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Armstrong Rigid Core Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring Review

Armstrong Rigid Core Luxury Plank Vinyl Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

What makes Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank flooring special and different from other brands within the same industry?

Luxury vinyl plank has experienced an increased popularity within the last years because of the many positive features.

But what about the products from Armstrong?

Is the brand trusted and reliable?

LVP Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is a type of floor that is made from….yes, vinyl.

However, this floor comes with advanced construction and high-tech manufacturing process.

The floor has artistic image on the top surface that resembles the look of natural stone or wood.

So, when you want to have hardwood flooring but you don’t have the budgets, then this LVP flooring would be the best pick.

The same also applies when you want to install stone floor but you are rather short on the budgets.

LVP isn’t hardwood, but the floor has some of its winning features. It is versatile. It is easy to clean. It is also affordable.

But then again, not all homeowners are happy with LVP. And the floor may not be ideal for all houses or conditions, so make sure that you check your own property, perimeter, and condition.

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Armstrong Brand

The company was set up in 1860, originally as a company to manufacture cork. But then they expanded their business to floor business at the beginning of the 20th century.

But then, Armstrong Flooring separated themselves from Armstrong World Industries in 2016.

They wanted to become an independent manufacturing company focusing on floor innovation and designing.

Their hard work has paid off. Armstrong Flooring today has become the biggest producer of high-quality and resilient flooring products in North America.

Their head quarter is in Pennsylvania, but they have 8 manufacturing plants scattered in Australia, China, and America.

Rigid Core Benefit

If you have busy house and most of the areas receive high foot traffic situation, then Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor would be the best pick.

Not only the floor has natural visual appearance and beautiful finish, it is also tough and sturdy.

The rigid core creates an even and perfect finish, even when the subfloor is being imperfect or damaged.

The technology also comes with acoustic cork underlayment that is handy for uneven floor.

The underlayment will hide any imperfection of the floor, creating clean and perfect result.

One of the greatest things about this floor is the simplicity to install it over the existing (hard surface) floor. The floor will lock together perfectly.

You don’t even need to acclimate the floor first. And the waterproof quality is useful. It enables you to install the floor in basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even bathrooms.

The floor also comes with special certificate for rigid core construction. It is safe won’t affect the air quality indoor.

Design and Style Options

Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor has several options and potential collections.

There are generally 4 styles, that include Rustic, Exotic, and also (traditional) Hardwood feel.


This line has distinctive woods, such as Brazilian Tigerwood and African Acacia. Of course, their collections aren’t limited to these names only.

But rest assured that each of them has rich variations and vibrant colors that improve the look.


This collection generally imitates the reclaimed wood effect. Expect gorgeous and natural styles, such as Painted Pine and Farmhouse Plank.


This collection consists of wood elements and visual effect. The planks are available in 7 x 48 inches or 6 x 48 inches.

One of the most popular examples is Countryside Oak. But there are so many different options that imitate natural and organic materials, such as slate, stone, or travertine.

The sizes are various, but most are either available in 12 x 24 inches or 18 x 18 inches. Some variants imitating concrete are available in 4 x 48 inches of plank.

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation

Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor is one type of flooring that doesn’t require complicated skills or experience. It is one floor that can be installed by homeowners when they want to save up installation cost.

There is no need of complicated or expensive tools or whatsoever.

It has tongue and groove installation that fits nicely to every plank.

Basically, you only need to click the planks together. Just use a tapping block or a rubber mallet to secure the plank.

The plank doesn’t need acclimation once you have installed it. Feel free to use it immediately.

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaning and Maintenance

This is the floor easily maintained and cleaned. You just need to sweep it on a regular basis to remove the debris and dirt.

Regular vacuum cleaner is okay, but use the one for hard floor. Never use a vacuum having a beater bar it will cause serious damage to the floor.

Damp mop is okay for deep cleaning, but use mild cleaner or homemade type. Harsh cleaners with chemical contents aren’t advisable.

