knots and some variations of natural colors.

When it is already installed and getting its finish, American cherry can add such a significant beauty to any spaces in your home.

Overall, American cherry hardwood floors is one of the most favorable woods in North America.


Considering that there are a wide variety of cherry hardwood floors provided by the manufacturers, the Brazilian cherry hardwood floors prices are also vary depending on the hardwood brands and styles.

Bellawood solid and engineered red cherry hardwood costs approximately $4.99 to $5.79 per square foot.

Mazama solid and engineered red cherry hardwood costs around $3.99 to $5.89 per square foot while Hurst Hardwood solid cherry can cost from $3.89 up to $6.19 per square foot.

According to these prices, now you can predict how much you will pay for purchasing the Brazilian cherry hardwood, right?

Unfinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Another cherry hardwood floors type or variant to consider purchasing and installing is the unfinished Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. There are many different selections you can browse in some manufacturers’ and retailers’ website.

Typically, this flooring is created with ¾ inches thickness along with the 4 sided tongue and groove.

The kiln dried features helps for easy installation, therefore, you don’t have to worry about your willingness to install the flooring by yourself without hiring an expert.

As long as you follow the right instruction provided by the manufacturers, you will be able to carry out the proper installation which leads to the high durability of the flooring.

Unfinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring
Unfinished Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is best described as one of the hardest flooring species and called Jatoba, the South American name for Brazilian cherry.

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Noticeably, this unfinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring offers a very competitive price. The manufacturers along with their retailers also offer the fast delivery service, allowing you to purchase and wait the products arrive at your home without taking too much time.

Hence, don’t hesitate to consider this unfinished Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring for your home sweet home, either your new-built home or the existing one that you are remodeling.

American Cherry Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for information particularly about the American cherry engineered hardwood flooring?

Here is the way to go.

Though American cherry engineered hardwood is not as good as American cherry solid hardwood, it is quite favorable among the home advisors.

Amazingly, it is best designed with the 9-ply Baltic Birch core and milled to NWFA standards or better, allowing the floor to be highly durable.

Added by the feature of multi-coat aluminum oxide finish, this hardwood flooring type is very much proper for busy homes.

What’s more?

American cherry engineered hardwood flooring offers the lowest price that you can get anytime online. In addition, the cheap and fast delivery service will be the reason why many people feel sure about purchasing the products.

Just by clicking on the retailers’ website and make a purchase, you will just need a short time to wait the product arriving in front of your homes. So, this flooring is definitely considerable.

Cherry Hardwood Flooring Cost

Are you wondering how much cherry hardwood flooring cost to spend?

For an accurate estimation, you must refer to the national flooring cost which is $4 per square foot for the minimum cost and $9 per square foot for the maximum cost.

The good quality of Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring can cost $4 to $5 per square foot for the minimum price and the best quality of it can cost $8 to $9 per square foot for the maximum price.

Hence, now you can predict how much to spend if you want to purchase this hardwood flooring type for your home areas.

Final Words

Finally, cherry hardwood flooring can be one of the best option depending on your home flooring needs and your personal choice. Make your decision now!

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