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Ambient BP Bamboo Flooring Reviews for Home Renovation

by Dylan Johnson
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Ambient BP Bamboo Flooring Reviews – When it comes to home renovation, hardwood flooring always catches eyes. However, bamboo flooring can be a good alternative because it is friendlier for children and pets. Bamboo flooring is well known with its strength, durability, and affordability. There are many kinds of bamboo flooring. One of the best options is AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring.

If you are interested in bamboo flooring, you need to pay attention to the following review. In this article, we will look at AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring closer.

Here, we will not only talk about its durability but also its pricing & installation. To know whether it really suits for your home, the following review will help you to find out the answer.


Many people do not like hardwood flooring because it is easy to be damaged by children, pets, or furniture legs. They cause scratches. If you drop something, it can cause dings and dents. To meet your needs, bamboo flooring comes as an excellent solution. AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is tested to be 2 to 3 times harder than hardwood.

There are also other variants of bamboo like vertical and horizontal bamboo that are as hard as red oak & hard maple. You need to know that carbonized bamboo looks darker and they are softer.

AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is extremely durable. But you need to know that it is not scratching-resistant. So, you have to care for it to prevent scratches. Fortunately, you can find many floor scratch-concealing products you can use for bamboo flooring.

They are available both offline and online. Anyway, AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring can be great investment for you who want to renovate your home.

As we all know, bamboo flooring is not water-resistant. So, if you find any spilled drinks or foods, you have to clean them up immediately. However, today, there are many AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring products that are highly water-resistant up to 24 hours. Anyway, you should not mop this flooring because it can expand wet that leads to damage.

For everyday use, this kind of flooring can be a perfect choice even though it is not damage-resistant completely. However, you can still prevent damage such as furniture coasters, leg protectors, and many more.

Besides, it should be installed in rooms with low humidity and moisture. You may also need to keep the nails of your pets short. When you walk on your floor, you should also take your shoes off.

Bamboo flooring is better for home interior because exposure to sunlight can cause it to fade. However, you are still allowed to install bamboo flooring for home exterior.

To prevent fadedness, you can use furniture, rugs, or anything else that can protect it from direct sunlight. There is no doubt of its quality because AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

The Pricing of AMBIENT BP Bamboo Flooring

One of the main things to be considered when people renovate their new flooring is the budget. New flooring is not always extremely expensive. AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring can be a good choice for you who want to install new flooring with low budget.

Averagely, it costs 3 to 5 dollars per square foot. It is less expensive that other brands of bamboo flooring. This is not only affordable but also features free samples.

In addition, AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is covered by a 30-day money-back warranty. Of course, it makes people more convinced.

AMBIENT BP Bamboo Flooring Installation

When it comes to pricing, it is not only about the price of the bamboo flooring itself. However, you have to consider the installation cost.

In this case, you will need some additional materials including tools, nails, adhesives, & trim pieces. Besides that, it also depends on how you install it whether you hire a professional or do it on your own.

Hiring a labor will require you to spend 2 to 4 dollars per square foot. It can be different from one to another depending on the contractor you choose and the difficulty of the job.

Many homeowners decide to install AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring on their own because it is easy to install. You can see and follow the detailed instructions & list of tools on the official web.

Installing bamboo flooring requires extreme care & patience. You can start it by preparing the subfloor. After that, you still need to test it for moisture. Then, you can start installing the bamboo floor. There are some ways how to install bamboo flooring including glue-down, float, cleat, or stable.

Some tools are required such as a carpenter’s square, saw, nail gun, tapping block, and rubber mallet. You can get them on many shops. If you read and follow the instructions rightly, you will be able to install it well. You just need to be careful with some precautions.

For example, you can adjust your floor to the room humidity and temperature for 72 hours before installation.

The Maintenance of AMBIENT BP Bamboo Flooring

Usually, homeowners do not want to spend hours just for maintain their floors. AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is easy to clean and maintain. However, you must be aware of some precautions. In this case, you just need to sweep the floor with a dust mop or broom.

Alternatively, you can consider using a hard floor vacuum for daily clean to keep it free from debris & dust. If you want a deeper cleaning, you can consider a product for bamboo floors. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to saturate it and weep clean using a dry cloth or mop. Using abrasive cleaners, steam mops, and wet mops is also not allowed.

You have to know that getting wet can lead to staining, buckling, and expansion. That is why saturating is not allowed. If you find spilled drinks or foods, you have to immediately clean them up.

In addition, make sure that you do not install bamboo flooring in a room with high humidity and moisture. Bamboo flooring can be refinished when it is damaged. So, you do not need to replace the entire floor. That is why AMBIENT BP bamboo floors can be a good choice for you who want to replace your flooring reviews.


AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring is available in different styles. So, you have to find one that fits in your home. Choosing the style and color of bamboo flooring must be adjusted to your home decoration. You can look for your personal style and paint color before deciding to buy it. So, this will be able to enhance your home interior look.

One of the best styles available is Rustic Ivory Strand Bamboo. Besides that, Cafe Brown bamboo flooring also looks chic so that it can be your good choice. Toasted Almond bamboo is the next good idea to consider.

For a darker and more modern look, Java bamboo can be your choice. AMBIENT BP bamboo floors is available in various colors. So, you have to choose the best one.

You can also find AMBIENT BP bamboo with an “antiqued” style. This will be appropriate for an aged look. If you still want more, you may consider eucalyptus flooring. If you are not sure with your choice, you can order some free samples to check the quality and beauty before you decide to purchase one. For the samples, you do not need to pay at all.

Is AMBIENT BP Bamboo Flooring Is a Good Choice for You?

In conclusion, AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring has many benefits compared to other bamboo flooring brands including hardwood. You can find many favorable reviews from consumers. They love the beauty and quality of AMBIENT BP bamboo floors. If you want to see the detailed reviews from consumers, you can see on the official web.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to AMBIENT BP bamboo flooring reviews. For example, you have to keep in mind that bamboo floor can be damaged by water. It can also be scratched by furniture legs. Of course, it depends on the bamboo flooring product itself.

Anyway, if you decide to install bamboo flooring in your home, you will have responsibilities to prevent scratches and any other damage. Some of the ways are by cleaning up spills immediately, applying rugs, etc.

Before you buy bamboo flooring, you have to choose the most appropriate style. In fact, there are many options available in the market. You may need to consider the style and color.

Anyway, AMBIENT BP bamboo is easy to install. So, you may not need to hire a labor and you can consider DIY AMBIENT BP bamboo floors installation. For the price, it belongs to the most affordable option compared to other bamboo flooring brands.

Anyway, AMBIENT BP is a reputable brand of bamboo flooring reviews. So, you have to include this on your top list of home bamboo flooring plan.