If you want to preserve the floor, use the special Armstrong cleaner Armstrong Once ‘n Done Floor Cleaner as well as SatinKeeper Resilient Low Gloss Floor Finish.

Proper maintenance and clean will ensure the natural shine and beauty of this floor for many years in the future.

Purchasing the Floor

The Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor is available in most home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. You can always shop at the local stores or shop online.

It is also easy to find the floor at stores specializing in flooring, such as WeShipFloors.com or Floor and Decor. The cost may vary from one store to another, depending on the type you choose too.

Expect to spend around $2 a square foot or $3 a square foot. One case usually cover 20 square feet more or less.

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Warranty

In general, the warranty can be various from one variant of Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor to another.

But in standard and general line, the floor has 7 year to 10 year commercial warranty and 30 year of residential warranty.

There are several premium lines coming with 15 year commercial warranty and a Lifestime (residential) warranty.

The warranty ensures you that all of your products will be free from any manufacturing faulty or defect. When you have installed it, make sure that the floor:

  • Won’t stain from the regular household splashes and spills
  • Doesn’t wear through
  • Won’t discolor (from bottom up) because of the underlayment condition
  • Doesn’t tear, rip, or indent permanently under any normal condition
  • Won’t curl up on the edges

If you have pets, you want to go with Pet-Friendly warranty. It will protect the floor from regular pet ‘business’.

It is advisable, though, that you remove any spill right away to maintain the pristine condition.

In general, the floor won’t be covered for pet pee. The warranty doesn’t cover flooding, intentional abuse, and fire damage either.

It certainly doesn’t cover mold or mildew (because water exposure) or moisture from the surrounding structure.

FAQs Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank

What is meant by Rigid Core (Vinyl) flooring?

It is basically a subcategory of regular and standard vinyl plank flooring with better and enhanced rigid core.

It provides better dimensional stability, which means that the floor has minimum possibility of warp (with water) or buckle (under heavy weight).

For underfoot feel, the floor is sturdier and somewhat more solid.

The construction from bottom to the top is:

Underlayment. It functions as handy buffer between the subfloor and the (flooring) plank. It also acts as a protector or barrier for moisture.
Rigid core. This is located on top of the underlayment. It is made from different materials like stone plastic and wood.
(Thick) vinyl printed layer. This one sits above the rigid core. This layer is responsible for the visual effect. This is the one giving the plank the look of authentic stone or wood appearance.
Wear layer. The most top surface is the wear layer that is usually transparent. This is the protective layer against scratches and scuffs.

Is the floor waterproof?

Yes, the rigid core design will make sure that the floor won’t seep into the interior part of the floor.

Armstrong even includes this in their warranty: the floor won’t buckle, swell, or lose the integrity when coming in contact with water.

Is it safe?

It is one of the green products, meaning that it won’t emit harmful gas that is responsible for health problems.

It has its safe certificate, which means that it has passed the standard manufacturing process.

How to install the floor?

It has tongue and groove system, meaning that it has a locking mechanism.

You only need to click the planks together and use a (tapping) block to secure the plank. There is no need to use glue or staples.

However, make sure to prepare and clean the subfloor so the Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor will cover the imperfection thoroughly and it remains stable.

How to clean the floor?

Use a regular broom and hard floor vacuum to clean the surface. Vacuums having beater bar should be avoided.

Don’t forget to remove and clean the spills right away. Don’t let it sit or pool.

If you want to mop the floor, use mild cleaners designed for vinyl flooring.

Want to be safer?

Use the cleaning products from Armstrong. You will never go wrong with it.

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Final Words Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank

There are so many luxury vinyl flooring out there. The many brands and products can be overwhelming.

That’s why you should narrow down your search to well-known names that have been proven to deliver quality products.

And Armstrong rigid core luxury vinyl plank floor is one of them now check whether the brand is perfect for your needs.