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Smith & Fong Plyboo Flooring: A Durable Bamboo Flooring with a Classic Look

by Dylan Johnson

Hardwood flooring looks stunning but it is easy to get damaged. For the alternative, it will be a good idea to opt to bamboo flooring. There are many brands of bamboo flooring available in the market. One of them is Smith & Fong Plyboo flooring. With a classic look, it has a durable construction. So, you can use it for your home interior flooring.

This can be considered as the pioneer of bamboo flooring. Now, it becomes one of the most popular bamboo flooring brands even though there are so many new brands that come.

Here, we will look at Smith & Fong Flyboo closer. We will discuss its durability, pricing, installation, colors & styles, and cleaning & maintenance.

Is It Durable?

As we know, bamboo flooring is more durable when it is compared to traditional hardwood flooring. This bamboo flooring is very durable. Many customers reviewed that it lasts so long. If you are interested in this bamboo flooring, you can buy it easily in a local home improvement store.

For your information, this product is covered by a warranty for 25 years. This limited warranty covers defects, typical wear & tear, improper installation, and other problems are not covered.

Overall, people are satisfied with the durability of this bamboo flooring. In fact, it is 5x harder than red oak. So, you can use this flooring longer even in a high-traffic area.

However, you have to keep in mind they it is not impervious to scratches and other damages. You have to ensure that your pet claws are short. You may also need to use furniture coasters & leg protectors.

Dragging or moving heavy furniture is not allowed to prevent scratches. It is also a good idea to clean it up every day to remove dirt & debris. If damage happens, you can still refinish it.

You do not need to replace your floor. However, it will be better to hire a professional contractor for the best result. If you want to refinish it yourself, you can see the instructions found on the official web.

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Is It Affordable?

Price is one of the most important considerations when buying bamboo flooring. Smith & Fong Plyboo is affordable. It has similar prices to other bamboo flooring brands. It averagely costs 5 to 7 dollars per square foot.

On the other side, high-quality hardwood flooring usually costs 12 dollars per square foot. So, it is much more affordable when compared to hardwood flooring.

Smith & Fong Plyboo flooring lines are also affordable. Plyboo Edge Grain bamboo flooring only costs from 4.5 dollars per square foot. Stiletto Strand bamboo & Plyboo Flat Grain bamboo cost 5.99 dollars per square foot.

The Performance Flooring & Underlayment System and the Sound Reduction Flooring & Underlayment system are the most expensive lines.

Smith & Fong Plyboo belongs to low-end brand of bamboo flooring. So, if you want reputable bamboo flooring without breaking the bank, it becomes a budget-friend option for you. When it comes to pricing, it does not only relate to the material.

However, you may need to spend more money for other things such as tools and adhesives. Even more, you still need to pay more if you decide to hire a professional installer.

How to Install Smith & Fong Plyboo Bamboo Flooring

The most common method to install Smith & Fong Plyboo bamboo flooring is glue-down. It means that this is adhered to the subfloor using adhesives. Alternatively, you can consider nail-down where you nail it to the subfloor. In this case, Bostik adhesives are recommended. Then, the PlybooStrand line is glue-down only.

There is the Stiletto collection that comes with the click-lock system. It does not require nails or glue. If you consider installing this bamboo flooring yourself, the manufacturer provides detailed instructions including the information about how to prep the subfloor, how to install a vapor barrier for controlling moisture, and how to clean & refinish floors.

So, you will be able to install floors easily. However, it can be difficult & consumes a lot of time if you do not have experience with bamboo flooring. In fact, it requires some tools like a table saw, miter saw, etc.

Installing bamboo flooring does not only require skill but it also takes time. Some tools are also required. Because of that, you can opt to hiring a professional. The installation usually costs 4 to 8 dollars per square foot. It can vary depending on your location, your contractor, and the size & job complexity.

Colors and Styles of Smith & Fong Plyboo Flooring

Smith & Fong Plyboo is available in various colors and styles. If you are interested in this bamboo flooring, you will have to decide what color you choose and which style you want.

If you are searching for a lighter look, you can consider Canvas, Warm Stone, or Brushed Pearl floors. For dark & modern options, you can find Foundation Brown, Morocco, and Brushed Eclipse.

This bamboo flooring comes in natural finishes. Besides Natural, there is also Amber & Brushed Amber. There is also Neapolitan PlybooStrand flooring that looks unique.

It does not matter what color and style you choose. You will not be disappointed with this bamboo flooring product. Smith & Fong Plyboo is available in various styles from classic to stylish.

How to Clean and Maintain Smith & Fong Plyboo Flooring

It is hard to clean hardwood floor. Fortunately, there is Smith & Fong Plyboo flooring that is easy to clean. So, you do not need to spend hours just for cleaning it. It is better if you clean it up every day to ensure that your Plyboo flooring is clean from dirt, sand, & other particles. For daily clean, you can use a dust, broom, mot, or even hardwood vacuum cleaner.

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner, use one that is designed specifically for hard floors. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar, it can cause scratches or other damages that are not covered by the warranty.

Sometimes, you need a deeper cleaning. In this case, the manufacturer recommends you to use a cleaning product specifically made for polyurethane-coated floors. There are 2 recommended brands here. The first is BonaKemi hardwood cleaners whereas the second one is Basic Coating’s Squeaky Cleaner. You can choose one of them based on your preference.

You have to keep in mind that you cannot saturate your Plyboo flooring. Like hardwood and other bamboo floors, it can damage your floor. For your information, water and excess moisture will lead to certain damages such as warping, buckling, and staining.

To avoid these damages, make sure that you clean it up regularly every day. If you find spills on your floor, you have to clean them up immediately. To clean up spills, we recommend you to use a cleaning product that will not soak your floor.

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Final Verdict

Now, we come to the conclusion. Smith & Fong Plyboo was introduced firstly to the US market. After that, the manufacturer releases high-quality Plyboo flooring lines. This kind of bamboo flooring is not only extremely durable but also very stylish.

That is why many people love it so much. We can see that consumers are satisfied with its appearance & durability. The manufacturer claims that it belongs to the most superior bamboo flooring available in the market today.

There are many reasons why people love this kind of flooring. One of them is related to the Plyboo’s pricing that is affordable enough. Besides that, Plyboo flooring is also easy to care & maintenance.

Even more, it is available in various attractive styles & colors you can choose. However, you have to keep in mind that damage can happen over time. We all know that this is a common problem that can happen to all kinds of bamboo flooring.

If you have never purchased Smith & Fong Plyboo flooring, you may be still on the fence. So, you are allowed to order samples from the manufacturer directly. The samples are also available at the local dealer in your area if any.

Of course, it will make you convinced with its quality & beauty before deciding to invest your money for this bamboo flooring. If you may have ever heard about complaints from consumers about this product, purchasing samples can be a good idea to try.

From the review above, we all have read and know about Smith & Fong Plyboo flooring. This kind of bamboo flooring has many pros. However, you also have to be careful with its cons, especially that it can damage over time. If you are sure to purchase this bamboo flooring, you have to decide the color & style first.

After that, you must choose the best method to install the floor. To keep it durable and beautiful, make sure that you clean and maintain it regularly with the guidelines we have discussed above.