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Quick Step Laminate Review

Quick Step Laminate Review

by Dylan Johnson

According to Quick Step laminate review, many people are doubtful about the quality of the brand.

Many homeowners are appalled by the beauty and elegance of hardwood floor, only to be disappointed later on when they realize that the floor is just too expensive for them.

Many homeowners are dreaming of having long and wide boards of hardwood, expected to improve the look and vibe of the house.

When their budgets are only enough for the alternative flooring, such as laminate floor, they expect to find the same dimension and size only to be disappointed (AGAIN!) that most laminate floors don’t have such a dimension or size.

However, things may be different with NatureTek Quick Step laminate flooring. Not only the floor looks exactly like the real thing, but the floor also comes with 80 inches in length and plank style in 7.5 inches of width.

The imitation is so good that you can’t differentiate the two. These are the things that make NatureTek Quick Step unique and different from the others and many of the Quick Step laminate review say positive things about this brand.

However, does the floor have the winning performance and quality that match the beautiful and gorgeous look?

What good does it make if the floor looks extremely good looking and beautiful only to last a few year?

What good does it make to have beautiful floor but with lousy performance?

Quick Step About the Company in General

There is Mohawk Industries, a giant corporate in the flooring industry that is providing and selling all kinds of flooring types they do it through their many subsidiaries.

In 2005, Mohawk acquired Quick Step, a company that was turned into Mohawk’s division.

After the process, Quick Step then moved their manufacturing process to America. Now, they produce their floor in America.

Unilin was the company that originally invented and created Quick Step technology back then in Belgium.

They created the first floating floor system with its click and lock installation mode without the need of glue or fastener in 1996.

They called it Uniclic locking mechanism which was then patented. Thanks to the Uniclic system, installing a floor is no longer a headache anymore.

Homeowners can manage their own installation and they have the ability to do the work themselves.

Competitors start to show up along with various kinds of click together mechanism. But then again, nothing can bet the original Uniclic method.

Many homeowners feel that Uniclic has been proven to be one of the best and easiest installation method ever existed in the flooring industry.

If you read Quick Step laminate review, the good thing about Quick Step is the fact that they have various different options. Variations are being focused on the price, finish, color, and others.

But transformations were happening in Mohawk in 2018 where all laminate products were being re-engineered and reorganized.

As a result, the product lines are quite chaotic and confusing. Instead of neat organization, Mohawk divisions sell products (which are similar to Quick Step) within different names.

It would be difficult and overwhelming to find the actual product (and the information that goes with it), which can lead to you buying a completely different product than you have expected.

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Options for Quick Step Laminate Products

If you come to the official Quick Step website, there will be 4 main categories available: Studio, Caprt, Resilient, and Wood. If you pick Wood, then you will find options like NatureTek, TrueTek, and NatureTek Plus.

Which of them is the laminate flooring product?

For a starter, you should know that the Q-Wood, which was the hardwood old engineered line, is now the TrueTek.

For the laminate floor, the collection is NatureTek, made available in two versions of NatureTek and NatureTek Plus.

The NatureTek is water resistant, but the floor won’t hold up against pooling or standing water for prolonged period.

If you want the waterproof quality, go with NatureTek Plus, which can tackle rain, snow (leading to feet tracking) and spills.

If you go with NatureTek Plus, you can even use a wet mop. The floor comes with the limited lifetime warranty covering pet damage and also water damage.

If you prefer buying the floor at big box stores, you may find Quick Step Studio in DIY laminate section. Lowe’s, for instance, have it.

But be advised that Studio collection won’t hold up pretty well against moisture. Based on Quick Step laminate review, it may be okay for bedroom or home office, but it may be a bad idea for bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.

Which One Would Be the Best?

According to Quick Step laminate review, the Studio is perfect for areas with low foot traffic.

The floor has pre-attached underlayment, which makes it super handy for installation.

But then again, this type of flooring mustn’t be installed in damp or high traffic areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

For NatureTek, the floor comes with water resistant core, tight fit joints, and better protective wear layer.

Because of the construction, Quick Step is pretty confident about the quality and performance. But the company also makes NatureTek Plus, a higher grade of NatureTek line.

This engineered floor has waterproof quality with warranty coverage for pet and water damage for life.

This type of floor would be perfect for areas with extremely high foot traffic or areas taking the most beat of everyday activities.

What about the look?

Well, NatureTek floor is able to imitate wood pretty well.

The floor also comes with detailed construction. With 80 inches of length, the planks can’t be more realistic than the real deal.

Laminate floors in general come in narrow planks, having only 48 inches in length.

Not so natural or real, right?

The reason why NatureTek has a very nice detail is because of the GenuEdge feature.

This is the feature where the color and texture would go over the edges for better and more realistic appearance?

This matter because it affects edge alignment between one plank to another.

You see, in general, the floor have a small and probably tiny V forms between the boards. It usually happens when the edge’s bevel (of the planks) are laid out together.

This would add dimension to the floor, as well as masking the small differences within edge alignment (between the planks).

With many other laminate brands, the bevel would come in different color compared to the wear surface resulting in an even more pronounced V.

But NatureTek has GenuEdge feature to solve this issue.

How Much Does It Cost?

A lot of people read Quick Step laminate review because they want to know if the quality is worth the price. When we have to compare hardwood and laminate floor, the gap is pretty obvious.

Hardwood can cost you as low as $5 a square foot and as high as $15 a square foot and such a price tag is only applicable to the ‘standard and regular’ types.

If you opt for the exotic species or the designers’ brands, you should expect to pay more than $15 (or even more than $20) a square foot.

Laminate floor, on the other hand, has a general price range between $3 and $8 a square foot depending on the retailers, the brands, the variants you choose, the quality, and such thing alike.

But then again, NatureTek line has more features than other brands. It is also obvious that the floor is made through advanced and sophisticated technology.

With all of these additions and improvements, won’t it affect the price?

Quick Step NatureTek costs from around $2 a square foot to $8 a square foot which makes it fall as the middle range product. For NatureTek Plus, expect to pay around $0.50 to $1 more the price gap isn’t so much.

But then, don’t forget that when you want to buy NatureTek, you will have to buy a separate underlayment, which can add your expenses around $0.60 a square foot.

As if it weren’t enough, you should also consider the extra costs for covering gaps and thresholds.

The company already provides (and offers) a flexible stair nose, quarter round, and 5-in-1 molding for the tresholds and transitions.

They also design the accessories which are proven to work well, according to Quick Step laminate review.

But the catch is that such a thing is pretty costly. You will have to spend around $45 to $50 for the 7-foot length for the 5-in-1 molding.

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Final Words Quick Step Laminate Review

Not all laminate floors are lousy or cheesy at least, not with today’s technology.

Many laminate floors are able to come with beautiful finish and similar textures like real hardwood. NatureTek has a very nice collection of sturdy and tough flooring products.

They have pretty good water resistant quality, which enables you to install the floor in high foot traffic areas.

But if you want a premium option, then NatureTek Plus would be the best option.

Not only the waterproof quality is impressive and promising, but their warranty is another plus side to consider.

Both collections deliver easy to install mechanism, thanks to the Uniclic method. Not to mention that both also have beautiful finish that look exactly like the real deal.

Check for Quick Step laminate review before making a decision you may find out that most of the feedbacks are pretty positive and satisfying.